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To Heart 2 Another Days - Nanako - 1/5 - Nekomimi School MizugiTo Heart 2 Another Days - Nanako - 1/5 - Nekomimi School Mizugi

AshlotteAshlottehace 9 añosReview
Alright time for the second part of the little 1/5th theme I've got going here. Taking a big shift from the lovely Samurai beauty of Kenshin and instead focusing on the oh so lolilicious Nanako this time (Oh yes I did just use the word lolilicious... *cough*)

Those of you lacking an inner pedo bear probably should turn back now...I've known people to get more offended at a fully clothed petite flat chested gal like this then a completely naked busty figure for some reason so thought forewarning would be worth tossing out their. >_>


"Ah Japan you perverts how I love you so...!"

Lets see here now...This Nanako was modeled pretty much verbatim from the above illustration. This specific CG is part of the official set in the Eroge To Heart 2 AD, which is itself a sequel to the original To Heart 2 Eroge/Anime.

I'll sadly admit to not getting to play AD (It's in my list along with about a million other things to get around to... >_>) yet so my knowledge is mostly of her from the original game in Lucy's route (Ruuu~) where she was a rather sweet thing that believed in magic and wanted to reconcile with her friend...Looking at the AD CGs I don't think Nanako changed much it seems as she's still looking like your typical sweet innocent loli.


"Ok raise of hands who just imagined her saying "Onii-chan" in a painfully cute voice?" :p

Even though she's 1/5th her box is a pretty manageable size although her somewhat compact pose helps things. One thing of note is its very sturdily made...The same UPS mishandling that mashed Kenshins box didn't even faze Nanako's surprisingly.

The outside is pretty subdued looking relying mostly on a very large front window to draw your attention with the rest being a green look with a few product shots and an funny little circular window in the back to see what her pillow base is made of. Odd choice but sorta nifty in its own way.

Thankfully being this figure isn't castoff their isn't much plastic to fight with here so you should have her out in a jiff. The rather large pillow behind is a cinch to get out aswell.


"Such an adorable face..."

Interesting thing about the pillow is the headrest part isn't connected to the mainbody like I had thought so it allows abit of customization on how you want to display her I suppose. The material it's made out of is quite soft as is the stuffing...Really excellent quality all around on it and makes for one heckuva unique base.

There is one thing to be extremely careful about and that is her hair and the pillow...The sharp ends can easily dig into the soft material of the pillow and damage it so handle that with extreme care.

Setting her up on the pillows isn't hard at all as her weight makes her easily sink into it giving off a very realistic feeling of body weight that impressed me. I had abit of trouble fine tuning how her head sat on the head portion, but thats just my perfectionism coming out and for the average person you could just plop her on the thing with satisfying results.

The only removable thing on her is the skirt at the bottom which snaps onto her leg. Compared to some of the annoyances I've dealt with lately the skirt was mostly hassle free and its a rather solidly molded piece of plastic I gotta admit.


"Some great sculpt work went into her"

The sculpting on her is extremely nice...I find alot of times Animal Ears aren't always done too well, but I'd say they did a fine job on Nanako. They also decided to cover her ears, aswell as tail, in a nice soft fuzzy material similar to what they made her wrist bands out of I'm assuming.

Her body sculpt and swimsuit are also really superb...Lots of little creases in her outfit and body details like her thighs where the stockings end is all lovely. They made the swimsuit nice and clingy too like a second skin, which highlights the body sculpt nicely. I'm not crazy about the braided ribbons, but the rest of her hair looks quite nice and compliments her face well. The little collar and her skirt top it all off as nice little accessories to compliment the otherwise very simple design she has.

The paint is hit or miss...I love the shading in her hair and the collar, but theres plenty of mess in her swimsuit top especially around the thighs. Oddly enough her stockings are almost completely free of this problem compared to the swimsuit and this has the unfortunate effect of making them look sortof out of place instead of matching well with the swimsuit.

Lastly there was a few areas of smudge on her skin, but I'm confident I can clean those up easy enough I just sadly need to get some rubbing alcohol as I was out at the time of this writing. As for her accessories...Her collar has a nice bright red sheen to it, but her skirt looks abit flat and washed out in comparison.


