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MoroMorohace 5 años
Hello everyone! My throat hurts something fierce and my sinuses are clogged, and I still have to be at work despite this, so I'm going to attempt to distract myself with a little discussion. *Sorry if you saw this post and then it disappeared, the site was doing something weird and telling me it hadn't been posted but it seems to be fine now.*

What are some figures (goods are fine too) that you originally decided not to buy or just didn't think of buying, but then later changed your mind on and decided to buy after all? Conversely, was there anything that to start with, you were certain you'd buy, but then changed your mind and decided not to? (I'm not talking about cases where someone preorders something and THEN changes their mind, so let's not bring that situation up, please.)

Anything could've made you change your mind, not just obvious things like price. Tell me your reasons, inquiring Moros want to know!

My most recent change of mind was this box of trading figures ENCYCLOPEDIA #72201. I saw the uncolored prototypes several months ago, and decided I'd pass on them. They didn't look very interesting and I really wanted to wait for non-chibi Mekaku City Actors figures (though I think the chances of this are a bit low.) But then they went up for preorder and I looked at the colored pictures and they were so cute, and after thinking about it for a day or so, changed my mind and ordered a box.

Another time that happened to me was with ITEM #945, though it happened way after release instead of at the preorder stage. The figure had simply escaped my notice prior to that point, probably because of its age, but I saw some pictures of it and thought, wow, I must have her! She's now one of my favorite figures so it was clearly a good choice, and in fact the review I posted of her seems to have inspired several other people to seek her out for themselves!

On the other hand, a recent example was this figure ITEM #185951. I originally planned on preordering him, and I think the pictures of the final product look very nice, but in the end I decided that I just didn't want him badly enough to spend the preorder price and make the room in my display.

One more related thing. Has there ever been an item where you got forever stuck in limbo about whether to get it or not? You started out one way or another but kept changing your mind over and over again, unable to definitively settle on yes or no for very long. If this happened, what decision did you ultimately arrive at? For my part, anything that causes me that much debate, I assume that I don't want it that badly after all (since usually if I want something a lot, it'll be immediately apparent to me), so I don't buy it unless I happen to find it at a price so low that I say "I might as well", which doesn't happen very much. But what about any of you? Did you ultimately go for it, or not?
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Thank you all for your comments :>

mezitcheeseithace 5 años#2377164
I definitely think you should pick up PH when you can, he looks like he turned out pretty great, and you can get a nurse to go with him later! My girlfriend bought him right away and I'm still considering one for myself, lol.

Aokidanzahace 5 años#2377290
It seems like a LOT of people had that happen with Aoba. I've never been able to get past his stupid moon-shoes |D

Leosachhace 5 años#2377403
The thing with the lists, I sort of do that too, in that I have a priority orders and a secondary orders list and anything on the priority orders list is stuff that barring some strange new development I'm going to get no matter what. And anything secondary is something I'm sure I want but that will get dropped in favor of anything higher up. (Top priority list is usually mostly Eva stuff huehue) Occasionally something will be on the secondary list but suddenly jump, which is what happened with Alter's Asuka ITEM #186848 where I was like "maybe" in grey prototype stage but immediately "I NEED LIKE AIR" when I saw her colored.

hikaridranzhace 5 años#2377417
I've usually passed on whole boxes of trading figures but after the annoyances I've had hunting down individual ones later I've decided I'm not going to pass on them anymore. If there's a trading figure I want I'm just going to suck it up and buy the whole box because I can make most of the money back selling the ones I don't want ANYWAY. That's part of what pushed me to buy the whole Mekaku City Actors set even though I probably won't keep every character.

Pannyhace 5 años#2377565
That Batgirl figure is gorgeous though! I've bought stuff that I was pretty sure wouldn't fit but then later it found a niche somehow so I wouldn't worry too much about that. You can try organizing your collection in new and different ways to see what makes things work!
I'm seeing LOTS of people have huge internal conflicts over the Digimon figures. Lots of people who really feel like they need the whole set despite only loving one or two characters. I see similar issues with the Sailor Moon figures.

Shirokagehace 5 años#2377701
Man Play Arts ain't cheap either and there are LOTS of them so I can easily see how it'd be hard battling for completionism.

