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ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpiderhace 4 años
Max Factory and Good Smile Company have been blessing our collections with Figmas and Nendoroids from "The Legend Of Zelda" series.

The two companies have recently announced the production of a Link (Twilight Princess) Figma and Zelda (Wind Waker) Nendoroid.
ITEM #396873 ITEM #396903

With the multiple Figmas and Nendoroids being made for this series, I think it would be good to have some characters other than just Link and Zelda.

Below are a few ideas for characters to be added to this line.
Now all of you can add other characters you want to become a Figma or Nendoroid.

When adding your option, be sure to add "Figma" or "Nendoroid" next to the character's name.

And as always, be sure to check out our club "Let's Make it Happen."
We are working to gather data on what the MFC is wanting from figure companies and submitting the results to them.
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What TLOZ do you want?

1%Zant (Figma)
4%Tetra (Nendoroid)
9%Ganondorf [Twilight Princess] (Figma)
9%Skull Kid (Nendoroid)
11%Wolf Link + Midna (Figma)
5%Zelda [Skyward Sword] (Figma)
7%Ghirahim (Figma)
2%Ruto (nendoroid)
3%Saria (nendoroid)
2%C.C (Nendoroid)
3%Tingle (Nendoroid)
1%Skull Kid (Figma)
1%Rerelease figmas and nendoroid which price is higher than 10000 yen
5%Ganondorf [Ocarina of Time] (Nendoroid)
1%Ghirahim (nendoroid)
4%Vaati (Nendoroid)
2%Ganondorf [The Wind Waker HD] (Nendoroid)
1%Kishin Link (Figma)
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Midna best girl
hace 3 años
Wolflink + Midna. (and BotW Link) would be awesome
hace 4 años
id love midna nendoroid, but id love zelda SS figma! ;-;
hace 4 años
I voted for a Midna nendoroid, but I'd also love nendoroids of Tetra, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, and Skull Kid. I'm not very interested in figma; though some of the ideas are awesome, I probably wouldn't get them. I do like scales, but room to display them is becoming quite limited. xD
hace 4 años
ChocolateSpiderhace 4 años#7092815Well this is really more to figure out what character people want NEXT. The ultimate goal is to have all desired characters in both forms, but obviously we won't get them all at the same time.
I gathered, but I really can't decide. I want all three so much that I have a really hard time picking one I want specifically next.
hace 4 años
Figmas or nendos other than Link... and Zelda?

Zelda Hime herself took such a long to come to an unpainted prototype, during which time half dozen of links were announced and released... Like I was just thinking about "Hey what about someone other than Link" five minutes ago, and now it's time to ask for more? Kinda difficult for me to image that. Lol.
hace 4 años
I'm suprised nobody nominated Fiona.
hace 4 años
Tingle for president
hace 4 años
neyhace 4 años#7092865http://i.imgur.com/lMG71zn.jpg
Man, you sure get worked up over silly things, don't you?
hace 4 años
Ebonwinghace 4 años#7092787I refuse to vote in this because I can omly vote for one.

hace 4 años