Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade - 1/8 (GSC) REVIEWKiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade - 1/8 (GSC) REVIEWReview

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Kizumonogatari- Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade - 1/8 (Goodsmile Company)
Hello MFC!
Today I’m excited to bring you a review of the Iron-blooded, Hot-blooded, Cold-blooded, Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade 1/8 scale figure manufactured by “Goodsmile Company “. At the time of this review this is the only “scale” figure of Kiss-shot produced.


For the purpose of this review I am going to be referring to the amazing vampire simply as Kiss-shot; As much as I adore her name and love saying it in full every time I’ll make it easier for all of us and refer to her simply as “Kiss-Shot”. To start off with, I can happily say I am very proud to finally own this figure – Miss Kiss-shot has gone through a long and tiresome journey full of delays and uncertainty, but after 4 years since her first unveiling she has finally made it into production. The root of the problem can stem all the way back to the “Kizumonogatari” animated film. If we are looking chronologically here, the “Kizumonogatari” novel is the third novel in the series, coming just after the “Bakemonogatari” novels part 1 and 2. While the events of Kizu acts as a prequel to Bakemonogatari, the background and history of Araragi, Hanekawa and Shinobu were revealed right after the first 2 books. Fast forward to the anime series, Bakemonogatari was released and soon after an animated adaption of “Kizumonogatari” was announced along with the first key image which inspired this figure. s1.tsuki-board....

For many reasons, the film kept constantly getting delayed year after year; and I can only imagine that the Kiss-Shot scale would release alongside the film in order for her have some relevance; As at this point we haven’t really seen Shinobu AS Kiss-Shot in the anime. More trailers and tiny snippets were released for the film but still nothing concrete…and certainly no figure either. It got to the point where nearly all the novels have been adapted into anime and still nothing; including character arcs directly involving Kiss-Shot. To think we had pretty much come all the way to the end of the novel series being adapted and still anime viewers had no idea on the true origins of Araragi’s first encounter with Kiss-Shot and what truly happened during Golden week. Finally, by 2015 SHAFT finally announced a 3 part film trilogy for Kizumonoagatri with the first releasing at the start of 2016 and with that; The Kiss-Shot scale was resurrected from the depths of the figure abyss and here she is!! So without further ado, let’s get into it;

Let’s start right off the bat with the box design ( pun completely unintentional). The box design follows the tradition of the previous “Monogatari” figures released by Goodsmile, it even closely resembles the same box design as the Kotobukiya figures also. Strong bold colours that carefully reflect the characters personality and aesthetic look with a nice large viewing window to show the buyer the wonderful figure packaged inside.
The side of the box features the amazing promo artwork for Kizumonogatari which the figure carefully replicates. It’s interesting though as this image is somewhat redundant now as the poster/cover art for Kizumonogatari part 1 and 2 are completely different from this one. Considering the 4 year gap since the announcement it’s only natural for the artwork to develop and change over time. But to be fair the third films artwork hasn’t been revealed yet so it could still very well be this one.
The back of the box features some nice close up shots of the figure as well as some Kanji spelling out Kiss-shots name.


Once the box has been opened you’ll find an assortment of different parts that will eventually make up the completed figure. As with most of Goodsmile’s figures they are packaged safely and securely covered in many layers of protective plastic as well as separate blisters for more fragile parts; in this case being the thin layers of plastic that make up the base. Inside the box you’ll also find something else very important – the instructions! Carefully folded in two slipped into a plastic sleeve at the bottom of the box. Once I opened up the instructions my first reaction was “Oh boy…” Looking at the picture below you’ll completely understand; there’s a lot going on here. Putting together Kiss-shot is certainly going to be a bit of a challenge, so the inclusion of these instructions is very much needed.
One element I was very impressed about is that the instructions are both in Japanese AND English. One side for Japanese while the other side is in English; Excellent move Goodsmile! Although the Japanese instructions are more or less universal to understand – having them in English does make life a little easier when putting together a figure that requires this much attention; So something like this is greatly appreciated.


