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[size=medium]01 - Satellizer, My First Dakimakura

An official dakimakura from Chara-hi, no nude bits. Been a fan of Freezing since I started reading the manga from one of my favourite authors, Im Dal Young. Loved Satellizer and her glasses, so was immediately drawn to this dakimakura.

So far Satellizer is the only dakimakura I have stuffed. Eventually plan to buy some more pillows, but plan on continuing my collection as well.




[size=medium]02 - Shizuku

A bootleg from Hobby Heart. The qualify of the fabric is great, as they give you a choice of material and I chose the highest quality. The negative, and it's obviously a big negative, is the image is a bit blurry. Shizuku looks the best of my 3 bootlegs, and they all look decent enough.




[size=medium]03 - Himari

A bootleg from Hobby Heart. Out of the 3, I think Himari is the worst in terms of image quality. Material is great, but I think she's the most blurry. Himari is a great character, so I was a little disappointed in her quality.




[size=medium]04 - Charlotte

A bootleg from Hobby Heart. I absolutely love this dakimakura and was disappointed I couldn't find a legit product. Even though I have the bootleg I would really consider getting the legit copy if I came across it for a reasonable price. I think Charlotte's character design is amazing and the image used on the dakimakura is perfect.




[size=medium]05 - Saeko, My Favourite

Ordered Saeko from dakemakura and I absolutely love her. Saeko is my favourite character and this dakimakura is just amazing. Her sexy apron is captured beautifully and I really like the art from dakemakura. Everything about this dakimakura from the material to the images used is pure quality. I plan to order a lot from dakemakura.






[size=medium]06 - Soniko

To my surprise, this isn't a real dakimakura. It's basically just a cloth the size of a dakimakura. She was included in the premium art box for the new Soniko visual novel and from the size I had wrongly assumed she was a dakimakura. Even though she's not a dakimakura, this Soniko is still high quality. Such a cute image was used and lets be honest, what's not to like about Soniko? Her bosom is just amazing. :)




[size=medium]07 - Haruko

I bought the first volume of Maken-Ki! BD so I would be able to get this dakimakura. Haruko is awesome, but I still wish they did a dakimakura for Aki instead. I love the Maken-Ki! manga and even though the anime wasn't as good, I'm still a fan of the series. For a free dakimakura, the quality is superb. :)




If you would like to view more photos, including close ups, you can view them on my Flickr account, alamarco.
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Should I buy a Dakimakura by Hobby Heart, which advise me?? Peach Skin, Japanese Textile, Natural Velvet or 2 Way Tricot??
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That sonico one is actually listed as "towel" in the box. I put it on my wall to hang on.
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The sad thing is, I think I have fallen into the trap already. :(

My Dakemakura folder has 7 in it already and the Saeko you linked seems to be taking precedence over those since I love Saeko so much. The good thing is that there is at least 2 of the 7 I want right away, so after Saeko, probably sometime in February or March I should be ordering those 2. :)
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alamarcoI think I know what gave you your nosebleed. :P

lol, the daki I have is the incredibly tame Ika Musume one. This happened when I was still at my folk's place; they heat almost exclusively with a wood-burning fireplace, so the air is always dry as a bone, leading to more nosebleeds than I'd like. =_=
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Shashin Dakimakura Cover Collector
Oh wow, I miss a thread like this all because I don't browse MFC for awhile. Not going to go in a lot of detail here, because I already commented on your very nice collection over on Fakku, but I'll just toss my thoughts on the whole bootleg/legit thing.

I can see both sides of the argument, but I personally prefer to buy legit, and that's that. If someone else wants to buy bootlegs, I'm perfectly cool with that, even if I think they're missing out (and it's a shame that it isn't supporting the circle - but neither are pricy YJA purchases.) As an avid dakimakura collector, I kid you not when I say I would have save thousands of dollars had I bought bootlegs of every case I have. Do I regret my decision not to do so? Absolutely not.

It may be better to say that I wish I had never got into the hobby, as my finances would be in a much better shape, I don't regret the decision I made to buy only legit covers. I'll admit that it doesn't make much sense, but even if the quality were on par with official covers (it can vary wildly) I still wouldn't buy bootlegs. I have a few friends who buy bootlegs (along with official covers) and they say the quality of several producers is pretty high. But it just isn't for me.

And on a final note... I'm glad that you haven't fallen into the Dakemakura trap that BluRay and I have fallen into, alamarco. I've been meaning to order from them for over a year and BluRay for a few months... but the fact that their entire selection is available indefinitely has lead both of us to prioritize. At one point I had a list of about 30-40 different covers I wanted to order (this was before they broke the 500 mark, so it has been awhile), and yet I still haven't put in an order with them... It's such a shame, because I'd love to support them, but I just can't rationalize buying their covers that I can buy a year from now when the preorder for X is closing next week. >_>
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That Charlotte you linked has 4 days left, so I'll definitely keep an eye on it and hope it stays near the starting price. If it starts getting near the end buy it now price, at that point it's a little too much.

Thanks for the link. :)
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Keroro Gunsou de Arimasu!!
@alamarco: about your Charlotte daki I just checked mandarake and it was actually sold 4 times there
also here's one on yahoo japan: page.auctions.y... and there are even more on yahoo japan but for higher prices
As you can see it's not so hard to track down ^^''
But it's cool to see that you order from dakemakura. I always wanted to buy some dakis there but ended up buying something different ^^''

RitsuI could also understand buying bootlegs for actually sleeping with. I'm so nervous about ruining my real ones or getting them dirty.

I'm quite a clean person so I'm not really afraid about that. I'm more afraid about when my girlfriend comes over, I already had her eyeliner on my daki one time >_< at least I could wash it off
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OrannisI'll need to check them out once I have an internet connection at my place. Moved in a couple weeks ago and my internet guys have kinda dropped the ball. =_= Can't look at a site like that in public. :P

Defiantly not a site to view in a public place. Though I am a little surprised none of their stuff has shown up here.
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I think I know what gave you your nosebleed. :P

That's a shame about your internet. I don't know if I could last long with internet issues. It's a good site with cute images. :)
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Will I buy bootleg again? Probably not. Why? I fell in love with dakemakura dakimakura's. These will always be available and the selection is huge. Most, if not all, my future dakimakura's will come from them.

I'll need to check them out once I have an internet connection at my place. Moved in a couple weeks ago and my internet guys have kinda dropped the ball. =_= Can't look at a site like that in public. :P
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