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Preparation is very important. In my case, preparation consist of the following steps:

1. Verify contents of all parcels received to match auction
2. Verify each individual figure box to make sure contents are there
3. Check the boxes for authenticity stickers
4. Check figures for authenticity
5. Make a mental picture of how I want to display
6. Arrange display furniture, shelves, risers etc.
7. Add figures and voila!

Usually, this process is quite easy if you know what to look for. However, I am doing this for 983 figures :). Definitively is taking some sweet time but time that I am enjoying doing this. I also need to look for scratches and any damage that the items might have and were not listed by the sellers.

These are some of the signs and things I am looking for when checking for legitimacy.

The Toei sticker. This sticker must have watermarks on the back and the lettering has to match the Japanese Kanji. For reference I use images on the internet and compare between all stickers placed on my boxes.

I also check for the markings on the figures and on the stand. Boxes also have to contain 3 clear tapes. Bootlegs rarely come taped and in many cases when they do, the tape is yellowish.

When I got my loot, I used MFC check list to move from Owned to Ordered and as I was getting and examining each parcel and figure, I would move from Ordered to Owned. Very useful tool when you're making sure you got every single one!!

Anyways, here are some pictures of my loot. It does not include pictures I took showing what I look for as there were too many pictures and such. There are only one and half shipments contents shown there (sorry) as showing everything would have been enormous. However, my next blog post will have the aftermath of all this work and the displays put together :)

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Holyyyy that's amazing. Seeing them all together in their boxes is already something.

I can relate to the enjoyment of checking all those figures one by one lol
hace 5 años
Ahah that's so awesome but god you must have some epic patience even having a love for it that seems like a lot to do for each individual one
hace 5 años
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