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Ohio gomenasai, MFC. I had the fortune of going away on an exciting wintery vacation to another state for a week and a half and while there was able to enjoy the exhilarating pasttime of tracking refreshing.

For those unaware, when you are rich and have lots of money (like me), you can obtain tracking with your international shipments. This allows you to obsessively check the internet to see if your packages have reached their destination when you could be doing more productive things such as hanging out with friends or not letting your pets die of malnutrition.

Anyhow, while away, I had the great pleasure of finding that not one, but two wonderful packages awaited me at home. And that is the purpose of this article, to share these great things with you, my friends.

I buy a lot of things these days. Many of which are gaijin purchases that are unlisted on MFC. But I can assure you that my lack of gf allows me much monetary freedom to do as I wish! Things such as buying expensive robots like...

Glorious TakaraTommy Unite Warriors UW01 Super Ion!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/02/28/1489299.jpeg

ITEM #235538
ITEM #235539
ITEM #235542
ITEM #235545
ITEM #283041

All I can say about this guy is he is nice. I don't really know much about him, but bought him because I felt he looked really swag. But judging from the name Super Ion, I'm assuming he's something like a scientist who looks at atomic particles. Why else would he be named that?

I purchased him from a site called HLJ, or HoboLink Japan, separate from the items to follow. He cost roughly 140 USD, probably how HLJ got it's name; because you will be out on the streets after overpaying for their products. Luckily I don't have this problem as I live comfortably in a shed in my parents' backyard.

Anyhoo, onwards!

The rest of this wonderful bunch of loot comes from a very obscure site called Mandarake that only I, but now you as well, know about. I am not sure how they got their name but I think it has to do with the phrase "Man the rake." This is the only logical conclusion I can draw.

First up in the Mandarake portion:

Cheerful Japan Figma 114 Hatsune Miku
(AKA the Domino's Pizza mascot)

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ITEM #77111

She is beautiful. She even has panties, which is a godsend as that was one of my main worries and something that would have been a dealbreaker. I attempted to remove them to see if there was other detailed sculpting but had no luck. Lots of accessories with this figure; I prefer to have her holding the leeks for good meme value.

Up next...

This Shakugan no Shana car model kit thing

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(Not in database AFAIK)

I don't have much to say about this since I'm still fuming that it's not an actual car. I prefer to put my waifu on full display while driving around the hood but here I am stuck driving my awful 90s Civic still. Maybe next time I'll find my waifu car. This stupid thing isn't even preassembled.

Here's another great figure, Hasbro Cybertron Unicorn!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/02/28/1489303.jpeg

ITEM #88127 (TakaraTommy version)

I have wanted this little guy for several years since Unicorn is something of an idol to me. For those of you who don't know, he is a very original character as he was the first planet-devouring monster to be introduced in any kind of western media. I always found it amazing how he's able to eat so much without getting fat, something which I hope to achieve one day but have not so far, seeing as my current diet has gotten me up to around 400 pounds. Hopefully one day I can follow Unicorn's example and lose some weight, just as he did when he was reborn in this smaller, non-planet-sized body in Balancing Act. For now, though, I will enjoy my Twinkies and dagashi.

Speaking of dagashi, something completely unrelated: this Ichiban Kuji Hiiragi Shinoa & Sanguu Mitsuba postcard set.

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ITEM #372391

After giving up lolicon due to parole reasons, I started watching Owari no Seraph in hopes of unlocking my demon power kekkei genkai, but instead found these petite beauties and quickly fell in love. They're right there where my parole officer can't send me back to the slammer so I'm very happy for that and that there was a product where I could get both of my sweet girls at once.

But while I'm on the subject of sweet girls, I must admit that the sweetest girl to me is the one, the only Hirasawa Yui. As such, I bought these Precious Memories trading cards depicting her, as well as the unrelated TakaraTommy Lost Age promo Micron Sling! Apologies for the considerably blurrier photo.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Overyodel1456624281.jpeg

ITEM #232994

You may be wondering why I placed the cards in a circle around Sling. Even if you weren't, I'll tell you anyway. Sling transforms into a dragon and dragons have a lot of mythological importance. Naturally we can conclude from this that he has some sort of power imbued within him; he's even translucent like a powerful stone would be. By arranging the trading cards around him, they can be used as a sacrifice to bring mai waifu Hirasawa Yui into the realm of mortals. I have not started the blood pact yet but I expect good results when I do. I've learned a lot about spells and the supernatural from /x/ and the deepweb.

And with that, I'm out of things to show you all! Well, sort of. I had another order I picked up from the post office today but it was extremely damaged... I'll probably share it with you all as an update at a later time. Keep your eyes peeled for an article called Waterlogged Waifus! What you see there will shock you, just as it shocked me, causing me to collapse embarrassingly upon my massive self right in of the neighbors.

But that's a story for another day. As they say in Japan, arrivederci!
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Overyodelhace 4 años#8655310Shame you didn't really tbqh

weird how you wish your life existence would be atrocious enough for someone to contract gonorrhea from you. don't worry cody, i will pray you get the treatment you need...we are all yahweh's children, and even if you are an abomination you can still repent.
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kiriekagarinohace 4 años#8647404i feel like i got gonorrhea from reading this.

Shame you didn't really tbqh
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i feel like i got gonorrhea from reading this.
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When it comes to articles such as this, I tend to just read them in Dug's voice.

You're welcome.

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Damn, you must be a pain in the ass at parties. Or anywhere by any means.
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I'm not getting the humor here. I get hypocritical humor but these types of articles (I've seen more and more like it) are a bit hard to understand. Are you making fun of yourself or are you trying to make fun of figure collecting as a whole? Because all and all you're not doing a good job with either.

Yes I am the last person who should speak about this.
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Is the captain here? I'm a bit confused -_-"
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Trying to find the punchline...
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