Now that we have mulled over the instructions, let’s get out all the pieces and take a look at what we got. I’m going to take you through the construction process bit by bit so you can see just exactly how well thought out the design process was for this figure. I am also hoping it will act as a good reference for those who may have trouble putting the figure together. I’ll try my best not to get to distracted talking about the figure itself till after it’s constructed, and then we can dive down into the detail and sculpting etc.

First up we have the base which can be separated into three different parts.
1. We have the main base, which is the large circle structure with some rocks and pegs.
2. A large blood pool which is the same circumference as the main base
3. Lastly another more obscure shaped blood patch

The most important thing to note about the blood pool is that they are made from this very thing acrylic like material; be very careful when handling these parts as they can be prone to snap or chip easily. Not only that they attract dust and pick up finger marks very clearly so be sure to have nice clean hands before handling these parts. Alternatively have a dust cloth handy or some gloves!


Putting the base aside, let’s take a look at the parts that make up Kiss-shot. Inside the blister she will be more or less connected – for the construction of the figure you will need to take her apart. You can tell which parts come off due to plastic sleeves being placed in-between the pegs of the figure. This is what you should have:

1. the upper half of Kiss-shot from the waist up.
2. The lower part of Kiss-shot from the waist down.
3. Kiss-shots red dress/skirt which slides off the top of the bottom half
4. And lastly Kiss-shot’s katana – Kokorowatari.


Now that we are familiar with the contents of the box and have everything layered out – let’s begin the construction; cause at this point Kiss-shot isn’t looking to great and more or less reflects how she looks at the start of Kizumonogatari ( Not the same appendage cuts but you get the idea..).
To begin with were going to need Kiss-shots legs and the bottom half of her Dress/skirt.


What we’re going to need to do is carefully flip the dress/skirt upside down and carefully lay it down on a flat surface. While the dress is facing down were going to “reconnect” the legs into the socket in the dress. Essentially what we are doing here is putting Kiss-shot back together but upside down. Things may be a bit unstable but you’ll understand why we’re doing this in the next step.


While we have Kiss-shot upside in a very degrading manner, were going to carefully pick up the obscurely shaped blood pool (The smaller one of the two). You may notice at this point that there is a cut in the middle of the blood that looks suspiciously like a leg and a heel! So what we need to do is carefully align the holes in the blood pool with Kiss-shots leg and the tip of her toes on the other foot. To ensure this is done safely, carefully align the holes with Kiss-shots leg and foot and simply place it where it needs to go. After doing so carefully wriggle the blood pool so that it falls down and locks into place. Turning the figure back to its original stance will cause everything to fall apart, so while the blood pool DOES lock into place, it’s not that secure so just be aware of that – keep her upside down for now.


This is where it’s going to get tricky; the next step requires us to flip Kiss-shot back around so that she is upright and place her on the pegs sticking out of the LARGE circle base. These pegs don’t act as a way to “plug” or “lock” the figure in place on the base, but rather to hold up the figure so it creates a levitation effect. To ensure the entire figure doesn’t fall apart, carefully hold the sides of the figure like I have in the first photo – securing all the parts so they don’t fall off - then place Kiss-shot along with the blood pool on the pegs on the circle base. At first it won’t matter too much where she sits, you can fix it up once she’s on there; as long as the blood is balancing on the pegs and keeping Kiss-shot supported.


This next step is the most tedious and hardest part of the construction process; mostly because if it is not done correctly it can make the figure look pretty tacky and requires a bit of effort to fix up. Now that Kiss-shot is on the pegs, we have to take the LARGE blood pool (The big circle one) and place is over the top of Kiss-shot and lock it into the large circle base at the bottom. You’ll see in the bottom left of the circle there are 3 rectangular like holes, using these as a guide is the best way to figure out if you’re doing this correctly. Those 3 holes are used to go over the top of the 3 rocks on the main base – so lining up the large blood pool holes with those 3 rocks are a good starting point.

