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Today we'll be reviewing a very beautiful but hyper-ecchi figure, Skytube's Matsuri Tougetsu. She has various cast-off features and she's gained some notoriety because of one of her accessories. You've already clicked past an NSFW disclaimer, so be warned that this figure has plenty of 18+ features, and some of the shots in this review are extremely NSFW, so proceed at your own risk. You've been warned...

About the figure/character: Matsuri Tougetsu was the cover girl from an issue of Comic Aun magazine, whose cover art has yielded its share of figures. Matsuri was designed by Misaki Kurehito ENCYCLOPEDIA #22849 who is possibly best-known for illustrating the Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend series of light novels.

Matsuri was first released in August 2015, and she has two color variants. A rather neat-looking variant with a white dress ITEM #375324 is scheduled to release in May 2016, and if you're independently wealthy, a super-limited red variant ITEM #320474 was also made.

Since Matsuri is an original character, there's not too much more to say on this front, so let's move on to the figure itself!


The silhouette on the package is an interesting feature.


Each of the side panels features a similar image, the character's name, and a credit to illustrator Misaki Kurehito.


The back panel features various shots of Matsuri with a little bit of censoring where appropriate.


The front panel of the box opens to reveal a very nice illustration of the character. Since Matsuri can be displayed in many different ways which necessitate swapping out parts from the box (some of which are sort of naughty), I like how this flap obscures the front window.


The blister has a couple of layers to accommodate Matsuri's many optional parts. Additionally, Skytube includes a guide to help get the figure set up, and the first run of these figures included two postcards with an illustration of the character.


As you can see, Skytube wraps Matsuri's accessory as well as her alternate breast and lower torso parts in opaque white plastic to avert prying eyes.


The two postcards.


Set up and ready!


The front flap of the box as well as Matsuri's extra breast and torso parts do add some weight. The box measures 20 by 18 by 22 cm and the package weighs 750 grams.

In any event, the packaging is attractive and the design is reasonably compact.


Matsuri's crouching pose allows her to use her *ahem* accessory, and I like how she doesn't look terribly unnatural even when displayed without it.

Let's have a look at her.









Overall, the finish of the figure is very good. There are a couple of areas where Skytube could have done a little better, but if you are a connoisseur of ecchi figures, this could be balanced out by some details on other fronts.

Matsuri comes with two faceplates, and her default expression is interesting. Her meek expression belies her potential ecchiness and her violet eyes are very pretty, too.


I like the way she's glancing over her shoulder. It's almost as if she wants to make sure no one is watching her...


That seam in her bangs is unavoidable since the bangs detach there, enabling her faceplate to be changed. One thing that bugs me just a little bit is that gap right above her ear which is just a little bit wider than it needs to be.


Twintails are one of my favorite moe points, and I like how her hair splays out around her. Her upper back and shoulder blades are nicely sculpted as well.


Matsuri is fairly petite, and and the combination of her large breasts with her otherwise slim build is an interesting feature. If you're being picky, you might have noticed that her breasts seem marginally larger than they appear on the postcard illustrations, but that does not bother me. Additionally, her china dress is obviously quite tight, the way it's compressing and lifting her breasts. I hadn't really noticed this before now, but you can also see a suggestion of her nipples through the dress.


Another thing I really like about the figure is that she looks attractive regardless of whether she's viewed at, above, or below eye level. She might actually look best when displayed slightly below eye level, as in the shot below.


The pattern on her dress is immaculately rendered, and the black and gold color scheme gives her a very elegant feel.


The shot below illustrates what is probably my biggest beef with the figure. Matsuri's arms detach to allow her bracelets to be set in place, and the detached sleeves should help to hide the spot where her arms attach, but you can see how the attachment point is not totally hidden. Sometimes I think her biceps are really, really skinny, but other times I think they are consistent with her overall appearance.


The gold bracelets complement her dress nicely. I like how the bracelets are separate pieces, too. If they were attached to her arm, there'd be concerns about them breaking off but this solution dodges that particular problem. The fingerless gloves are attractive, too.


Matsuri's legs detach, and the thick band around the top of the stockings helps to disguise the attachment point. Usually, I'd prefer to see real fishnet stockings, but that would drive up the figure's price point even more, and if you like to change up the look of your figures every now and then, you'll be removing the legs often, and real fishnets would carry some nonzero probability of being damaged each time this is done. Thus, the painted on stockings are appropriate and they look nice enough.


Like on her arm, you can see how the band of the stockings doesn't totally hide the point where her leg attaches.


Now, let's prepare to do some casting off. Even in her fully clothed state, you can see that her panties are rather skimpy.


