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Detolf (mostly) hidden LED guide.Detolf (mostly) hidden LED guide.

grizzengrizzenhace 3 añosTutorial
Hello everyone, I've never done a write up on anything so bear with me. Going to go into how to add LED puck lights with mostly hidden wire to a Detolf. Went with puck lights as I don't like seeing bare LED elements in led strips and I think puck lights are more clean. Another plus is these puck lights unplug so you can take the shelf out for cleaning.

Items required
-3/16 drill bit
-Led lighting of your choice (Ikea Dioder used here)
-Zip ties

-Helpful cat assistant
-Or person assistant



To start you'll want to get your wood base shelf and drill from the show side down at a slight angle pointed at the rear of the wood. You don't want to go from the bottom up as the particle board likes to chip around the exit hole. Then keep assembling the detolf till you have the metal shelf rails installed.


You should probably try and work the irregularities out of the wires as to make them flat as possible. You'll want to remove the individual wires from the connector (if you want the smallest hole possible). To do this you'll need a sharp object, you'll want to press and pull, once one side breaks loose move to the other wire (be sure to catch the plastic securing wedge)


Next part only install the back glass and right side glass (the picture shows the reverse but I did it the way I explain here), install the wood top and use one of the hex nuts to secure the corner where the two glass halves meet. This will allow you to run the wires for the left side much easier and make it easier to have the wires flat against the shelf rail. Start from the top once you have slack out of the wire running from the led puck to the top corner use plyers to pull the zip tie tight. Just be careful. Install the led puck on the shelf below and take the wire to the corner, try to stack the wires (now that you have two) and zip tie the top wire and our new wire to the pole. Pull slack and tighten the zip tie like previously. Then zip tie at the top corner of the shelves below and one at the exit of the display case pulling slack as necessary.


Okay this is where having someone to help you will come in handy. Though I have done this alone before using a wall as support. But you'll want to remove the top and swap the glass to the opposite side and basically repeat the above for the remaining two shelves. That's pretty much it for the led part of the guide. Just put it together and you should have a (mostly) hidden wire setup.


If on bare floor you should be able to stuff the junction box for the led's under the Detolf.

You should end up with something like this.


Hope you find this helpful and hopefully it's not too difficult to follow.
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Sunnyworld14 (Hace 4 meses) #43156709Thank you for this very detailed guide!
Have you bought all lights in a set or seperately?
Would be happy for feedback. :)

No problem! The lights came in packs of 4, so one kit works good for a single detolf.
Hace 4 meses
Thank you for this very detailed guide!
Have you bought all lights in a set or seperately?

Would be happy for feedback. :)
Hace 4 meses
Amazing in depth guide, finally cleaned out my room and i have some space for some detolfs! thnx
hace 2 años
Well I feel stupid. This is very clean and it looks really simple to accomplish. Where were you when I picked up my first one?! I dread doing this now lol
hace 3 años
I do still prefer led-strips but god damn, how did I never think about that.
I find mine how they are atm soooooooo disgusting.
I was thinking of one day taking everything apart again and redo it all but never found a way to make it look cleaner. This is great except for the fact that ... well strips are .... strips. They go in a line ..... I think you get the point XD
hace 3 años
Wow !! Respect !!! *_*
hace 3 años
Very great setup and a lot easier and cheaper than mine.
I'm going to remember that with the IKEA spots.
I like your figure collection to... We have a similar taste.
hace 3 años
Looks nice; I have a very similar setup. I'll have to post it eventually.
hace 3 años
Anyone knows a guide for using LED strips for something other than Detolf? I know most people have those, but for those with no Ikea around we have to resort to other cases, so in my case mine is picture/1378679...

I've been trying but I can barely find anything about "double glass case" (What do you even call it lol), the idea should still be the same, but if anyone knows anything helpful then please let me know.

I'm a real amateur when it comes to these things, and I don't know if I can just follow tutorials like this or look for something else >_<
I'm thinking of using LED strips because from pictures, that's what I liked, but yeah..
hace 3 años
Very clean looking Detolfs.. I have another way I did this. Your way though is very good as well as you do not see the bunch of wires that I have at the top of my Detolfs. My carts though would chew through the wiring in a heart beat so I had t do my wiring from the top of the Detolfs. What I did was to make a notch in the caps that go both above and below the top plate to run the wire through. Not to big mind you so that dust could not get through.

Here are some pics

View spoilerHide spoiler


As you can see my cat wanted to get into the action on that fist picture. Left side is done while I have to do the other notch to finish the set.




= )

hace 3 años
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