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Figma Sabers!Figma Sabers!

TheRedPubTheRedPubhace 6 añosMisc
With so many Figma Sabers out, you're bound to have a favorite one, right?

For me, it's Red Saber (or Saber Extra). Initially, I didn't like her one bit, mostly because of her dress design. But, over time, she grew on me so much, I went for the Volks' DD Red Saber; solidifying her place as my favorite of the Sabers.

Which type of Saber figma do you guys love?

Or...perhaps if Fate/Prototype is finalized, MF will push a Male Saber Figma?
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Which dressed Saber figure is your favorite?

  • 12%F/SN's Original Saber
  • 10%F/SN's Casual Saber
  • 3%F/SN's Saber Alter
  • 5%F/ECCC's Bride Saber
  • 15%F/Z's Armani Saber
  • 21%F/UC's Saber Lily
  • 18%F/E's Red Saber
  • 16%Pffft! Give me MAN Saber please
  • 73 votos


Zero suit version and alter. Dark and stylish ones.
hace 6 años
I love Saber Extra. Her personality is just so much different than the other versions and her dress has a very nice design to it as well. Although, I also like the original Saber too.
hace 6 años
it's so hard to choose; I LOVE ALL THE SABERS.

but if I have to choose, Saber Lily hands down. I own her and the original and alter; frankly I find that the way she was articulated allows me to pose her in ways that wouldn't look weird (which I can never achieve with original and alter seiba LOL) . I would have said Nero, but I really didn't like the way her skirt was made so there 8V

Though once suit saber arrives, it will be...kind of hard. I DIG MY CHARACTERS IN SUITS :C
hace 6 años
Strife212 Original Blue
None of the Saber figmas impress me that much for some reason. The original one is a pain to pose I find. I love Saber Alter but her figma isn't that impressive either.

Probably Extra then! Casual one is nice and simple, so that's pretty nice too.
hace 6 años
I'll take the last choice xD
Though if I had to choose between the others it'll easily be Saber Lily.
hace 6 años
I pick Saber|Nero...

Because a real man loves his ass windows ... LOLOLOLOL

hace 6 años
Saber Lily is #1 for me. If Prototype Saber ever becomes real, he'll be #2. I'd say Saber Extra/Nero would complete the podium.
hace 6 años
Saber in a sleek black men's suit, unf <3
hace 6 años
I have Casual, Lily, and Original and would have to say that Lily is my favorite design. But I prefer Casual as a figure although I didn't care for her at first. Original is kinda meh for me because her dress isn't very feminine and since that look is most common. I'd like Red Saber, but just can't get over the transparent skirt. Suit Saber is a nice change and Bride Saber is interesting, but her design isn't classic at all and I think we'll be laughing at it later(if not already).
Man Saber...poor Shiro
hace 6 años
It's so hard to choose I love them all ;_;
I just finally nabbed Casual Saber for a cheap price after pinning for her FOR MONTHS, so my favorite is between her and Armani Saber (with Original and Extra trailing close behind)
My next goal is to find Saber Extra cheap but she's going for like 10k on Mandarake, I might not be able to get her...

but please, let there be a man Saber I will throw my money at Max Factory they can have all of it I DON'T CARE MAKE IT HAPPEN.
hace 6 años
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