An exploded view of the figure. If you swap out her alternate lower body, the legs will need to be removed. On her MFC comments page, many posters have noted that the legs were very difficult to remove. I found this to be true as well, but wiggling each leg while it was being removed seemed to aid the process.


For phase one of the cast-off, we'll remove her panties and swap in the alternate breast parts. You can see that little tabs around the top edge of her panties keep the panties in place.


Rather than including a whole alternate upper torso, the breast piece just lifts off.


As you can see, Matsuri's anatomy down there is extremely detailed. Graphic shot behind the spoiler tag.

View spoilerHide spoiler

I'm usually not a big fan of mirrored bases, but the mirrored base does serve to up the naughty factor of the figure when she's displayed without her panties.


The way she's squatting, I like how you can see her adductor muscles working.


Cast off stage one complete. Let's have a look at her in this state.






Skytube also paid a lot of attention to detail when sculpting Matsuri's nipples.


Now let's up the ecchi factor even more by setting up Matsuri's accessory, a large pink dildo. Fist, her optional torso part must be swapped in, which features her vagina sufficiently distended to receive the toy. There's no shortage of photos of this particular part on MFC, so I'll leave the reader to find one of them if you need to know exactly what this looks like. It took some effort to get the toy inserted, so be advised of that.

Extremely NSFW image behind the spoiler tag.

View spoilerHide spoiler

At this point, I opted to swap in her alternate faceplate. The default faceplate makes her look slightly shy and embarrassed, but the alternate face makes her look like she's pretty caught up in what she's doing...


Note the suction cup at the base of her toy. It's not functional, but it is an interesting detail. I also noticed that the design of her toy is a little different than it appears in the illustration but that's not a big deal IMO.


Since you need to know these things, I measure her toy at about 1 1/8 inches (2.9 cm) in circumference. At 1/6 scale, that would make it 6 3/4 inches (17 cm) in circumference, or about 2.1 inches (5.3 cm) in diameter. It's slightly larger in circumference than her wrist, so this is a pretty serious toy and presumably this is not her first time using such a thing.


A comparison of Matsuri+toy with the postcard illustration. I have to say that Skytube did a really good job of translating the illustration into figure form!



The mirrored base can certainly ramp up the ecchi factor of the figure, and I was pleased that after removing and replacing Matsuri on the base several times, there are still no scratches or signs of wear, so it seems pretty durable.


The trim around the base is a nice touch too. My experience is that without her toy, she will stand on her own without the base, but with the toy inserted, I couldn't really get her to do so. However, the base is quite attractive and so I see no real reason to display Matsuri without it. Those who preordered the figure directly from Skytube also received an alternate gold base for doing so (see PICTURE #1319156).

Scale Comparison

With her crouching pose, Matsuri is about 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) in height, and if she was standing, it looks like she'd be about 10.5 inches (26.5 cm) tall without her heels. 1/6 scale would make her about 5'3" (160 cm) tall, and this seems consistent with her appearance.

Matsuri with another one of my favorite sexy figures, "After the Party" Sonico ITEM #198576. Sonico is also listed at 1/6 scale, although she's a little less petite than Matsuri.


Matsuri and Alter's Muse of Range Murata ITEM #186018 are both very beautiful figures. Muse-san looks very angelic and innocent, and Matsuri less so, so they complement each other nicely, don't you think? Muse is also 1/6 scale for comparison.


Shamsiel Shahal ITEM #144626 and Matsuri have similar body types (slim frame + large breasts). Shamsiel is 1/8 scale.


Matsuri, Sonico, and Mars Mukai-san ITEM #79041 having a girls-only party. Sonico is 1/6, Mars-san is 1/7, and you can see how Matsuri compares.


Matsuri with Yamato's Alma and Brenda (ITEM #4400 and ITEM #1717), both of whom are very large 1/6 scale figures.


Matsuri with Brenda's collar and lead swapped in.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------10/10

Arguments for: Many. Matsuri is quite beautiful, the black and gold color scheme of the dress makes her look quite elegant even when the ecchi factor is ramped up, the mirror base is attractive and complements the figure well, and there are a large number of different ways to display the figure; you can pretty much choose exactly how ecchi you want her to be.

Arguments against: Skytube could have done a better job hiding a couple of the attachment points, her legs can be sort of difficult to remove, and the super-sized sexy toy might not be everyone's cup of tea.

There are plenty of beautiful figures out there, and there is no shortage of really ecchi figures to be sure, and for a while, the intersection of those two sets seemed to be exclusively the domain of Native ENCYCLOPEDIA #7676 . However, with some of their recent offerings, Skytube is making a strong push in that niche, and if you're in the market for a lovely but naughty figure, I really can't recommend Matsuri enough.

