July/August (Birthday) LootJuly/August (Birthday) LootLoot

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Hello everyone :D This post is going to be a combination of what I got in July and August and for my birthday (Aug 16).

First off is what I remember getting in July:

MSP Eren, sadly I didn't get his gear but I still think he looks cool with out it.


July was also the time to buy manga for me I guess, I made three separate trips to the store where I get my manga from that month. The coolest purchase would have to be Loveless 1 & 2 in Japanese. They had more volumes which I plan to pick up if they're still there when I go back.


As for August, since it's my Birthday I always buy myself a little something with the money I get as gifts. This year's purchases aren't as expensive as last years because I'm planning on going to a convention next month and am saving my extra money for that.

First I recived from HobbyLink Japan, my favorite Yowamushi Pedal character: Makishima Yusuke <3 He is the Break Time figure that goes with Jinpachi Toudou. Unfortunately Toudou was sold out when I ordered and I haven't really seen him anywhere else, guess I'll have to go the ebay route to get him.


The second purchase I made is something that came out awhile ago but I still wanted. The Duet CD of Haru and Rin :) I bought this off of amazon, it only came in a bubble mailer, so I'm thankful the case isn't cracked.


Thanks for reading :)
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I'm sorry for your Toudou loss (though can't help but giggle evilly; I snagged him when he momentarily came back up for preorder.) Good luck.
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Kirenisahace 5 años#3381747nice loot and happy birthday ^^

Thanks :D
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Kirenisa I am a collector!
nice loot and happy birthday ^^
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