Emboar500hace 5 años#2378124
Yeah trying to make up your mind when there's limited time is always dicey, because you're wondering "am I going to regret hesitating?"
hace 5 años
Currently, I'm still not sure if I'm going to purchase one of them:
ITEM #225343
ITEM #248117
ITEM #198399
especially the third one since I missed the pre-order period of the item, but I'll try my best to find one in the release date if ever my decision to grab one is 100% sure. I need to limit spending my money for things that I really need IRL. And I remember that I actually have a pre-order of this item ITEM #180481 but I cancel it after reading several complaints about its accessories is very hard to deal with.
hace 5 años
I think my biggest case of No to Yes was with Muramasa ITEM #78614 She seemed kinda boring to me at first but I couldn't get her out of my mind so I managed to grab her at the last moment. Glad I did that coz she's in fact a very beautiful figure.

The resent case coming to mind is a Color colle Rozen Maiden strap set, I saw POs, I decided I didn't need straps, I forgot about it and only saw it again when it was released. I went to see reviews, just out of curiosity, and they were so damn cute I bought it. Adorable little things they are ITEM #202961 ITEM #202959, and I don't even like Rozen Maiden :)
hace 5 años
My most recent case of changing my mind would be getting the Vincent and Yuffie PAKs (ITEM #137274 and ITEM #137275 respectively).

I already have a PA version of AC Vincent and I thought I'd only buy Rufus from the PAK line. Then I caught news of SE releasing PAK versions for the other FFVII characters as well. Knowing my own OCD tendencies that I would probably want them all, I snagged both Vincent and Yuffie while they were both in the bargain bin. If I had waited till the other figures came out and decided that I wanted them after all, the only stock left might be from the more expensive options, which I don't think would really be worth it.

And for flip-flopping: the Hope and LR Lightning PAKs (ITEM #16729 and ITEM #145939). These two I kinda like, but with budget and space constraints, I keep vacillating between 'Buy it!' and 'Hmm... maybe not...' (And this is absolutely not helped by other new OOH-SHINY!-s jumping the budget and space queues. |||OTL) This is especially the case with LR Lightning, again because the 'collect them all' mentality, since I already have the other two Lightnings.

I had also flip-flopped with my DMC4 Dante figure (ITEM #18345), because I didn't really pay attention when he was released and I didn't want him all that much then. But along came the DMC3 figures, which after getting them tripped the WANT! trigger on this Dante as well. The main reason for indecision in this case however, was the price. By the time I decided that I actually wanted this, the price had inflated to a point which I thought was disproportionate and rather unrealistic, hence the flip-flopping. But then one day I searched for it on eBay just because I was bored and browsing around, I came across an auction of someone selling off their old stuff, and there it was UNOPENED (apparently it had be a gift to the seller that they hadn't yet gotten around to getting rid of), and going for a not-so-crazily-inflated price. So of course I went and bid on it, and luckily won. The transaction went smoothly, and the figure was as described. So that was the end to that case of deliberation.
hace 5 años
Items I decided against and then ended up ordering anyway: ITEM #78592, ITEM #178178, ITEM #163749

With Kotetsu, I wasn't happy that his skin tone was so much lighter than the show so I originally just got Barnaby, but then he bargain binned and welp. I'm really happy that I got him in the end because the magnets mean that he and Barnaby hold hands and it's too cute for me.

With Rei, I was initially really unimpressed with the plushies like a lot of people and at that point I really didn't tend to order stuff for myself all that often anyway. Then Eternal Summer started and suddenly all I wanted was that stupid Rei plush and I had to track him down in the aftermarket.

With Aoba I wasn't gonna get him because idk, much as I liked DMMD and cried over it and everything back when I played it, Aoba really didn't carry the kind of imperative that the other figures I was ordering at the time did (Clear's my fave anyway haha). Then Noiz's episode of the anime happened and the scrap was so well done and Noiz is getting a nendo too and whoops my hand slipped. Good thing too or with all these delays my September order sure would have been a lot of keychains and clear files with no major figures. Hopefully I won't regret him at all.

Was going to buy but didn't: ITEM #77759 and ITEM #77757 are the ones that come immediately to mind

A friend bought me the Kotetsu and Barnaby Chibi-Arts as gifts and I pretty much instantly decided that I should get Karina and Pao-Lin at some point since they're adorable and really affordable. But at this point my T&B collection is just Barnaby and Kotetsu and I ended up feeling like as much as I love the girls they'd look awkward in amongst the rest. I might yet change my mind again, who knows? But for now I've decided to leave them.

Might end up regretting: ITEM #211957

I absolutely adore Kate, but the more my collection takes shape, the more I feel like she's gonna stick out like a sore thumb. I don't intend to try to back out of my pre-order at all and I'll probably feel differently once I can appreciate her in person (also once I one day have the space to accommodate giving her her own display with my American comics), but for now when I see her thumb nail in amongst the other pre-orders it's something I can't help worrying about.

