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*This entire post has some NSFW images/text/items. I have tagged the whole article as NSFW so assume everything herein is. You have been warned.*

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Sorry for the trouble!

I'm not a photographer and all I have is my iphone6 camera and crappy lighting in my room >.>

So, my second loot post! I decided to do this because I got so many great items lately that I wanted to share. I ended up getting some great items randomly and I actually found two grails of mine by pure chance. This loot covers April-early July. Because I didn’t think about doing a loot post until later on, some items aren’t shown in their boxes/some are and some items I don’t remember when exactly I got them so some inconsistencies can be found throughout^^;; On to the loot!

April Loot!
View spoilerHide spoilerBack in April, I got some good things! I got the [K] boys and let me just say they are amazing. Among Alter’s best figures imo. Fushimi in particular looks so smexy, and that smirk! I love it! I got them from BiJ and they were actually my only figures of April.

Next is some stuff from Amazon JP. Here is the May volume of PASH! Magazine, I got it mainly because there was an adorable SUPER LOVERS pin up! It’s so cute! Coincidentally, now there is standard run merch of this design orz. There was also a clear file of Osomatsu…….eh. Some fold out posters were in there too~ Does anyone know how to rip these out without damaging the poster? I got so pissed trying to pull the poster out, it kept getting tiny tears and it was pissing me off. I also got SUPER LOVERS volume 9 too! This series needs an English release ASAP. Also in here was my first and last package from CDJapan. It was for Pet Keiyaku by Zaria. She has absolutely stunning artwork! Her boys are my ideal type in BL. This is a collection of oneshots including Mob for Jack. Was surprised to see her works compiled into a volume! Had no idea.


Inside of SL volume 9

A favorite panel of mine from Pet Keiyaku. Wish I could wake up to that.

Alright, an AmiAmi package! I have severely reduced what I buy from them, especially figures because their shipping prices are just insane. I’ll have a good example of this later on in another picture. Small items only. In this package I got an Accelerator clear file, some Ten Count clear bookmarks and mousepad, and Roy Amiibo. I’m really happy that the year long wait to have Ten Count in English is almost over.

That’s it for April!

May Loot! *Text & Image Heavy*

View spoilerHide spoilerNow, in May, I got a lot! At the end of April there was a large DRAMAtical Murder event held in Akihabara and the N+C kuji was held yet again. At this point, they should just make all the items standard release. Anyways, I was able to get hold of a wonderful proxy and he was able to get all but one thing for me that I had wanted from that event! Since then, those items have become standard release so now everyone can get them!

The items from my proxy~ Finder volume is from Animate/is exclusive to there with a special extra booklet!!!! (Thank you for walking into animate and buying that for me you wonderful person ^.^)


Mink! (why does he get so much hate??)

Noiz! I want a figure of this exact illustration!

He wasn't able to get me the Aoba tapestry from the event but, it was still my lucky day!

Now, I ended up buying a lot from YJA this month and only had some of it shipped (the rest I had shipped in June). Firstly, I got lucky because that Aoba tapestry and the matching keyholder showed up on YJA and I won that auction for 7250yen! Since I didn’t know they were going to be sold standard release later on I overpaid, but I am glad to have it and it’s nice that others can finally get it. I can get the last one from the set I wanted which was the Koujaku tapestry. I might get the Clear one but I really don’t like him too much >.>
If you are wondering what that giant flat package is that my Bunny [yes I named my cat Bunny, shhh] is sitting on it’s the Aoba re:connect tapestry and the matching keyholder. I guess that’s how it was shipped to buyee and then they just kept the same packaging. Dumbest packing ever………and a waste of money for me to have that BS shipped v_v Anyways, these are three posters/tapestries


I FINALLY got the gothic Aoba tapestry! Since the kuji was happening again as I mentioned earlier, I got it for a sweet 6250yen from YJA! To be honest, while this illustration is beautiful, it certainly isn’t as vibrant or as beautiful as the other DMMd tapestries I have. His hair is a dull blue instead of highly saturated and I feel that is a blunder here that would have made the tapestry pop more. I love the tapestry to bits and I am glad I didn’t pay those original prices for him which were in the 15000yen range.

