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YukicchuuYukicchuuhace 4 años
In keeping with my slowness, I received my Animate US package like last month but was too lazy to post about it, so here it is!

Wanting to get a piece of the fire sale that Animate was having but with the added difficulty level of being on the wrong side of the world, I got to test out the shopping service Australia Post offers for Australian orders to US only stores.

From Animate I ordered:
  • AMNESIA Ukyo pin brooch
  • AMNESIA World Ukyo metal charm
  • Kuroko no Basuke - A3 Kuroko Tetsuya clear poster
  • Boys lucky bag
  • Fantasy hero lucky bag
  • Cosplay lucky bag

In the spirit of AusPost, they opened my package up at their warehouse in America and...basically messed up everything so I have no idea what was part of which bag. I'm just gonna do a post of everything I received in one go because of this.

What I got:

Thanks for reading guys---

What was that you said? This isn't even a real loot post? ( ◡⁀◡ )

Barring the Kuroko poster, here is what I physically picked out to buy:

I've said before that I really like Ukyo and I think what I ordered conveyed that to the people at Animate.

But then this happened again, I'm not even joking:


I'm pretty sure Animate packs things into the bags according to what people order because I got a fair bit of Kuroko stuff with mine. A few of my friends got otome game things with their orders becausse they bought otome game stuff as well. And I'm regretting not ordering stuff for my other interests because of this.

Kuroko no Basuke stuff

Care to guess which clear poster was the one I picked out ( ‵ᴗ′ )?

I was sooooo happy the blind pack acrylic keychain thing gave me the Kuroko variation because it was literally a 1 in 8 chance lolololol.

Magi stuff


Got a fair few Magi things too, which I believe were from the fantasy hero bag. I love Magi so I'm pretty happy about it.

Then there were two blind packs for the Magi rubber straps...I was hoping for at least one Hakuryuu...


The fuk.

Yowamushi Pedal stuff

I've watched YowaPedal a little, so I'm not completely at a loss as to who these chars are...but...I'm not really that into it?

Paper book covers aren't my thing but I think the other stuff is pretty cute. Will save it for now, until I actually finish the series.

Free! stuff

Not to be confused with actual free stuff, comes the sort of next best thing, hot boys that swim!

Didn't get anything of the only two chars I like from the show (unless the stickers count), though I do like Haru enough to use his keychain and I have a friend who likes Nagisa so this isn't bad.

K stuff

Another series I never finished! K!!!!!!!

My only exposure to this series was the first ep which I meh'd at and the otome game spin off which I couldn't be bothered with.


Ao no Exorcist stuff

Blue Exorcist stuff. Memo mouse pad was kind of cool and gimmicky along with the actual memos in the black case which is also gimmicky. The most useful will probably be the folder...or the cork coasters.

I'm wondering why Animate even bothered to stock this...Is it still popular?

Uta no Prince-sama stuff

I'm only slightly partial to UtaPri since I've only played the first game and the anime completely put me off. But I was pretty happy of all the things they sent me, it was all of the char I liked the most Masato! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I'll consider that a win.

I'm not sure why Animate also sent me the rubber straps, because they seemed....kind of...used... I wonder if they were also just giving away display goods?

Mekakucity Actors stuff

It's almost as if there was no other art for the series judging by how they made goods based on the single image.

I like Ayano, but since she's dead I guess there's not many goods of her.

Sword Art Online stuff

...I don't like Sword Art, but my boyfriend does so I'll off load it to him.

I also don't understand why there are pair goods of Kirito and Sinon, when he's supposed to be lovey dovey with Asuna. Whatever. ʕ ㅎ_ㅎʔ

That box is supposed to be a pair keychain as well...




What's with the giant piece of foam. The item itself took up less than 1/10th of the box. Waste of space.

Fate/Zero stuff

....So I got some really....long....things from Fate/Zero.

Long memo, long strap and there was a long clear poster as well with the same art but I was already using it so no photo.


Kuroshitsuji stuff

I really enjoy the art from Kuroshitsuji but not so much the series itself...

I'm glad this is just art.

Tiger and Bunny stuff

Got a few more things from Tiger and Bunny, but I left it somewhere and I couldn't find it again for a photo so ╮(•ω•)╭

I've never watched nor feel the need to watch this show so this is all literally just filler to me. Will use the CD case (the folder) for my cds though, so that's useful!

Animate also appeared to have way too much Tiger and Bunny stuff, to the point where they could offer single Tiger and Bunny lucky bags...Guessing they thought it was really popular over there???

Haikyuu! stuff

Haikyuu! No Tsukki stuff but Kageyama is good enough. I'll be giving the Kuroo-neko keychain to my friend who likes him as well. The white thing is a paper book cover with the Christmas versions of the crow Karasuno team printed on it.

What I didn't understand was the T-shirt thing. I looked at it, and it mimicked a dry cleaning receipt, so I was thinking the staff at Animate left me something personal by accident LOL but turns out it was some sort of uniform card....for Oikawa ╮(•ω•)╭...

Zetsuen no Tempest stuff

There seemed to be a fair fit of this series on the Animate store as well, which I'm not sure why...

I liked the series, but it didn't seem to be popular. And even then I really disliked the second half of the series. (・̆⍛・̆)

Yoshino was my favourite character so the post card set made me happy, not too sure what to do with the metal poster...and the....plush wooden strap lol.

Clearfiles I missed earlier

I laughed and then wept bitterly when I saw the Aldnoah Zero clear file. So much potential. So much let down.

The Chuutarou clearfile surprised me though, didn't expect to see Donten ni Warau stuff nor Idolmaster Side M. ٩( 'ω' )و I already had Shirasu so lucky (or...unlucky? ( 'o')) that I didn't double up. The HQ file is cute too.

