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Broken peg in figma?Broken peg in figma?

glaliesglalieshace 2 añosAsk MFC
Hey guys,
I recently moved and was unpacking and setting up all my figures and when posing ITEM #42053 I was a bit too forceful and broke off the peg of the figma stand in her back. Any tips on how to get it out? The figure is in otherwise good condition so I'd really hate to have to replace it.
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With broken Figma stands in the back you want a small needle, screwdriver, something small. Remove as many pets as you can from the body (arms, legs, head, etc) and soak the body in hot water for 45 seconds. After that use your small needle, drill, screwdriver, etc to dig the peg out. Soak the body again in hot water for another 45 seconds if the body cools off.

I've had to do this before, and you shouldn't damage the figure if you're careful.
hace 2 años
Here's a technique from GSC's website

You can also try fishing the peg out with a hot needle (hold a needle over the flame of a lighter) but that doesn't work for all types of plastic.
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