Here is one section of my wall!

This is the third poster from YJA. This time, a SUPER LOVERS B2 promo poster! Of course, this illustration has now since been made into a standard run tapestry (which I’ve ordered lol) and it is so adorable! I love this illustration so much! I am so looking forward to season two and for more merch in the future!

Amazon JP package! I got another issue of PASH! Magazine, this one is the June issue. I got this one because it had SUPER LOVERS stuff in it. And then there happened to be a fold out poster of Sakamoto from Haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto……….I swear this is one of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen in my life. I have been laughing so hard that I was gasping for air. I can’t wait for it to be released in the states, and in English too^^ This one also had some clear bookmarks from King of Prism. Very cute! I also got an old September issue of Dear+ magazine. I got this solely because it had a chapter from a beautiful story called Neon Sign Amber by the wonderful mangaka Ogeretsu Tanaka. This is such an emotional and great BL story, I highly recommend it. I plan on collecting all volumes of Dear+ that have this story in it. I also got the CIEL June issue which had SUPER LOVERS on the cover and this issue had a pin up of the SUPER LOVERS volume 9 cover.

Volume 9 pin-up from CIEL. Abe Miyuki really has such stunning art.

Clear bookmarks!

Some Ten Count stuffs from Taiwan! A lovely user on here did a GO for these items so I was lucky to get it. She also helped me find the info I needed to add this stuff to the database so thank you so much xueren! In the set came a double sided daki cover (have yet to get a pillow for that), a Shirotani illustration card, a blue mini handbag (eh…), volume three of the manga in Chinese, and then a beautiful box to store it all! They all feature Kurose except the illustration card and they are all wonderful~

I also got a cute keyholder of Kurose carrying Shirotani^^

That's it for June!

June Loot! *Text & Image Heavy* I wrote a novel :/
View spoilerHide spoilerSo, on to June! A lot of stuff that may have released in May or that I bought in May actually didn’t get to me until June so, there’s a lot here!

I got wet Rin in the mail and he is really nice! I got the version with the exclusive pony tail head so I forwarded him to BiJ. Unfortunately, his box was a little damaged at the top but Rin himself was fine. I actually like this version of him a lot better than the Alter one. I’ll never understand the reasoning behind the pose for the Alter one. Anyways, comparing the two, you can see the difference between dat ass. The Alter one made that the focus, and the toys works one…didn’t XD He is still nice though and I like his hair a lot better in this one.

Even though the figure box was damaged, the actual shipping box wasn't. This was great news for my Bunny who hopped in it the nanosecond I removed Rin.

Mikleo! I got the version with the bonus head from Koto US. I kinda laughed when I opened the box and the extra head was taped to the inside of the flap hahaha. But anyways, he’s great! I love him and the extra head is really nice, glad I got it. And of course, here he is next to Asbel XD So many people hate on Zestiria and Graces f. I enjoyed both but Graces f was better imo. Anyways, Mikleo was happy to be with his hubby. Wish they had a little mini Celestial Record to geek out over though.

Moving on, I got my first of two grails I had been searching for! Bridget from Guilty Gear XX!!!! He is a most wonderous trap~ I actually got him from an MFC user who said he had been a grail for her too but had to let him go. I felt really bad about that but I was so happy to snag him >.< Anyways, he is great, especially for a slightly older figure. He looks great next to Benten too.

A few days later I got a couple packages in the mail on the same day. Two from Amazon US, one from GuiltPleasure, and one from the wonderful proxy Zenmarket. First up are the ones from Amazon.
Love Stage Volume 5 and Don’t be Cruel by Yonezou Nekota volumes 1 & 2 omnibus! I hate omnibus volumes but I am glad to have her works in English and in paperback form finally. This series is amazing and I am glad to see it in America at last. I wonder if the side stories and whatnot will be released too? There are some particularly steamy ones~ I read that Love Stage is ending soon, which blows but I guess it was going to happen eventually T_T I found it hilarious that Don't be Cruel was #1 on amazon's yaoi/gay/lesbian list and now Ten Count is lmao.