I almost didn't buy her, as I don't have too many 18+ figures in my collection, and Matsuri out-ecchis the ones I do have by a country mile, but I'm really glad I caved and got her; she's an amazing figure.

Availability (as of this writing)

Not too hard too find.

Matsuri is reasonably easy to find secondhand, but she also seems to sell very quickly, so you'll probably have to be quick on the draw. Not long after she was released, Matsuri could be found for close to original retail (15000-16000 yen), but her price is trending upward; one appeared and disappeared just this morning on AmiAmi for 22000 yen. If you opt for the white variant due to release in May 2016 ITEM #375324 MSRP is 14800 yen. If you need the limited red variant ITEM #320474 in your collection, then you'd better start saving your pennies, as that variant seems to routinely fetch upwards of 30000 yen.


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HappyakrzHace 9 meses#71154138I’ve really loved the look of this figure from the beginning of my collecting, and though I’m not super interested in getting into the heavily ecchi figures, the fact that she can be displayed in varying levels of ecchi is very cool!
Your review has helped to make up my mind!

This figure sort of opened up the floodgates in terms of me building an 18+ subcollection, and Matsuri is such a lovely figure.

When Matsuri was released, that was just about the time when Skytube/Alphamax really started showing a huge increase in the overall quality of their products as well.
Hace 9 meses
I’ve really loved the look of this figure from the beginning of my collecting, and though I’m not super interested in getting into the heavily ecchi figures, the fact that she can be displayed in varying levels of ecchi is very cool!

Your review has helped to make up my mind!

Hace 9 meses
Thank you very much for the review. I will surly make her a part of my collection. Best Regards.
hace 4 años
KajumaO2hace 4 años#604695810/10 Review, Keep it up =D

Thanks for the comment :).
hace 4 años
10/10 Review, Keep it up =D
hace 4 años
FinalCataclsymhace 4 años#6044928I don't think I'll ever actually buy an ecchi figure, but Matsuri sure is pleasing to the eye. The mirrored base is awesome, but the way my figures are displayed I'd likely never see it. Excellent review by the way. Even though it was NSFW, you were fairly tasteful and respective to the reader in regards to what was shown and when.

Thanks for the comment!

dark-freefirehace 4 años#6045715nice Review and one of the best Ecchi/Hentai Figures :D
have her too.
i'm thinking about to order the white one too

This is definitely one of the best ecchi figures I've seen. I think I prefer the black dress to the white, even though the white really looks nice; they should have given her white stockings to match the white dress...

RockGodItachihace 4 años#6046115I want this one! Some day...... ;) Awesome review!

I have a feeling this one will continue to appreciate in price, so the sooner the better :).

sailormatlachace 4 años#6046209I had quite a good laugh! Nice review! I thought the figure was only displayable in ecchi version, but it's good to see the ecchiness can be modulated accordingly. The black and gold version is definitely the most glamourous, even if the other two are attractives. It's really nice they managed to keep this figure from being plainly vulgar.
"I don't have too many 18+ figures in my collection" And you dare say that after all the scale comparison shots! ;-)
Fortunately, I thank God to have almost never caved in dark side of the hobby... except once ITEM #148409

I totally agree. I probably wouldn't have bought the figure if she could only be displayed in ecchi mode. She really is quite classy in a pervy sort of way :).

As far as the ecchi figures go, the comparison shots span a big chunk of my ecchi subcollection. Of the approximately 300 figures in my collection, I count only about 10 that I would really consider 18+ in any significant way, so I guess I should have said "a small percentage of my collection are 18+ figures". :)
hace 4 años
I had quite a good laugh! Nice review! I thought the figure was only displayable in ecchi version, but it's good to see the ecchiness can be modulated accordingly. The black and gold version is definitely the most glamourous, even if the other two are attractives. It's really nice they managed to keep this figure from being plainly vulgar.

"I don't have too many 18+ figures in my collection" And you dare say that after all the scale comparison shots! ;-)

Fortunately, I thank God to have almost never caved in dark side of the hobby... except once ITEM #148409
hace 4 años
I want this one! Some day...... ;) Awesome review!
hace 4 años
nice Review and one of the best Ecchi/Hentai Figures :D

have her too.

i'm thinking about to order the white one too
hace 4 años
victorviperhace 4 años#6044841For a while, one of these figures would appear (and promptly sell) almost daily on AmiAmi for close to original retail, but I guess now people are hanging onto the figure. There's always the white dress variant if you want to save a couple thousand yen.

Unfortunately I missed out on those early aftermarket figs, and I don't like the white variant at all~ I will just keep an eye out for her, and I'm going to Japan in 3 months so I can always look for her there :)
hace 4 años
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