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November LootNovember Loot

zeixblezeixblehace 4 añosLoot
It's that wonderful time of the month where goodies start arriving but.... it's not so wonderful when stuff gets delayed ( T__T) However, loot is loot and this month I got 3 adorable nendoroids!

Aside from my video upload, I also included photos for those who prefer looking at pretty things that way (*´・v・)

So for this month, I ordered from AmiAmi (as per usual) and GSC's Online Shop (for the first time). Both were sent via EMS and both were sent off at the same time.

First up, GSC goodies! I got 2 nendoroids from GSC because I wanted the exclusive parts. I wasn't too keen on paying their flat rate 2000 YEN EMS shipping but with 2 nendos together, I wasn't fussed.


Nico nico nii~ I'm actually not a Nico fan but I've decided on collecting the nendos of the girls so... here she is! (;☉_☉)


She comes with the checkered/striped special bases if you ordered her from Good Smile Company's online shop! I'm so excited to have all the girls displayed together (≧▽≦)


So with Nico, I got the Ren-chon nendoroid!! I have been so excited about getting her and she's finally here (●♡∀♡) What a cutie!


Since I ordered her from GSC, I got the exclusive hair buns! Aaaaaa I was so set on displaying her with the hair buns but she looks adorable as well with her twin tails... I'm torn ;w;

Now with AmiAmi, I only got 1 item due to 3(?) figures getting delayed to December.... I'm really scared about December right now ahahaha (;☉_☉) But anyway!


I got Sakura!!! Gosh childhood feels right here...\(T∇T)/ Regarding her flying pose... I had no trouble at all! I was worried about setting her up after reading comments on her MFC page especially since she's fairly similar (I assumed) to the Godoka nendoroid which annoyed me.

If you have any questions about setting her up, feel free to ask me! I'm thinking about doing a video as well to help out those who are still confused about her :)



That is it for this month and thank you all for stopping by! (*^▽^*)ノ
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roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2529577That's awesome, thanks for the link ;w;)b

No worries ^3^b
hace 4 años
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2529425Oh so you copy the color you want on photoshop per example and you paste here?
Ok got it, thank you very much for the help :3

Yeap you pretty much just need the code (ex: #111111) :D

Here's a list with a colour generator at the top bar: www.color-hex.c...
hace 4 años
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2529352That would be awesome :D
Oh no i'm talking about the font of the sentences you write in your blogs, sometimes you color them, for example BLOG #17994 :)

Ohhhh gotcha XD I use hex codes which I either look for in Paint.net or Photoshop (or any program that can really) and just find whichever one looks pretty hahaha

This is the code for the purple one - color=#CE66FF

Hello MFC and welcome to my October loot blog post! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
hace 4 años
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2522370I'm looking forward seeing all the girls on their bases!
I'm kind of sad i've lost the light that brings me happiness when i watched love live ;A;
I mean i'm not font of merchandise but i am enjoying their music and animation :D
btw i wanted to ask can you tell me the name of the color you put when you make reviews?
The only name i know it works when i make reviews or group orders are pink, lightblue,purple...

I'll be sure to take a photo or even have a feature video for all of them because why not ahaha x3
You're lucky! Save all those monies for figures instead ahaha XD

Hmm? Do you mean the colour of the font for the thumbnail? o.o I'm not quite sure of what you mean XD
hace 4 años
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2512491I'm sure it will happen soon enough lol
I bet you would fell for it because yeah it's love live xD

Hahahaha the exclusive bases would look so amazing together ;w;

.....and yeah Love Live ahahah
hace 4 años
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2505211Nothing was good enough to make me get it from gsc yet lol

Hahaha one day! >:D But yeah I totally understand... If I wasn't really really REALLY hooked to Love Live or Ren-chon, I doubt I would've bought from GSC
hace 4 años
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2503577Got a good connection lol
I understand why somehow you want to get from gsc because of exclusive items c=

I was very willing to pay a bit extra for them and I'm usually very iffy with GSC's exclusives XD
hace 4 años
ratavachar (hace 4 años) #2502005Cute loot.
Thank you :3
Tomoe (hace 4 años) #2502446your photos are awesome! your display is also incredible 'v'
Thanks! I had some more photos taken but the sun just wasn't having it that day ahaha ;w;
roronoa_zoro69 (hace 4 años) #2502459What an amazing timing,i have Wi-Fi access and i saw you made a loot video =D
Nice loot,I'm not that fond of nendo anymore but fewof them are must have lol
I've seen many complaints about gsc packaging i don't buy from them cause of taxes I'll get if i do,will be mad if something breaks...
I like nicos bonus btw =3

And it's a short video as well ahaha ;w; Aww but they're so adorable XD
Same so I was worried about mine but I really wanted the bonus items ahaha ><
It'll look amazing with all the girls together ^3^
hace 4 años
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
your photos are awesome! your display is also incredible 'v'
hace 4 años
Cute loot.
hace 4 años
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