Next up is from GuiltPleasure! This is a clear file of my ultimate and absolute #1 husbando, Dante. And this is the real super hot manly Dante, not the hot topic reboot version. This clear file is illustrated (and signed!) by the talented TogaQ. She draws her boys very manly, realistic, and with very defined jaws. Dante is all of the above plus a ton of sex appeal so this illustration is just overwhelmingly stunning.

Moving on to my first package from Zenmarket! I wrote a review of them here clubs.php?mode=... but for this loot post you’ll get to see the pics and I guess a sort of mini review. After being so tired of buyee and their BS, I ran across someone mentioning zenmarket in the forums about how they were having a reduced commission fee campaign. It was 100yen per item so I thought I would try them out. There have been some 18+ stuff I’ve wanted on suru for a long time but as some of you may know, they require a JP credit card for anything 18+. That sucks for us not living in Japan but also, there is a silly side effect of that. Anything bundled with an 18+ item is therefore listed as an 18+ item………..even if the item itself is not. Case and point, some clear files from DMMd re:connect. These clear files just show each of the guys in a casual setting, nothing R18 at all. So, even though they were dirt cheap I could never buy them by forwarding like I usually do because of that stupid rule with suru. In comes Zenmarket with their 100yen per item campaign (down from 300yen per item). I sent them the links for those clear files, some BL magazines, and a grail of mine which was one of the No, Thank You!! mousepads. And, they were able to buy all of it for me! I took advantage of their campaign and got a few more things! One of those was the newest Pink Gold issue straight off the Libre site that came with a bonus postcard. Enough of my yapping though, here are the pictures!

Their packing is protective but minimal and they charge exact shipping with no hidden fees or repackaging charges. I like how they used bubble wrap instead of tons of paper like AmiAmi who uses no bubble wrap for whatever reason. Packing peanuts are used but are within plastic so they aren’t falling out everywhere for my cats to jump in. This is a plus. They even included a nice little thank you note with different languages on it. Onto the items.

First up is………….my second grail score of the month! The No, Thank You!! mousepad! This one is of Hiroyuki who I went after first in the game. The interactions between him and Haru/MC are hilarious……I love him, he’s so cute! I also got the bonus illustration card! And omg this mousepad is way bigger than I expected. It’s bigger than a standard manga. I was expecting it to be smaller. He is so soft though! And omg his face! So cute~

Moving on, I finally got the Ren & Aoba tapestry from re:connect! This was another item labeled as “R18” on suru because it at one time had been bundled with something that actually was 18+. Happy to finally have it though! This image is so sweet and adorable and really captures how much they love each other. Although I prefer Virus & Trip, this pairing is just too cute. I am kinda pissed about the crease line down the middle though. Ugh.

Next up is some BL magazines and some “R18” clear files! Top left is the most recent Pink Gold serialization and the cover features some handsome buys from Ike Reibun! Her works aren’t licensed in English yet and I don’t know why T_T Under that is an older Pink Gold featuring Akihito from the Finder series. Also in there are the clear files featuring the boys of DMMd and then under that is an older issue of the serialized Boy’s LOVE mag which came with a drama DVD, I guess you can call it? The cover features some bara tiddies from SAKIRA!

The DVD that came with the Boy’s LOVE magazine was just some audio drama stuff with manga images flashing on the screen. They were all sex scenes lol. And then there was a section with some trailers from BL games! (mostly). So, this mag also had some ads for real gay porn it, much to my surprise. But out of everything, there was one thing I didn’t expect. When I flipped to the back of the cover page, I got a surprise.

