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Requested review:
This figure is super adorable. Sumomo has the cutest surprised expression on her face.
It comes with a cardboard box from Dengeki Magazine.
Assembly of parts: the way the figure is positioned (leaning over) makes it hard to get her body to stay connected. The problem is that the collar is the part that attaches.>_<
This can easily be solved with super-glue.
I worried about wobbling her head too much and it popping off, but it's more durable than that fortunately

The one issue I have with this figure is the FLIMSY wand. It's so thin that it snaps in half very easily and won't stay in her hand the way it looks in the picture. Mine fell out of her hand and snapped in half. Super-gluing it back together proves to be very temporary. I may have to glaze spray it together.
*Another issue added- if it falls over, it becomes easily bent out of shape and will not stand!*

Akahime Sumomo
Nanatsuiro Drops anime
Dengeki Magazine figure

Character- Sumomo is a magical girl similar to Nanoha, Magical Canan, or CC Sakura. She is called a Stellar Spinner, a stardrop collecting magical girl.
She has a rival and a love interest. Her love interest is actually the plush goat mascot who helps her fight.

The sculpting (or molding) is very accurate to the character, and Sumomo has an adorable surprised expression on her face. Hovever, the material is pretty bendy and is easily bent out of shape.

The painting is accurate and doesn't scratch, wear, or chip off easily (so far!) Kind of a typical gashapon painting...

Pose- Sumomo is not poseable and she needs to be assembled which is another issue...But her pose is very cute and unique. she's bending over and you can see her underwear, but it's in no way perverted or suggestive. However, unless connected correctly and securely to her stand, she falls. If bent, she falls. If there is a breeze...she falls...

Stand- Sumomo's stand is a basic white circle with a little nob for boot placement and markings that let you know where to arrange her cape. It needs to be in a very specific position. The stand itself is very durable plastic.

Packaging- Sumomo comes in a cardboard box with faded orange "manga style" coloring. She is from Dengeki Magazine so was never retailed, thus a detailed and colorful box featuring other available characters- that looks just like every other figure box- is not neccessary. It's very classic looking but not very durable...

Enjoyment: Struggling to keep her together and get her on her stand that way, and eventually resorting to super-glue was stressful. After the wand broke...>_<

Overall I like it.
The wand sucks.
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AshlotteAwww I wanna see pictures of her. T_T

Nice review though....Dengeki sure does package some mighty nice little magazine figures eh. ~_^

^_^ TY. How do I get in pic links?
hace 10 años
is it possible that I could get a picture of her sitting down? I would love to see her pantsu-down, because I think it would be a great pose
hace 10 años
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Awww I wanna see pictures of her. T_T

Nice review though....Dengeki sure does package some mighty nice little magazine figures eh. ~_^
hace 10 años
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