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Hello and Welcome to another Review! :)
This will be picture heavy and partially NSFW!

This time I'll be talking about the Elin Berserker Ver. from the MMO "TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea", manufactured by Flare.


She was released on the 21st June 2016 and is listed as a "non Scale" figure.
View spoilerHide spoilerFor height comparison a picture with two of my 1/6 scale figures:
She's huge and takes a lot of space due to her massive axe.

First things first, some all around pictures!






And a close-up of her cute face!

As you can see, she takes a lot of space regarding depth. I would imagine if you put her together with e.g. ITEM #256236, one Detolf departement would be filled up pretty good^^


Her pose is very similar to other Elins like ITEM #190882 and ITEM #198598, but without the slight leaning.
Nonetheless it's dynamic and elegant and the figure looks good from different angles.
The sculpt is very nice. Her armor has a lot of small details, which I'll show later on. Her body is faithful to the character-model ingame. Small chest, very slim waist, long legs and pronounced hips & butt (and cute animal traits).




The hair has a nice shine to it. Beautiful modeling, the single strands and her bangs are clean and nicely defined. The curls add a little bit of movement to the whole figure.





I LOVE the details of her armor! One of the main reasons I bought her. It has a bronze-steampunk-kind of look to it combined with a few small camouflage parts. Every part is decorated with small lines and beautiful slight shading. Haven't found a paint-flaw yet!

Unfortunately she arrived damaged. Two of the flappy things on her skirt came loose some time during transport.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/12/10/1667505.jpeg
I don't know why this is on the side D: Here's a link to the original picture picture/1667505...

But they broke of clean and weren't scratched up, so I was able to glue them back on. It's nearly unnoticable.


The axe is also nicely detailed. The colour scheme is a little different, it's more silver and golden than bronze. To apply the axe you have to dissamlbe it into two parts (handle & head), which is very easy. I had no problmes getting the handle into the hands. Assembled, the axe should not float (imo). It is comparatively heavy and could cause leaning problems.


To complete her armor, she's wearing cute overknees with gaters. They have nice lacings and her boots are decorated with a small bow and some ruffle (see next pic).
You could say she's detailed to the toes! yeah, witty comment



The base is plain and simple. Just a mirror (that gets super dirty super easy...) and something to hide the metal peg. Nothing to sneak a peek.


She comes with a LOT of plastic wrapped around almost everything, so you have to dismember her at least once to get it all off. Here are all the parts including the axe:


The skirt is divided into two parts and the bunny tail additionally secures it.
She isn't officially registered as Cast-off (probably bc no nudy-boobies), but you can very well display her without the skirt and it shows much of her beautiful body and booty ^^



Broken spine confirmed :D

Displaying her that way takes away a lot of important aspects, like almost all the details and the unusual look of her armor, which is (imo) an important eye-catcher. It's just a bit plain.


I always liked ITEM #256236 very much, but hesitated to get her due to the huge price tag. When this Elin figure was open for PO I instantly ordered her so I can have something similar and to finally start my Elin collection.

But that's not everything. The design of her armor fascinated me, it was different from the (more boring) Swimsuit-Elins, it was exciting and detailed.

Now that I have her, I'm glad I didn't gave in and bought a swimsuit one. She is very complex and detailed. Beautifully painted and scuplted. And I just love her cute face and her eyes! Flare did an awesome job!

And it has to be fate that they do another Version of the primary Elin ITEM #464844, which I ordered aswell :D

So, if you like cute girls in nice armor wielding a huge ass weapon, this figure is perfect for you!

Thank you so much for reading! As always, feel free to leave a comment/suggestions. I hope you have a nice day :)
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Well this convinced me to buy it. Even though I really shouldn't be buying more of this kind of stuff.
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Ah~ Elin character designs and this figure hits so much of my moe spots! <3 Thanks for the review!
hace 3 años
I'm quite upset they choose bunny for this figure. I think cat or goat would fit the class and the theme of the armor better but oh well. Besides that she looks great, but I wouldn't buy.
hace 3 años
I'm happy this version got released in the end for everyone who wanted it. It boggled my mind why Arcadia went with the swimsuit version first. Like, I get Arcadia likes "unusual" projects, but it seemed they tried too hard to be special this time.
hace 3 años
Shaolan-kunhace 3 años#17287333Thanks for the review. However all the images appear in their full size, but trimmed at the blog column width, hence only a small portion is visible. You might want to insert those with a different bbcode tag ("blog" should be the correct one - please correct me if I'm wrong) so they can appear scaled down, but still linked to the original hires ones if you click on them.

Thanks for the heads up!
Very strange, never had that problem before. Anyways, I tried to correct it.
(I don't see a difference except for the space between the pics. All pictures were visible to me before)
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Thanks for the review. However all the images appear in their full size, but trimmed at the blog column width, hence only a small portion is visible. You might want to insert those with a different bbcode tag ("blog" should be the correct one - please correct me if I'm wrong) so they can appear scaled down, but still linked to the original hires ones if you click on them.
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