So, here we have some more real porn ads down at the bottom. First Try Anal and Catholic School Boys really made me laugh. Harada from Hakuouki is being randomly thrown in over on the left and then there are some mega dildos/vibrators or whatever those massive things may be called lol. But that’s not the kicker. What is that I see in the top right? Is-is that Clara from Princess Jellyfish??????

OMG IT IS. Wtf is Clara doing here next to Arcadia???? Wow. Clara sure gets around. Never in my life did I think I would see those two things next to each other.

The last items from the Zenmarket package where these two small but adorable rubber straps! They are doujin items of Alvin & Jude from Xillia and then one of Aoba from DMMd’s butt lol. The Xillia one is freaking adorable with them holding hands in their school uniforms~ <3 I just hate that ugly puke colored background though, yuck! I would have rather it been pink or something instead. And I fucking hate pink. Does anyone know anything more about these? I tried to find more info to add them to the DB but I can’t find solid info on them. The Xillia one is from C82 (but it has to have sale outside that though to be added to the DB I believe) and the Aoba one is from C86 but when I search for that I get that other official DMMd C86 set which is making the search difficult.

So, going by the date in my phone for the pictures, I went to Books a Million a few days later lol. I never knew my local BaM had a clearance manga section so I checked it out and scored a few manga on sale for four bucks! Anyone remember when manga used to be like $7 or $8? Now it’s mostly like $12-$15~ :( But here is what I got!

So, why were they on clearance? Well, these terrible terrible printing errors...the back of one had a pen mark and the other had a mark from a black marker (anyone know how to get rid of those?) They also had this:

Seriously, they were marked down and thrown in the clearance section for such little flaws! I was especially happy to score Blood Alone. I’ve loved that manga for years. About time I got around to finishing it. I recommend this manga to everyone. Don’t let the cover fool you either, it isn’t loli stuffs. The story is sweet and cute and while the little vampire girl does have a crush on the older guy, there’s nothing sexual at all. An interesting story about a young girl vampire and her essential caretaker, it’s worth a read for all vampire lovers. Side note there are gays and lesbians in it too lol. I am still missing volume 5, if anyone has it for sale, let me know please!

A few days later I returned to BaM for more "damaged" clearance manga lol

I later got an Amazon JP package in the mail with almost all smut manga lol. SUPER LOVERS volumes 1 & 2 (I’ve already ordered 3-8 lol), Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Imasu by Kamon Saeko, Osu Chichi by Kairi (lol) which is nothing but porn, and Razoku no Hayanome by Sera which is so effing funny. I don't know how, but somehow I bought two >.>

I absolutely love Kamon Saeko’s works, they are always smutty and filled with comedy. This goes nicely with my Kamon Saeko card calendar XD It's all swimsuits~

Yet another figure I bought. This is the G.E.M version of Kougami from Psycho-Pass. I did pre-order him when he originally went up but Anime-Island couldn't fill my order after several months of waiting ;A; His price went up after that but I was able to snag him finally on here for a good price. It just bugs me how large his hands are and how much shorter he is than my Ginoza scale. He is holding two dominators because he can. SShhh.

Next up is another figure. My first purchase from MH Toyshop. They have been very responsive in emails and their packing was very good. I will be using them again in the future. Anyways, Kusuriuri! This figure is absolutely amazing. I am floored by the details and the intricacy of this piece.

The only downside is that fucking acrylic plate backdrop. You have to push it in yourself and the fit is way way too snug and therefore causes some problems when trying to push it in. They should have had him detached from the base and the acrylic piece already attached. It’s so hard to fit in and I still don’t have it pushed in all the way for fear of breaking it.

Remember how I said I had some items purchased in May that I didn’t have shipped until June? Here are those items. The last items I will ever get from buyee since now Zenmarket is the go-to proxy for me. Anyways, these are my last YJA purchases from May. I won an auction for nine manga by the wonderful Kitazawa Kyou! Her works have no English release either, and that’s a fucking shame. I love her titles Houkago no Love Call and Koishite Daddy. The latter is so adorable and even though I hate kids irl, I love stories with single dads and kids!