Alternatively there is a small square indentation on the right with goes around the smaller rock near Kiss-shots knee, if you can align the blood pool around this small rock and the 3 large ones you’ll be able to move Kiss-shot around accordingly till the base locks into place. To get the LARGE blood pool to fit into the base you’re going to have to press down slightly in order to push the blood pool inside the black ring surrounding the bottom base. If you don’t push down hard enough the base will pop out…But if you lock it in and find the two blood pools don’t align ( the large one and the small one under Kiss-shot) it’s a bit of a battle trying to pop it back out as it locks in quite well.


Now, the following photo acts as a reference as to how it should NOT look. Basically this is my biggest beef with this figure. While I believe Goodsmile have perfectly captured the look of Kiss-shots clothes being submerged into the liquid; this seems like a horrible way to go about doing it. Personally I had a lot of trouble getting the blood pools to line up perfectly – so I took a few photos along the way to show how dodgy it can look if not done correctly. The blood pools ultimately need to be lined up ABSOUTLY perfectly, and while there are holes for the rocks to act as a guide there aren’t at pegs to lock the blood into a secure spot. Because of this the blood pool which supports Kiss-shot can easily slide around with the slightest touch causing the whole figure to be no longer aligned; which can become very frustrating very quickly. Not to mention that the blood pool parts themselves are very fragile, is was worried mine would snap a few times when I was trying to pop it in and out of the large base.

So you can see in the few photos below that it really does need to align perfectly or the illusion of being slightly submerged is lost quickly, I found the trickiest part is getting the smaller pool to aligned around Kiss-shots knee and the front of the dress. After a few tries I eventually got it but I believe this certainly one element that brought the over-all score for the figure down. They could of easily avoided this issue if:

A:The blood pool actually LOCKED into the pegs rather than simply balancing on it or
B:Have the bottom half of Kiss-Shot already attached to the bottom of the base permanently. I don’t see why this wasn’t an option cause Kiss-shot cannot be balanced on her own without the base, so it’s not like we have been given two options to display her with or without the base. The way her legs a situated and the length of the Katana she needs to be on the base in order to stand upright.


Once the Blood pools have finally locked into place, we can continue to construct the rest of the figure. With Kiss-shots legs locked firmly in place under the pool, we can reconnect the top half of Kiss-shot. Carefully grab the top half of our blond haired vampire and connect her into the large peg sitting out of the top of her waist.


Which finally brings us to the final step! Placing Kokorowatari into Kiss-shots hand. The first thing you’re going to need to do is separate the blade from the handle. With a little bit of force you’ll be able to pop out the handle just from under where the bottom of the blade starts. Before we place the handle in Kiss-shots hot little hands we need to position the blade first. The easiest way to do this is to slide the blade in-between Kiss-shots arms and her chest so that the tip of the blade sits gently into the little slit in the base directly in front of Kiss-shots knee (You can see a close up of this slot in the photo below).

Once the blade is secured and sticking out of the blood, we just need to slide the handle into Kiss-shots hands and connect the sword back together. And if all goes according to plan; the construction of Kiss-shot is finally completed!!


- Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade COMPLETED FIGURE-
Here is the completed figure in all her vampiric glory! After spending so long putting her together she truly is a sight to behold! Let’s start with the front of the figure. Honestly she turned out absolutely captivating. The sculptors did a fantastic job capturing the motion in this figure, the way her jaggered and spikey hair bends and twists around the place capture this menacing but beautiful aura Kiss-shot presents.


What I find the most fascinating about figures is that were able to see something from a different view – a 3D perspective of a 2D image. I think this shot on the side perfectly captures that essence. You can truly appreciate all the wrinkles and creases in her dress and it lies gracefully across the pool of blood. The way her hair wraps around her from each side like a golden cloak protecting her grace. The transparency of the blood pools creates the beautiful two-toned effect as well reflecting off of the sand on the bottom of the base – amazing!