Currently waffling on: ITEM #237935

Hikari and Sora (when they make her) are givens - there's no resisting there, but I keep going back and forth on Takeru because I know that if I get him collect-them-all fever's gonna set in. On the one hand, I've been talking myself out of him by reasoning that I'll probably never use his secondary expression and isn't it just best to get my fave of faves? On the other, I've been re-watching Digimon lately...haha, mistake. If I end up caving on Takeru, I'm definitely not going to be able to say no to Yamato when he's re-released and well, then how can I leave out Taichi? And then frankly Taichi's my least favourite of the original kids (I love them all though) so then clearly I'll have to get all of them.

Who knows how this is going to work out.
hace 5 años
"Has there ever been an item where you got forever stuck in limbo about whether to get it or not? "

many times :x some I ended up getting, some I just gave up, some (if they're a set of trading figures) I decided to get just parts of it instead of the whole set.
hace 5 años
Leosach Born this way
humm frequently that is why i divide my Wish list in 3 parts ^^

a) my wished that appears in MFC regular page, those are definitely Items I will buy/P.O or must seek and buy it eventually, they are truly my wished, so I only focus in them

b) This list here: LIST #16423 is where I add all prototypes I'm not so sure I will buy, it all will depend on how they will turn out, my money at their P.O date etc...

c) This list here: LIST #16461 is where I include all my beautiful things! beautiful sculptures or Items do call my attention but not necessarily i will buy them, maybe I do If I find them for a good price or whatever

None of the lists Items are marked as "wished" So I get a real time before buying or not.

Oh One Item I gave up after Purchasing it was ITEM #200632 Got SO EXCITED after watching the movie that he is an instant P.O, later I regret it, too small, too expensive for its size... well I'm selling it :/
hace 5 años
ITEM #216850: I think this is a nice variant of Miku, great for Halloween decoration. I really loved her at first and was hell bent on getting her, but then I thought about it a bit and there just wasn't enough included with her to justify her price. And really, she's not that much of a deviation from the usual Miku design. I'm getting tired of turquoise twintails.

ITEM #198428: When her prototype came out, I was so certain I would get her. But something about the paint just threw me off. I love her tan skin, I love her bright hair and eyes, but I do not fancy that skirt or wings at all and the words printed on her thigh bug me. Maybe I'll grab her if she hits bargain afterwards, but eh.

ITEM #198011: (all the Miku) I really flip-flopped on this one. I loved the outfit on the prototype, wasn't so sure about the pose, but still thought she was a great Miku. Then the color proto came out and I was like "omg no, so ugly, no." But I keep coming back to her. I started to love her pose, and her colorful outfit, and the doggy on her head. So now I don't really know if I want her or not. I don't really have the money now, so I'll probably just stalk her after release and maybe if I find her for a good price...

ITEM #116883: I really didn't like this figure to begin with. Thought it was way too busy and awkward looking. But I kept coming back to it again and again, especially after getting into DMMd, and then it got a re-release and the time was right and stuff happened and I bought it. No regrets.

ITEM #163749: See above. To add, I was initially really bothered by the look of his jacket in Nendo proportions, but I got over it. I've developed a slight obsession with Aoba these past few months.

ITEM #178697: Flip-flopped again and again as Sentinel was changing his design. I'll now probably get him after release, since I'm pretty sure his price will go down.

As you can see, I change my mind an awful lot.
hace 5 años
ITEM #236363 Sexy bunny figures aren't something I'd normally buy but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get her whenever pre-orders open.

One thing I'm probably going to purchase less of are Gift plushies. They're really cute and I adore them but I'm quickly realizing that they're also frustrating to get your hands on. Also, really not worth waking up at three in the morning just to (maybe) secure a pre-order with AmiAmi.

Currently in limbo with: ITEM #198371
Not a fan of figmas but I missed out on all the scale figures of Pyramid Head so I may settle for a this one.
hace 5 años
riringohace 5 años#2376911
I sort of did the same thing with that Racing Miku figure. I still think she's great and I wouldn't mind having her, but there's just too many other things I want more so I can't justify it.

Pal-chanhace 5 años#2377035
I think the current/new version of Armin looks nice, but the Sentinel Levi's price dropped a lot, and he looked very different from the prototype pictures, so I'm waiting to see some user pics on him before I decide if I'm going to get him or not.

Also, I don't get this, for every "interesting" on this post, someone immediately marks it "uninteresting". Seems like some people are trying to keep the % down for some reason :/
hace 5 años
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