Close ups!



Next is…another copy of Koishite Daddy that I bought simply because it came with a matching clear file! It is so cute!

Next up is one of my favorite BL titles as of recently. This title is called Itou-san by Kuraka Sui. This story is about a prostitute and an unusual client who always picks him but....the client Itou-san is actually a hit man and they eventually try to run away together. There is so much more to that story but I don’t want to spoil it. It’s tragic and beautiful all at the same time and I absolutely love it. Lots of gore too but overall the story is absolutely sweet and heart wrenching. Plus the artwork is bitchin.

SUPER LOVERS!! Abe Miyuki has such a beautiful art style. This clear file is double sided with one side being SUPER LOVERS and the other side is Hakkenden. Both are amazing! I only wish I had bought two so I can display both sides. I may just do that though^^

Another SUPER LOVERS clear file with this one being from the anime! So cute and so simple!

Another clear file! This one is of a character called Hiiragi from a BL game titled Taishou Mebiusline. I have yet to play it but this guy………omg. I love blushing and crying boys and his face is so smexy. Then, there’s that way of holding the undies and his nip slip! I would have preferred the tapestry of this but I have yet to see it pop up anywhere second hand so, the clear file it is for me.

A few days later I got an Amazon package and another package from AmiAmi.The Amazon package had my LE of Tokyo Mirage Sessions in it! But as always, it seems Amazon can't ship something without fucking damaging it. Plus the clear tape had popped off.

The AmiAmi package had............

Thanks AmiAmi! I wasted a ton of money thanks to your excessive boxes and packaging, for one item too. Anyways, these straps are cute.

A few days later I got five packages in the mail. One from Square Enix, one from Akadot, two from Amazon, and one from Netcomics.

Square Enix box had my Star Ocean 5 CE! It is really nice! It comes with a steelbook case, art cards, an art book featuring art of various SO games, and a Pangalactic ID card.... But thanks for sending me one with some damage at the corner SE.

/Life with cats


My favorite SO boy, Arumat. I never understood why he was excluded from the trading figure set of SO4 that was released.....not only is he smokin hot but he's OP as hell. Love him.

Damages :/

Oh and to anyone else who got it, make sure not to use the Pangalactic Federation ID card for, ID purposes. SE made sure to note that on the back, that the Pangalactic Federation was not real, so be safe and don't flash that card anywhere. Seriously wtf SE, that's like instructions on nail polish bottles /fml

Something weird going on with the ESRB sticker too.

A word about the game............this bitch Anne, she dies A LOT. You gotta protect her and these missions are total bullshit. Plus all the characters are rather bland........I REALLY liked SO4 and was a rare game where I liked ALL the characters but this one............eh, no one is really that interesting :/ And the BS with the battles is that when you switch characters, it switches you back to Fidel at the end of the battle. The battles are trying to be a seamless and smooth transition back to the field but what happens is if you aren't playing as Fidel when the battle ends, you gotta wait for it to switch back to him....when you get pulled to another battle where it happens on the same screen, you gotta wait for it to switch back to that last played character, which means your bitch ass gets hit while waiting for the switch from Fidel back to the last played character......ugh.

And the text on screen wtf I can't read it why is the background like an opaque-ish thing instead of solid my eyes aren't good enough for this shit /fml

Happy to have the CE in my collection though, I have an obsession with LE/CE's for games.......

Akadot! I got an older BL title and FINALLY got volume 4 of Border. Been waiting a hundred years for this to release. Great story~

Amazon! ZTD!!! Didn't get the watch though. I guess everyone has heard what happened with that though. Some older BL manga & special volume 18 of AoT. Guess I should buy volumes 1-17 now lmao.