I know I have commented on this so much already but her hair is absolutely stunning. It’s almost like a series of razor sharp blades flowing from the back of her head. The contrast between the gold and the deep blood red is a beautiful colour combination. I feel these colours really do carefully reflect the importance of Kiss-shot, especially in terms of her royalty and truly being the legendary vampire! You can also see in this shot how well the submerged effect looks on her dress; even though its only slight, having the ripped up shreds of the bottom of the dress slightly under the surface creates a stunning effect.


The sculptors truly did an amazing job on Kiss-shots body; one element I love about the Monogatari character designs throughout the anime is that everything is rather natural. Despite some characters having large breasts they sit naturally and are not magically floating around like other anime characters…But again that is beautifully captured in this figure, Kiss-shot just radiates elegance. The submerged effect is also quite prominent on this angle, although the seam line between the two blood pools is slightly apparent it does blend in quite well despite the insane amount of effort to get it right.


Heres a close up shot of Kiss-shot; I really wanted to show off how incredible her clothes look. The purple like feathers have a slight transparency on them which creates a really nice effect. It also contrasts well with the blood red colour. I simply just love the way the dress hugs and wraps around her waist and legs – stunning work! Even the creases in her white gloves, so realistic! Truly a sight to behold.


A close up on Kiss-shots face, personally I think they absolutely nailed it. Kiss-shots face turned out fantastic, slightly menacing, but it’s within that stare radiates her confidence and charisma. I also really like how well the ribbons flow to the side from her hair – really nice effect. For a character sitting still in a pool of blood there’s so much movement happening all around her; you can almost imagine her jumping down from up high and slamming her sword down into the pool. The way her hair sits creates some really nice shadows across her arms and chest – she’s truly fantastic to look at on any angle !


I just want to quickly take this one moment to appreciate the base; although I believe the way it is constructed is really tedious and unnecessary it really does create a beautiful visual piece. From this angle, the way everything sits in the pool is almost flawless. One of my favourite design elements about the base is how it’s all raised up and contained inside this black ring. It kind of reminds me of those miniature zen gardens; Creates a really nice effect. You can also see in this photo how well the pool attracts DUST; after only having the figure out for about 30 minutes during its photoshoot and construction there’s already specs of dust sticking to the acrylic material; cleaning this figure will be a constant problem for those who decide to display her outside of a cabinet.
Although the obvious dust is a disadvantage, the advantage of using this material is that it creates a gorgeous reflection effect, perfectly capturing that water effect – Beautiful!


Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade is an absolutely amazing figure. After waiting so long since her first reveal she is absolutely worth every penny. Much like the rest of Goodsmiles “Monogatari” line, Kiss-shot is carefully recreated from an original piece of artwork perfectly in every way. The sculptors have done a fantastic job in creating the beauty and menacing aura that the great vampire Kiss-shot portrays. The way her hair flows and zig zags about is possibly one of my favourite design elements about her character; and seeing this replicated so well in the form of a figure is truly an amazing sight! The colours are bright and vibrant and really stand out amongst the rest of the figures on the shelf.


As previously mentioned my only beef about the figure is the construction of the base; although goodsmile went the extra mile by including very helpful instructions in both Japanese AND English – I felt that the way they went about constructing the base was a bit troublesome. I think the way they created the illusion of being submerged is absolutely perfect, rather than having the figure rest on the pegs and the pools of blood sliding over the top – this could have easily been fixed by simply having Kiss-shot and the smaller pool PLUG or LOCK into the base rather than sitting atop of the pegs.

Despite this set back – once constructed Kiss-Shot is a magnificent figure and I am so proud and excited to finally have her in my collection! At the time of this review this is the only proper scale figure of Kiss-shot; but with the release of the first Kizumonogatari film and the second part on the way – I can only hope for some more amazing figures of Kiss-shot ( hopefully standing ? or even Shinobu with short hair !!?)