Sword Art was just....yeah. Boyfriend didn't even know who the other guys on the file were lmfao.

All other series that I missed earlier

There's so much random stuff here like God Eater, Kamigami no Asobi, Meganebu, Youkai Watch, Diabolik Lovers, P4U, Majestic Prince etc. There were a few really obscure and old series like Yoru no Yatterman and Dengeki Bunko stuff, which I can't imagine there is really a market for in the US...

I was pretty happy to get the Amaki keychain from Shounen Hollywood ;w; Such an underrated series. The Nanami (NORN9) colorcolle was great too, since she's my favourite heroine.


I got two tote bags with my order too, one being the Magi one and the other being the DiaLovers Shuu totebag. The CD file is in the middle to show the size of the bags, which are pretty big.

The Shuu bag has me kind of confused though. On one hand I really hate DiaLovers, on the other I think the bag is really nice. Why couldn't it be an AMNESIA one crey (although I'm likely to get an Ikki one if I leave it to chance...)

Cosplay bag

ACOS is really really really REALLY expensive. Knowing I could get 3 costumes+ at the price of less than one means I had to jump at the offer. Even if it would be something I don't care about. And in the wrong size. The S size bag was sold out by the time I placed my order. Yes I'm stupid.


I got a Masato (UtaPri bias!!!!) costume, Kuroko Tetsuya Teiko High costume and ...Yogi..?'s parker set from Karneval. I'm not familiar with the last series so I'm not sure if that's how to read his name...And a Youkai Watch cat ear headband...?????? Is there such a thing??? Seriously????

I was hoping to get at least one female costume but...guess luck wasn't on my side. On the other hand I can now dress up as Kuroko for whatever reason. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And finally...The actual free stuff!

There are soooo many Animate collaboration-only things in this pile part of me wept for Animate underselling themselves. I wished they'd give me more otome game stuff since it looks like they had lots and less Shingeki no Titan since I don't care so much about that.

There was a lot of Kamigami no Asobi which I think Japanese fangirls would have killed me for and I almost feel bad that so much of this ended up in my hands where I cannot really appreciate the series that much.

And a lot of Kuroko no Basuke. Mmmmmhmmm yeahhhhh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I paid so much and got so far, in the end it was really worth it
...if you know all the series.

Keep in mind I had to pay for shipping from US to US, then US to Australia, which was about the total cost of my order. So technically I paid for double what American customers paid and I still liked it.

I couldn't help but wonder though, a lot of people don't even know what these series are, so why did AnimateUS even stock it? They couldn't possibly have thought the market was that big. Their marketing (via FB page and Twitter) seemed to also be fairly lacking so it might have been a given that they were going to fail as a business. And then people like me benefit from the fire sale afterward. ヽ( ˘ω˘ )ゝ

Thanks for sticking by my incredibly long and image heavy post. Hope you enjoyed it! (✿◉◡◉)
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Sorry for random comment, but by any chance, do you plan selling one of the Kougyoku straps?
hace 4 años
Halcionehace 4 años#7375000Ikster always gets all the hate :(
totally deserves it though

I wonder who on the localisation team thought that was the most fitting translation for "Ikki-san"...

I don't mind his existence if it stays far, far away from me.
hace 4 años
EmeraldxDewhace 4 años#7368429lol this post was worth reading just for your sassy commentary.
Oh my ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)I'm glad my commentary was the highlight of this post lmao.
hace 4 años
LovelyIdiothace 4 años#7352384Bless Auspost and whatever dafuq they doing with our shit.
Oh lucky you got two Kougyoku straps~ I love her, best girl in Magi. And although Kagepro/MCA is actually my favourite series, they love rehashing images on their shit. I can't build my shrine if half the things look identical now can I. Lovely loot though!

Customer service aside I'm most angry at Auspost's shitty pricing lol.
;A; I'm more of a Morgiana girl, but mostly a Hakuryuu girl LOL. But man, two blind packs....two of the same char. Why.
Why get new art when you can just print the same thing on a million different items?! Logic lmfao. Thank you!
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Galaxiahace 4 años#7350317Ugh, I was actually going to purchase a box, but per their site, they're closing their US webstore. ●︿● en.animate-onli...

OH LOL YOU DIDN'T KNOW? Sorry I should've been clearer, they closed on the 29th of Feb. I ordered mine like a week before it and by the time I found out what was in it, they no longer accepted more orders ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) I feel ur pain.
hace 4 años
Ikster always gets all the hate :(

totally deserves it though
hace 4 años
lol this post was worth reading just for your sassy commentary.
hace 4 años
Bless Auspost and whatever dafuq they doing with our shit.

Oh lucky you got two Kougyoku straps~ I love her, best girl in Magi. And although Kagepro/MCA is actually my favourite series, they love rehashing images on their shit. I can't build my shrine if half the things look identical now can I. Lovely loot though!
hace 4 años
Yukicchuuhace 4 años#7349901Yeah if you're a fan of all the series they're selling in the bags, do it! Lol I bought the one with only Kuroko on it ლ(´ڡ`ლ).
Hahah DiaLovers anime....nope, I never even bothered with the second season. I played Shuu's route in the second game (he was supposed to be the least bad char too) and I think I got a stroke from the pent up rage I felt.

Ugh, I was actually going to purchase a box, but per their site, they're closing their US webstore. ●︿● en.animate-onli...
hace 4 años
reversedollhace 4 años#7349718some really cool stuff here! i wish i could have gotten one of these+some other stuff off of animate before they closed the us shop but i missed out :(
Ooh that sucks, tough luck. (;´Д`) It seemed to be fairly limited so I was lucky I got it!
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