Netcomics! They opened their online shop and placed some comics on sale........the first 50 people to place an online order got copies of the corresponding manhwa signed. Which manwha was it? Well...........His House by the wonderful Hajin Yoo!!! She (he?) is the creator of Totally Captivated! My absolute favorite BL manhwa title! And one of my top five BL titles of all time! If you are a BL/shounen-ai fan, I highly recommend it! This book is actually signed by Hajin!!!! Not just a pre-printed stamp, it's actually signed! The other comic is Intense, another BL manhwa! It is signed by that author as well!! But damn they were expensive.....those two shipped from Korea was $56 :O I guess BL is worth it though :P

Amazon gave me more manga and then finally got my strategy guide for SO5. It came after I got the game, which pissed me off. I got two pretty pictures with it though~ I thought that either with this guide or with the game I was supposed to get a code for a theme? Oh well, my Gravity Rush one stays put for now.

Already claimed.

I also have an obsession for strategy guides.

Zenmarket gave me two figures and my first bedsheet.

I love Princess Resurrection. It's one of my favorite manga/anime! I was happy to snag this figure of the playful Reiri & Liza/Riza for just 1600yen from YJA! It was described as used once and stored away.......When I actually got her though, she WAS STILL SEALED. Her box was sealed and her blister pack was brand new. What a steal! Never thought I would get a still sealed one after all this time. She is..........rather underwhelming but the concept of the figure is great. I love the playful and silly interactions between these two. I wish more figure companies would implement such creativity.
As you can see, she is very shiny, she is also sticky, and her face has some marks in addition to the lackluster painjob. I will be trying to fix her up though.
How does she stack up next to the GSC Hime? Not very well.......she is smaller and the quality difference is apparent. Side note-I know that section looks rather crowded but I am redoing everything in my room so that's where they are for now!

Next up, Kogi! I had originally bought him and his nendo from Animate USA but they shut down and my order was not fulfilled >.> But that's ok! I snagged him off suru for 7500yen! A steal! He is amazing! A little mark on his hair, but he looks great otherwise. Pure perfection.

Never thought I would see these two together.

He is going next to Hei for right now. (Where is my Yin scale???)

Next up, my first bedsheet! This was described as used so I knew I would have to wash it anyways but when I got him he was still sealed! Shizuo omfg hhhnngg. So, I have a child sized bed (twin) and this is hella huge on it but, it fits lol. I came home and my mom had kindly went ahead and washed him for me, and even made my bed though I didn't ask XD My mom is so awesome ^.^ My dad does a double take on everything but my mom is always checking out my stuff^^ She even loves some anime and games now because of me lmao.

So sexy!!!!

That is it for June!

Early July Loot! *Text & Image Heavy*
View spoilerHide spoilerHlj, AmiAmi, Amazon, and proxy loot!

Amazon! The Empire of Corpses! This was pretty cool. Happy to have it. I had already bought the matching tapestry last year so I am happy to finally see the source material XD

Hlj stuffs! Clear & TR nendos, SUPER LOVERS acrylic stand, Sakamoto keyholder (so cute), and Assassination Classroom straps!

Inside of the iphone6 case is fucking tan! Ugh!

Not a Clear fan but this nendo is so cute! Mink, Virus & Trip next please! Plus, Touken Ranbu nendo!!! Toushi is fucking adorbs........jeezus christ his little face and feet.

Proxy loot! I had asked him to get this for me at the animate store because it was supposed to come with a small calendar of the same illustration but it was sold out. *Le sigh* But the songs from the anime grew on me, and this illustration is adorable!

AmiAmi! The highlight of this is my SUPER LOVERS dvd set! So cute!

Some screens!
Look at Ren's little feet omfg too adorable /sobs

I need this in giant tapestry form please!!!!

The Saiyuki minis are adorable! But just like the hanged color colles, the skin is really yellow and shiny......my other color colles aren't like that so I wonder why these are?

Well, that's it! Thanks for reading! With Psychedelic Izaya, Xillia 2 Ludger, TR Hota, and SUPER LOVERS dvd set two releasing on my bday, this month is going to be great too! So many games next month and then September is FFXV & Psycho-Pass game............so much to look forward to!

What else are you looking forward to this year?

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