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February Haikyuu!! HaulFebruary Haikyuu!! Haul

rumichuurumichuuhace 3 añosLoot
Hihi~ time for a loot post :D

This is hopefully my last big-medium haul for the year since it's time to cut down and save for post-graduation plans next year (if things work out), and what better way to spend a final shopping spree than on Haikyuu!! my current obsession (more specifically, kenma & kuroo).

Also I'm sorry for terrible quality photos again, my smartphone's camera is only getting worse lol.

Here are the packages:

From the top we have a bag of goods from the Haikyuu!! Store currently open in Tokyo. My friend went on a short trip there so I suggested (very strongly suggested lmao) that she visit the store, plus I'd recently gotten her hooked onto the show :P

Second is my GSC package with kagehina exclusive nendoroids.

Third is my usual FromJapan/YAJ proxy buys.

And the last huge (oversized) box is from Suruga-ya forwarded to BiJ!

Suruga-ya's hollow packaging. Though I'm not surprised, they're known for this.


I'll begin with the Haikyuu!! Store goods!

This is mostly my friend's haul, only the Nekoma stuff is mine. From the bottom is a Karasuno shirt though I'm not sure if it's Tsukishima's or Hinata's since the number is obscured, a Seijou pencil case, Nekoma shirt, Nekoma cup, Karasuno clutch bag, Haikyuu!! metal pin badges, Nekoma tote bag, Tsukishima acrylic badge or keychain I can't remember which, and the Seijou giant tote bag was a gift for spending over a certain amount! She also got a random player card for free but is giving it to me since ...she's not a hoarder like me ahaha...

Some extras she kindly got me :3

And me geeking out about the apparel which I will most definitely wear to uni next week! I have another Nekoma shirt/tote bag which is getting rather worn out so nice to give them a rest xD

On to my Suruga-ya buys~ The box may have been huge but this was all that was inside!

Funny story about that Kenma DFX figure. I actually already owned him except that last week (or two weeks ago I'm too traumatised to remember specifically lol) I was cleaning him near my open window and his head decided to fly off while I was dusting it and well basically now it's on an inaccessible rooftop on the bottom floor, melting away from the summer's heat. I can still see it from my window...

But oh well...I moved on and bought a new one. He was way cheaper bundled with Hinata than alone for some reason.

Kenma happy with his new head.

Close-up on the little things I bought. I especially love the kuroken student IDs it just feels so...personal? xD Oikawa was a must-have since I didn't buy his box of omanjuus last year but I love his omanjuu design the best. I might hunt for Iwaizumi next if I have the extra funds.

Aaaand I've wanted these Last One figures for a while now and it was really cheap on Suruga-ya like 980 yen?

Complete with the rest of the Kyun-chara kurokens hehe

Next FromJapan!

Below my YAJ auction wins except for the red Cu-poche jerseys which were from the Kotobukiya online store. I will show you the purpose for them later. Akaashi pen pouch was such an impulse buy but I love Akaashi so I don't mind, the only one left I want is Suga. Also Haikyuu!! Cafe straps/keychains because...well I can't go to the cafe myself I might as well bring a part of it home >:(

Tokyo Training Arc Trio :3

These new Putitto figures are TINY i thought they'd be much bigger, but they are so SO cute. (Kuroo's pose though...)

Now I will reveal to you the purpose of the Cu-poche clothes.

I got Cu-poche bodies and different clothes last month but my eye was always on the red jerseys because all I wanted was to make custom kuroken dolls. Actually the bodies were intended for their nendoroids but after trying it on Oikawa's nendoroid head I realised the Cu-poche neck joint is way too small. I don't know if I can remove and replace it with the nendoroid one without breaking something though? Has anyone tried before...?

Using different heads.

And lastly the GSC exclusive Hinata & Kageyama nendoroids!! The boxes are so small ahhhh it's so adorable ><

Sometimes simple is best, I actually like this version more than the original ones.

Okay, I'm dead tired this took longer than I thought :x

Thank you for reading and please have a lovely day/night wherever you are :)

Edit: that moment when you realise you forgot to enable comments 11 hours later lol...too late now orz

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applepi5 @yorozuyawinchan
rumichuu (hace 3 años) #6909269LOL haikyuu is a financial burden. things we do for this show ;_;

ikr i made like 6-7 different mandarake orders of haikyuu stuff this month rip (T^T) its like they can't stop releasing new stuff and everything are really nice
hace 3 años
applepi5 (hace 3 años) #6908910omg this is so awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only person who did a massive haikyuu haul this month alone lol
LOL haikyuu is a financial burden. things we do for this show ;_;
hace 3 años
applepi5 @yorozuyawinchan
omg this is so awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only person who did a massive haikyuu haul this month alone lol
hace 3 años
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