Quarterly Loot (August, September, October)Quarterly Loot (August, September, October)Loot

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[Just a small warning: a loooooooooooooooooooot of pictures]

Hi guys! :D

Since I don't order a lot per month, my loot blogs will be quarterly I guess.

Starting with August, here's what I got:



Kagami Taiga 1/8 Megahouse figure! Since there's already a review of him on MFC, I don't think I'll go into the details. However, there's a small thing that's bugging me about his figure:


Are these kinds of mark normal on figures or do I have too high expectations from a MH line? I'm still relatively new to collecting since all I do is browse figures be all like "Awhnn, I hope I'll have the money one day to buy ____" (-cough, cough- Benten)

Anyway, Kagami doesn't look as bad as what the prototype has been showing.


I personally do think that his face is a bit narrow. Yes, I know his mouth is open and that makes his face longer, but it looks kinda strange if you compare it to Kise's face. Also, I think his eyes are just a tiny bit too closer if you look at the front. Since he's not meant to be seen from the front, he looks perfectly fine from another angle.


Next comment is about the sculpt just above his booty:



Is it me or this part has been a bit neglected? I know his butt is kind of contracted due to him being in the air and mustering all the strength into his arm to dunk so there are less folds, but it looks kinda bad if you compare it to Kuroko's booty, haha. (I'm sorry for complaining so much ;w; or just expecting too much. ;w;) (I still love Kagami, don't worry.)

Also, my last comment about him, the material used to make his figure doesn't seem as smooth as Kuroko's. Same with Kise's figure which will be reviewed after this blog.

Next was Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2 Accessory kit 3DS/3DS LL!


I recently (Well, three months ago) bought a second-hand 3DS in a perfect condition and I wanted to pimp it! I saw the kit for 1000 yen in the sales section of Amiami and got it since I love Miku a lot, hehe.

This is what was included in the box:


One thing that was bugging me was the soft clear cover that doesn't stay in place so it slides when you push it out. Nevertheless, it's a steal for this price as it includes a set of vinyl sticker and a pair of soft cover for 3DS and 3DS LL, plus the pouch and the nendoroid strap.



September Loot!
My friends and I did a group order and we ordered the Chara-Pos Collection of Haikyu-!!. It was priced for about 4200 yen on Amiami, but there was a box for 3100 yen since it had box damage. We usually don't care about that for posters so we got it anyway.


This is where the damage is. A bit more dented than we thought, but it's still fine as long as the poster wasn't all damaged too.







The damaged poster box. Box slightly dented/squished. We opened to check if the posters were all right and they were perfectly fine.



The posters are really really really nice. Hehehe Suga-san. My second favourite character! First being Tsukishima. It's weird how I like the extreme opposites, lol. The gentlest guy and the trashiest guy.

Hm... I have a hard time wording this out, but:





Only Iwaizumi and Oikawa's line art seem to be kind of amateur-ish. It's as if they didn't bother to re-do their initial line arts to finalize it like the other posters. If you took a look at Suga's poster, the line art is clean and isn't jagged like a draft. It doesn't bother me that much since my friend took Oikawa and Iwaizumi, but I find the line art thing strange... ;O
Still, the posters are awesome because Tsukishima. (huehue)

Finally! My October loot!


First package is from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I love their customer service, they are really patient and nice and always include freebies in every of your packages.


Since this was the second order from them, they included the second omake which was a pack of tissues. In every of your order, I believe they put a clearfile. This time, I got their second clear file which was the one I loved the most out of the ones they offered. The details are just overwhelming and the colors are just beautiful.


With their free shipping promotion, I got a small Alpacasso x Attack on Titan strap and a trial Deleter pen set. I've always wanted to try the G-pen and the Maru pen. Though, I still haven't tested it because of college. :c






Alpacasso strap attached to my school bag with Totoro! My Japanese teacher went to Japan for two weeks and bought the students (we're only 3) souvenirs.

And finally, the last package that I got this Friday:



I'll just put a picture for now since I intend to make a review blog of him in a few hours.


I spent a total of about $220CAD. Man, I have to watch my expenses since my mom went crazy about the fact that I paid 82 bucks for Kise and 85 for Kagami. I kind of regret buying them during the preorder because they are so much cheaper after release. ESPECIALLY KAGAMI. On Rakuten, he's like 35 bucks USD. //cries. I'm probably gonna cancel my order of Aomine and Murasakibara and wait for the aftermarket. Too bad that I already paid for Aomine on Crunchyroll. //rolls on floor and cries
Kuroko was totally worth the 80 bucks, but the otherrrrrrs, ugh, not so much, but hey, at least Kise is a gorgeous figure! I don't know if you guys have this kind of feelings, but yeah, I do feel bad and a bit of regret when I pre-order something and the value drops by a lot in the aftermarket. I guess this is all part of the collecting experience. I find it kind of unpredictable. There's also this kind of security you feel after placing the pre-order, haha.

//sigh, anyway, I hope you enjoyed the blog. Kise review coming in a few hours! :) Please look forward to it.
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nagi2525nagisahace 5 años#2398403Thanks for reading my blog!
And you're welcome. :)

this article was really interresting i hope you will make other loot article
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shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
kiririiinhace 5 años#2398352thank for the pos x pos picture i was looking for picture since a long time

Thanks for reading my blog!
And you're welcome. :)
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thank for the pos x pos picture i was looking for picture since a long time
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shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
layla-weston90hace 5 años#2398132OMG! Your 3DS looks soooo cute! >/////<
I should nab myself one of those, can I ask where you managed to swipe yours from? ^^

Thank you! :3 I wish I could've gotten the aqua blue or the white one since black looks a bit strange with the skin, but since it's secondheld, didn't have much of a choice.

I got the accessory kit from Amiami when it was in the sales section for 1000 yen. It's gone back to the original price, though. ><

All the stuff you see on my 3DS is from the kit. It includes two cover designs for the skin for both types of the 3DS. It was confusing for me at first, but you really get a set (2 designs of vinyl skin, a pair of clear soft cover) for the 3DS and another set for the 3DS LL, PLUS the metal clasp pouch and the Nendoroid Petit pouch strap. If you own a 3DS and a 3DS LL, it's perfect. :) If not, you can always sell the set of one of those two.
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OMG! Your 3DS looks soooo cute! >/////<
I should nab myself one of those, can I ask where you managed to swipe yours from? ^^
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