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Ok, entry #1, let's make it good.

Anyone who knows anything about Smash or Nintendo knows that they've been trying to push their Amiibos this year, which are NFC figures similar to the Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures that you touch to the GamePad and they appear in your game. Awesome, great idea, 10/10, you go Nintendo. I originally planned on buying as many of these as I could, and at one point said I'm going for all of them. Luckily I may have just saved my wallet from certain doom.

Kotaku recently published an article showcasing the first wave of Smash Bros. Amiibos so all pictures are courtesy of Kotaku.

Some of them look good, while other just look... to say the least, hideous. Take Mario for exmaple; the texture on his overalls are nice, the translucent fireball is a nice touch, and overall he just looks good!

Donkey Kong looks great too, nice fur, nice tie, the skin color bothers me just a little, but still nice.

Now, uh, Villager on the other hand, holy hell, what happened to you!? Your eyes were scary before, but Jesus, this is terrifying. And what's with that shackle on your foot, buddy?

I need an adult. Marth, you need some major help. I, I'm literally just speechless at how bad he looks compared to what they advertised at E3 this year.

I'm just extremely disappointed in Nintendo for not putting in as much effort as they could. Yeah, it's a lot of work, but they shouldn't half-ass something and hope no one will notice. I don't want to clutter this entry with any more pictures than I already have. I don't know how they make these, but if they don't use 3D printing, they should. I didn't even mention the weird stands that half of them half. I would've been fine with the clear sticks up their butt like in the prototypes. If you want to find the E3 models a Google search can easily help. The Amiibo pages on this site also have them too.

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DespairPollution ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
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Wow I was looking at Mario and thinking, "these look pretty decent for being so cheap" and theeeennn.... O _o

Guess they didn't really try on some of them.
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Oh man if marth turned out this bad only praying for the other fe characters helps. Please don't ruin Ike
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Great they fucked up one of my mains. Thanks Nintendo.
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Oh the quality... it hurts. I'm lowering my standards to bootleg tier for buying these amiibos.
I'd gladly pay significantly more if the quality was like the early prototypes.
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Cantisamahace 5 años#2449254 Wait, there are no bootlegs of these...

They rounded up the bootlegs before the officials came out and realized they looked identical.

Then they decided to just sell both.
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Shit, I was so excited for Marth. lol
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I've preordered the mario one and to be honest I think he will be the last for now. My reasons are...
1. The QC on these aren't the greatest. although the one I preordered (mario) looks great
2. I probably wouldn't even use the amiibo functionality that much
3. I will most likely keep it on a shelf
4. THEY ARE F***ING EXPENSIVE! like I preordered Mario Amiibo for £10.99!

Well hopefully they drop in price and the Marth amiibo gets a recall and gets an upgrade!
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Tenma The Idolm@ster
Okay Nintendo i can understand that with mass production some figures are better then other but what were you thinking with Marth's QC.....

Im glad the ones i would like to buy are decent.
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Truly a missed opportunity. I had the pleasure of seeing these in person at E3 and they were great. Was hoping I could blindly order these on Amazon instead of going to the store and picking out the best of the bunch, but well. The plus is saving money, the minus is I was really looking forward to a couple of these (especially Marth...).
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