I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos of different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
I would love to hear your opinions on the figure base also; did anyone else have trouble constructing her? Do you think I did a good job explaining the process?

Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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Her base is amazing, and is what convinced me to get this ASAP, but I still don't like how you can see the gap between the 2 plates in some places even when you put it together perfectly.
I don't think it would be possible to have Kiss shot's lower body already in the base, because that could make the base break easily in shipping. But having 2 separate blood plates is completely unnecessary. They could have had the blood pool already attached to the base, and than have us simply slip Kissshot in the right gaps.

But, if she didn't have this submersion effect (and had a similar base to GSC Nadeko) I wouldn't consider buying her. She would look way too weird having her lower half just submerged in an opaque liquid. So, I'm still very grateful. That base is gorgeous.
hace 4 años
M-Linfahace 4 años#6849669Nice review . She seems to be rising in price just for reference how much was she during preorder period ?

My AmiAmi was 9080 Yen, ordered her within a few days of pre orders opening.

In fact I finally received mine, going to open the box and check her over later today.
hace 4 años
ashtarothhace 4 años#6850407Depending on where you PO 9800-10k I guess?

hace 4 años
ashtaroth A child of the night
Celestrialhace 4 años#6850503
Hahaha glad the review proved helpful :p those instructions are rather daunting but very helpful. Most figures you can pretty much wing it when it comes to construction...but not Kiss-Shot :P

Yeah it helped. I thought I was good enough and I didn't need the manual. What I did was just put her on top lol. Said I'd figure it out in the morning then the next day I saw this. I never thought the clothes were supposed to go under which was kinda nice. Anyways good job man.
hace 4 años
Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
Drewhace 4 años#6850424Tbh the base doesn't quite work and was a disappointment after such a long wait, for all the effort of submerging her dress it hasn't paid off. Aesthetically it could've been improved if the pool of blood was one piece with only her legs submerged and the dress lying on top imo

Hello Drew! Thats exactly what i believe also. Its one of those things where when your looking at it you can go " Ohhh thats really cool! they did a good job of capturing that". But when you actually see the process gone through to create the effect it really is not practical. A good example of this is Goodsmiles "Nadeko" scale figure based on the BD cover art. The pool was already one solid piece and the idea of swapping out the legs and plugging it straight into the pool worked much better. I'm glad i wasn't the only one who thought this though !

M-Linfahace 4 años#6849669Nice review . She seems to be rising in price just for reference how much was she during preorder period ?
I cannot even quite remember myself as i PO her on day one on AMIAMI, so what ever AMIAMI had her for i suppose! All the GSC scales from the Monogatari series seem to go up rather quickly so good idea to snatch them up while you can!

ashtarothhace 4 años#6826724Hahah dang. So thats why mine wobbles. Forgot to read the f...... manual :3 eureka moment right there LOL
Hahaha glad the review proved helpful :p those instructions are rather daunting but very helpful. Most figures you can pretty much wing it when it comes to construction...but not Kiss-Shot :P
hace 4 años
Tbh the base doesn't quite work and was a disappointment after such a long wait, for all the effort of submerging her dress it hasn't paid off. Aesthetically it could've been improved if the pool of blood was one piece with only her legs submerged and the dress lying on top imo
hace 4 años
ashtaroth A child of the night
M-Linfahace 4 años#6849669Nice review . She seems to be rising in price just for reference how much was she during preorder period ?

Depending on where you PO 9800-10k I guess?
hace 4 años
Nice review . She seems to be rising in price just for reference how much was she during preorder period ?
hace 4 años
I never knew she had fully molded legs...
I thought they went into the water as one piece...
hace 4 años
ashtaroth A child of the night
Hahah dang. So thats why mine wobbles. Forgot to read the f...... manual :3 eureka moment right there LOL
hace 4 años
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