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Welcome to my first tutorial on MFC!
Today I'll show you how to make simple Nendoroid risers in any height or colour you wish.

This DIY tutorial is suited for anyone as it is not really labour intensive and the materials you need are a) very cheap or
b) you have them at home already.

Background information:
A while ago I uploaded a picture of my collection setup picture/1579659... and since I got some positive feedback I thought I'd make a tutorial for everyone who wants to make these risers as well.

What you need:
* pencil, rubber
* scissors
* any kind of glue
* paper in any colour you like

If you do not have any paper at home try to go for paper which is a bit heavier (or slim cardboard) so that the risers are more stable. I used paper I had at home which is pretty thin/light but still works just fine.

Here is a photo of everything I used:


How to do it:
Step 1:
Measure the inside of your Nendoroid base. Since I did it already you do not have to do this again.
For a standard sized square base this is about 5.5 x 5.5 cm. For bigger bases (like KanColle girls' ones) this is 7.5 x 7.5 cm.
For round bases you do a 19.5cm x 0.6cm strip, (0.5) of that 19.5 being used to glue the strips together. Thanks to Miaeka for giving me this information!
As I do not own Nendoroid Co-Des I cannot give you those measurements, sorry about the inconvenience.

Step 2:
Draw 4 rectangles on your paper of choice of which each measures height x 5.5 cm (or 7.5 for big bases) next to each other.


Then draw another section which should measure height x 0.5 cm.


You can decide for yourself how big you want to make your risers. The one shown in the pictures is 10 cm high. Since all Nendoroids are about 10 cm in height the Nendoroid on this riser will not be covered by the one that is standing in front of him.

Step 3:
Now fold along the lines you drew and glue the thin section to the inside of the first rectangle.


Your riser should look like this when it's done:


Step 4:
Place your Nendoroid on top of it!

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/09/10/1616577.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/09/10/1616578.png

I made these in more than just one height, here are Alice, Noel and Yoshino each on one measuring 7, 10 and 17 cm in height.

From this:


To this:


I used blue paper for Nendoroids with blue hair/ clothing but you can also make a different coloured riser for each of your Nendoroids.
You could also print out some patterns or draw something on paper to make your risers more eye-catching.
Or just use white/black coloured paper for all or make all risers the same height. It's up to you!

How to highlight bases:
This is not for making risers but just adding a little colour to Nendoroids' bases.
We will be using the same technique as above.

Step 1:
This time the height is about 0.6 to 0.7 cm.


Step 2:
You cut these out, fold them and apply glue. Once you are done they should look something like this.


Step 3:
You put your figures' bases on top of them.

Please do not worry about Erio, I've fixed her Ahoge.

Now I placed my Nendoroids in front of each other to show you what look you'll get if you use different sizes.


Here's a photo of my current setup of blue/green Nendoroids:


You might have noticed that I did not use risers higher than 10 cm here, I use those in my Detolf only.
Detolf recommendation: View spoilerHide spoilerSince many are using Detolf for displaying their figures I'd recommend making risers no bigger than ~20 cm. That way you can have 3 rows of Nendoroids in one display section without it looking too crowded. This however is a personal preference.

Since all of mine are made entirely from paper I can simply fold them when I'm not using them which is a nice feature regarding storage. You could use cardboard to make you risers more stable but then you'll have to give up on the easy storage method.
If you want to make more durable risers you can also use clear folder/plastic folder instead of paper. Your risers will be waterproof and can sustain edge wear. Many thanks to Tamargotchi for this idea!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will have fun making these! It's easy and fun to do and the basics can be used for other figures as well.

If you have further questions, ideas or remarks feel free to leave a comment below or send me a PM about it.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful day! Bye bye!
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Yatta_ Migeru
Great idea and thx for this tutorial !

I’m working on it actually, i have a total of 58 to do, maybe more i dont know.

Can wait to see my colorful detolf :D
Hace 10 meses
Nice tutorial. Great help for ideas.
hace 1 año
great tuto, i was looking to buy some risers but this is the perfect soution for my setup and nendo collection

thank you!
hace 1 año
wow... this awesome... thanks for the tutorial... I'll try to make one... once again thank you...
hace 1 año
Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that are the best! Great tip :)
hace 1 año
An elegant, simple and cheap solution? Absolutely brilliant! I'll definitely be using this to stack my figures :)
hace 1 año
I just came across this because it was linked in another post! Fantastic idea, thank you!

Goumahace 2 años#58078308is there transparent paper

you could try making some with this method out of thin clear plastic, like from application folders like these? If you go for one that has a sturdier clear file it should be alright. As for bending the plastic into shape - carefully carve it with an exactoknife - not too deep so it doesn't fully cut through. Since it's transparent you will see the glue fold, though.
hace 2 años
is there transparent paper
hace 2 años
Came across this two years after the post, but man how brilliant is this idea! Thank you.
hace 2 años
What a clever idea! The whole mood of the display stands can be completely changed this way! Thanks for sharing!
hace 3 años
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