Grrrr, I got a defective Venera samaGrrrr, I got a defective Venera samaMisc

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gunplamangunplamanhace 5 años
I just received Revolve's Zvezda - venera sama.

I open it up, her default packaging look is hoshimiya kate head.
And She looked really really good.

I was kinda worried about the quality of the figure because this is the very first figure produced by this new company.
But I was really glad I got her at this point.

then I was changing the head to venera, but something wasn't looking right.

upon close inspection, I realized her teeth are not painted.



I wonder if they will send me a new face if I ask.

Here are some pictures of her. She is otherwise really nice.




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Cyrilhace 5 años#2433657If it really bothers you, that's not too bad to paint yourself to fix with a tiny paintbrush. If you're worried about accuracy, just surround the area outside with plastic (eg, Saran) wrap.

Yeah I'd write in and complain, but you're also lucky in that this is easy to fix. Use masking tape to cover the face, and buy a white paint pen.
hace 5 años
brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
I feel horrible but I literally laugh out loud!!!!! :)))
Hope they send you a replacement face.. or try contacting the shop you got it from.. :)
hace 5 años
Send them an email, they are a new company so I'm sure they would want to know that there was a error, maybe yours wasn't the only one and if no one says anything they company won't ever know they have something to fix.
hace 5 años
I wouldn't call this "defective"; nothing is broken or misshapen. Just a minor coloring issue that escaped quality control. Maybe they will send a replacement face, but this easily self-correctable and will save the hassle.
hace 5 años
Send it back in. That way we can see what kind of customer support Revolve offers.
hace 5 años
Send it in for a replacement. Where did you get her from? Oah, great figure BTW I thought the anime was really cute~
hace 5 años
MC707 Rage your dream
It shouldn't be difficult to paint at all, it's a really small area and you can't go wrong with white. I'd say she looks like a baby, not a gummy olde lady haha.
hace 5 años
Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
theyasminshowhace 5 años#2433660Aww, that sucks. The unpainted teeth make her look like a gummy old lady.
This. It made me laugh a little. That sucks, though. I would at least try to ask for a replacement or something. :<
hace 5 años
What a bummer. I would just paint it myself. Its pretty easy and a small area.
hace 5 años
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Aww, that sucks. The unpainted teeth make her look like a gummy old lady.
hace 5 años