"She looks like she was burying her face in the pillow out of embarrassment....KAWAIIII!!!

Ofcourse the paint concerns are somewhat moot when you look at that pose...Some might call it disgusting or exploitative, but I'll just call it damned effective. That coquettish kitten pose with her hands with one eye shyly opened slowly extending her legs out with nary, but a skirt as proof that she was once properly clothed...ah yea...Really just gonna stop myself their before I get into the obscene...As you can see that pose will corrupt even the most resolute of minds utterly and completely...be warned.

One final note this little girl is big...Sitting next to Kenshin right now she takes up about twice as much space as her and her body is quite abit larger. I'm more inclinded to believe Kenshin is undersized (Probably closer to 1/6th) though as opposed to Nanako being oversized. Either way be prepared to devote a good chunk of display space to her.

Final Score

Sculpting - 8 - Nicely done all around, but the ribbons really bug me.
Painting - 7 - Some well done areas don't quite make up for the large amount of mess on her top.
Posing - 10 - Nyaaa~~~ Onii-chan.......Do I need to say more? :p
Base - 10 - I've really taken a liking to this pillow thing...Enough to make me now consider the similar Tama-nee figure seriously.
Packaging - 8 - Nice big window and sturdy construction, but still abit on the plain side.
Enjoyment - 9 - *staring at Nanako* Eh what? Enjoyment...Ah yea 9 easily...While her design is on the simple side she's quite nice to look at. ^_^

Eh what to say...Some shoddy paint aside this is one fearsome loli figure preying on most any fans fetishes in a gloriously unabashed way. I'd say if you like any of the things this little girl represents don't hesitate to take the plunge as I can guarantee you won't be able to take your eyes off her.

For a pair of reviews on her more traditionally colored version feel free to check out either of these links.



Aswell as a short one of this white version over at Shin-Otaku

Personally I prefer this white one as she gives off such a lovely sense of purity that really ups her destructive potential about 10 fold. Whether thats a good or bad thing for you I'll let you decide... >_>

Look forward to the conclusion of this theme of reviews sometime this coming week once I overcome a few technical difficulties. >_>

On the pictures

Well I tried employing cloth as a background this time since it's been talked about in the photo club recently and I wanted to give it a go myself. As expected though the creases really annoy me...Their kinda appropriate for this particular shoot because of her pillow, but even still don't much care for em...Probably first and last time I use it. >_>

Ah beyond that...geez laying down pose figures real pain to shot eh? Was annoyed at first trying to find a good angle, but once I got into it I started doing alot of positions and changing the pillow and...yea...like I said very scary figure. She will literally suck you in without you even noticing it. ^_^;;

The themes this time were supposed to be the Warmth, Purity, and Innocence.
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Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
That sharp tipped hair might hurt abit if you tried to sleep with her. :P

She is pretty damn big though, especially if you compare her to like a nendo.

Glad the review helped though! Was abit surprised about the re-issue...Something new TH2 related gonna come out that I missed?
hace 8 años
I just ordered the September re-release thanks to this wonderful review. I just started collecting scaled figure so I'm a bit worried that she'll be a bit out of place because of her large size, since most of my collections are Nendoroids.

Perhaps she can sleep on my bed with me? xD
hace 9 años
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
@kuma Really? Hmmm I didn't think anyone would have liked that shot because I hid her face and its a rather blantly fanservicey shot...Shows how much I know. >_<

@Aka Yea she is very big and eats up almost an entire shelf in a Detolf by herself. Aslong as you keep the lighting on her low though she actually isn't too horribly loli if you just gave her a passing glance, but I can understand where your concerns are coming from.
hace 9 años
Aka Holo♥
I really like this figure but I haven't managed to convince myself to purchase. If she were 1/8th I think it would be easier, but 1/5th makes her quite large and stand out, and given her apparent age I just don't want to answer the types of questions that would arise when people see it.

I definitely prefer the white swimsuit over the blue one though. It seems far more fitting and much more cute.

hace 9 años
Wonderful review as usual! Really love the last picture.
hace 9 años