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    Neofrankyhace 4 años#10985897How did you like Izumi? I've been wanting to get her, but I haven't read reviews about her so I'm kind of in the fence as I do not follow Queen's Blade.
    Twenty second review:
    Plus: She's actually quite nice, good solid sculpt, she comes with cast-off and alternate parts but everything fits without being fumbly. Paint job is pretty clean too.
    Minus: Her sword is very long and her scarf points outward with some decent range so she may end up taking up a lot of space depending where and how you place her (I wanted her on the side but she can't fit there). The sword and scarf are both removable though. Using risers always helps too. :)
    hace 4 años
    How did you like Izumi? I've been wanting to get her, but I haven't read reviews about her so I'm kind of in the fence as I do not follow Queen's Blade.
    hace 4 años
    Awesome loot! I hope you have come to like Izumi more, she is one of my faves!
    hace 4 años
    Ahhhh~, those Heavy Black clothes...multiple prints have been tempting me too! I especially like the "bank robber" Sailor Moon one! :)
    hace 4 años
    i want all this weird sailor moon shit, and i dont even collect smut
    hace 4 años
    So many sexy girls. I already want a figure of Taruco.

    Random but I was about to ask why Muramasas were wearing raincoats under the top. I need to sleep lol
    hace 4 años
    Stalking Loli hunter
    Quite an erotic loot you got going there! Really nice girls~

    (I'm just baffled at the official "three sizes" of pochaco and taruco, they make absolutely no sense :'D )
    hace 4 años
    Sometimes I wish I'd pre-ordered that nurse >.< she looks sooo nice and sexy. Very nice loot :3

    But Im kinda surprised by Pochacos mesures, maybe there is something I'm not understanding, but there is no way that ass is 94cm xDDDDDDDD (or that waist 74 xDDD)
    hace 4 años
    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    solluxcaptorhace 4 años#7272512I really like the clothes you got, I love that brand too. I don't own any of their stuff though as I'm not so sure I'm personally daring enough to wear it out in public ;; So props to you for that!
    That could be a blessing because my wardrobe is starting to look really dark now lol...
    Plus I have to consider where I'm wearing them, it's fine for roaming around the city but not the neighborhood, what with all the grade schools around. :p

    kotoriihace 4 años#7272933I love hvy blk! I was wearing a shirt today from them. So comfy.
    I am waiting anxiously for my next order as we speak. XuX

    Rychihace 4 años#7272636Wow i totally love your loot!!! :D
    Thank you (੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭
    hace 4 años
    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    kaanonhace 4 años#7272806Your Loot is godlike !!
    I must really buy LunaLuna from Queen's blade,she is the characters i like the most with siggy =3

    I was iffy about Luna Luna at first, but then I decided to bite the bullet and get her. No regrets, she's gorgeous and awesomely detailed :) Get her!
    hace 4 años
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