In need of a new display! Overly curious Cat!In need of a new display! Overly curious Cat!Ask MFC

wozprowozprohace 5 años
Hey MFC!

I am currently in a pickle...
In order to keep my figures safe I am in need of a new display for my figures. Not concerned about the condition of them from the dust or anything like that though it can be tedious to clean them all.

Ya see I got a new cat (Roogie), I got her about over a month ago, to accompany my other cat (Nori). I knew Roogie was an active cat, but I didn't know to what extent at first being that Nori is very docile, so I was use to Nori's behavior. Being the tree dweller cat that Roogie is, she has been climbing on everything and testing her self on how high she can go. I have given them a cat bungalow for the two to climb but with my new mountain goat (Roogie) she wants more to climb on.

Ok, getting to the point... she has made her way to my figure display recently knocking off my figures while she is doing it..I'm not mad at her for it. Her old owner had let her have free range of their home to climb, and she is cat it is what some do.

I guess I am in need of a new display for their safety, I'm assuming a glass one? I'm in the process of looking for one to try to fit all my figures and not completely go broke doing so..

Any suggestions members of MFC?

Here she is. (ARE YOU A WIZARD!?!?)
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Have you had any pets get into your collections?

6%yes, lost a few figures in the process
12%yes, I fixed the problem though
12%yes, I am not very concerned about it
36%no, I have a display that will not let them near them
23%no, I don't have pets
11%this is why I don't own a cat..
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ChunChunhace 5 años#3482519The only moment when he really gets curious is when I get the figures out from the shipping box because he thinks that there may be a toy in there for him xD

This is what immediately comes up to mind www.youtube.com...
hace 5 años
Your cat looks so cute!
Anyways, like everyone else I recommend a closed display for your figures.
As for me, I have a dog who is not very curious about my figures.
Sometimes when I let him get on the bed (I have my figures in wall shelves next to my bed) he just stares at them but he never gets close to them.
Once, I put my Kyubei 1/1 figure on his bed (to see what he would do) and he just smelled it and stared at it.
The only moment when he really gets curious is when I get the figures out from the shipping box because he thinks that there may be a toy in there for him xD
hace 5 años
My cat is well behaved and doesn't touch my stuff. I imagine dogs could be worse if hey are the chewing type >.>
hace 5 años
Alchemeister Iced Over
I have a black cat who gets panicky if I don't let him in my room. Door clawing, meowing, ect.
He's never been an issue when it comes to my figures, aside from sticking his nose up to them in curiosity. Also jumps around a lot, which always makes me a bit nervous. Though he's pretty agile and generally good about not knocking stuff around.

Him, plus the constant dusting and lack of organization would be my main reason for getting a Detolf.
hace 5 años
My 5 ferrets get into everything so I made sure my custom display case had glass doors on it to keep them out. Now I just have to figure out how to keep them out of the kitchen cabinets...
hace 5 años
Okay this cat has an amusing face!

But yea. I think everyone nails on when it comes to having a glass case. I remember Japan fig collectors are CRAZY for one of these glass display shelves from Ikea! I think the cats can not open that thing easily and being Ikea it should be inexpensive!

I dislike displaying my figures out in the open due to dust< SO my mom go these plastic candy containers that are only good for super small figures that you get out of Gacha or candy boxes. Otherwise I never own a cat but I love cats too...
hace 5 años
Kirenisa I am a collector!
I have a detolf so they're okay, he gets curious sometimes and tries to rub against the glass and I even saw him try and lean on it but I shoo him away but thats rarely ever most of the time he seems to have disinterest in it. However when I'm unboxing he seems VERY interested in what I'm doing he was going crazy when I was trying to unbox Ultimate madoka 1/8.
hace 5 años
Thanks MFC for giving your support and input! I will most likely end up getting a new glass case for them and in the meantime keep them in their boxes. The comments where fun, I enjoyed reading your stories on the matter as well! I was curious because I knew I wasn't the only one that had a pet of course!
hace 5 años
Seiidaishougunhace 5 años#3481680My cat only gets curious when I'm unboxing fugures, but other than that, he doesn't care about my figures. I even have a few standing on my desk, and even though he jumps on my desk from time to time, he doesn't care about them and never touched them.
Yeah, my other cat Nori doesn't ever go near them or even climbs much for that matter, she loves to watch me unbox figures though and gets in the packages when I am done haha. They are both the polar opposite from each other at times (my two cats), that is why it threw me in a loop with Roogie loving to jump on the cabinet. I let it slide different 3 times, told her each time firmly no and put her down, but she doesn't get it. :P haha
hace 5 años
Revienhace 5 años#3481678Cheapest option: keep your door closed.

Sadly if I shut my door to the room it shuts off the only way to their litter boxes. The apartment is set up that way, hopefully when I am ready for a house I can close off doors to things.
hace 5 años
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