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Around 2 years ago I started my collection buying the Asuna figma (ITEM #117918).

Only a few months ago I finally bought a place to store my growing collection, that means my figures were all "attacked" by dust and, even though I always cleaned them a lot, the figma is the only one that started to become grayish.

Especially the parts of the figma that were white.
Now, being a "noob" in this kind of things, I have no idea how to clean her. I'm afraid to ruin her while using cleaning sprays or whatever.

Is there a way to clean her gray parts and make them return white without damaging the figure itself?

Thanks in advance!
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I usually give them a bath in soap and water. And then leave them out to dry. I also sometimes use the cleaning wipes.

Don't use anything with acetone.
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some neutral soap (dishwasher soap is good) a soft sponge and use warm water not hot good for washing babies :P. Be careful to dry joints properly as they can be attacked by mold... and mold stains. Try not to hit the joints... or check properly if its dry (every joint). If you can disassemble the better the cleaning and drying of joints.
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