Kyon - Disappearance Ver. - Nendoroid 153 (Good Smile Company)Kyon - Disappearance Ver. - Nendoroid 153 (Good Smile Company)Review

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Hello, today I am going to review my first male Nendoroid, Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e207/saybis/75369.jpg http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e207/saybis/suzumiya-haruhi-no-shoushitsu.jpg

WARNING!! This review may contain spoilers from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu movie. Thou art warned.

Kyon (nickname) A.K.A John Smith is the protagonist and narrator in the anime, manga and novels of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. He is a normal human that gets stuck with a crazy girl, an Alien, a Time Traveler and an Esper.

Suzumiya Haruhi Novels are written by Nagaru Tanigawa and illustrated by Noizi Ito with 11 to date. Manga is written by Nagaru Tanigawa and illustrated by Gaku Tsugano with 14 volumes to date. The anime was in charge of Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) with a first season of 25 chapters, a second one with 28 and a movie.

This Nendoroid was made by Good Smile Company and was release in April 14th, 2011

Let's start with the box!

Packaging: 8/10

Height: 21cm (8,26 in)
Width: 17,5 cm (6,88 in)
Depth: 8 cm (3,14 in)
Diagonal: 27,3 cm (10,74 in)

This is the typical package for Nendoroids, with a window at the front, quotes from the character, Nendoroid number (153) and the official sticker from Kadokawa. On the back there are samples with the different poses you can make for him and also there is Nagato Yuki Nendoroid for more display options. The box has no mayor details whatsoever.

The left and the right side of the box have the figure displayed as well as the name of the character.

The top and the bottom have the Nendoroid number as well as the name of the series and the character name, with photos of the Nendoroid displayed.

Two blister pieces were used to protect the Nendoroid. There is no risk of losing a piece here because the small pieces were covered with hard plastic for further protection. An appreciated and really nice detail. The blister does not have a lot of joining points, eight in total.

A choking hazard warning was in the box for the little pieces. It also shows which pieces are included in the box.

Plastic was used to avoid paint transfer around the Nendoroid. You can find plastic on the joints of the head to the torso and from the torso to his pants. A plastic bag was used to protect the Nendoroid's base as well.

He comes with one extra face, a facepalm arm and a bent arm to put his hand on his hips. Two different holding hands and also his weapon, two bookmarks and his scarf.

He has one piece of front hair, one piece of back hair, one standard "smiling" face, two straight arms, two neutral hands, one torso and one pair of trousers.

Base: 8/10

This base is the one I like the most for Nendoroids. I had no issues with this one. The base is easy to install and the Nendoroid has a nice balance in it, so not mayor risk of random falling.

Sculpting: 8/10





He only has two faces, a standard "smiling" face and a resignated/tired of everything face. His faces are nice and cute and can be easily installed. Myself, I prefer his standard face, I adore those eyes of his.



Let's move on with his brown trousers. The creases were nicely sculpted and they even bothered to sculpt his belt despite being not visible because his jacket covers it. His shoes do not have mayor details than the painting.

His characteristic jacket is full of details, the buttons and the school emblem can be appreciated even from the thumbnail and were painted with care. His red tie stands a lot and contrasts with his white shirt.

His hair is pretty and unique, the shadows were painted with care. Good Smile Company sure improved a lot with his face and hair. Nendoroid Petits do not look as good as this Nendoroid. At the risk of sounding like a pervert, I have to say that his hair smells really nicely, Takagi Akito's hair did not smell that good.

The first accesory: Scarf

This scarf is the one that Kyon uses in the movie. Winter is really cold so he wraps his neck with it. Maybe without it, this Nendoroid would not be called Shoushitsu ver.

The scarf is nicely detailed and the contrast between the light-blue and blue is just like the anime character design and it was sculped in a way where it avoids paint transfer between it and his red tie. A really nice detail but maybe will cause troubles if another Nendoroid has accesories around its neck.





Putting his accesory on another Nendoroid is possible and I do not know a reason why you should not try it. As always, be careful!

The second accesory: Weapon

This is the gun that contains the vaccine to return Nagato Yuki to her normal self and avoid the entire universe to be drastically changed in just seconds. This piece is pretty small so be careful not to lose it. The painting is kind of metalic so it is a nice detail. In the picture you can see which hand you should use with it, but it is pretty obvious when you have it in your own hands so do not worry.






A view from the front. He really looks cool with that gun. You can use this hand with both the straight arm and the bent arm.

The third accesory: Bookmarks

These bookmarks are the key to return to the world Kyon wants to live, left by Nagato Yuki so he can choice. Both are legible (if you can read Japanese, of course) and really small so be careful not to lose them. For this accesory, you need the left hand to hold them. Both are identical except for the things written in it, the colour of the ribbon and some drawings of a snowflake.

A look from the back.





Here you can see the different types of blue used on the ribbons and the snowflakes.

Extra arms: Bent arm

This bent arm is used to put his hand on his hips. It looks really nice on him and can be used for many display options! The hand is removable.





Extra arms: Facepalm arm

This arm can be used to recreate scenes when Kyon thinks something is useless or when he goes with the stream, even if he just wants to live a normal highschool life. It is better to use this hand with his extra face.





Painting: 8/10

His painting is really nice but is the one expected for Nendoroids. There are no big issues with it. His uniform is nicely detailed and every piece of clothing was treated with care. The level of detail matches the anime character desing.

○●◌Free style◌●○
Let's start with some free style!


"What is this?"
"You have to use that to save your world, Kyon"


"Like this?"

Kyon, total badass.



"What is the meaning of this?"
"Yeah, you kind of have to wear that skirt now."


"Will you leave me alone now?"
"Yeah, no. You have to wear it WITHOUT you pants."


"I'm leaving now"
"Aww, come on. Ehh... If you don't do it, the universe may be destroyed"



"See? You look cute!"



Glasses version.

Posing: 9/10

The variety of poses you can display him is really awesome. Even for a Nendoroid with so little accesories you can think of poses that are going to make him look really cool. Even with two faces he is a nice Nendoroid. Have fun finding out ways to display him!

Enjoyment: 9/10

Kyon is a Nendoroid that is fun to shot and display. All of him screams Kyon and I am really happy to own him. Being him my first Nendoroid ever, I think he owns a really special place in my bookcase. I always display him so he can be at my eye level.

If you had doubts about getting this Nendoroid, I hope this had help you.

While I write this, I have to say that Nagato Yuki Shoushitsu ver. Nendoroid is on my wishlist and I hope I can get her soon ITEM #27611

Next review will be Mashiro Moritaka Nendoroid. If you were wondering where Kyon's box was, it was on wardrobe under a bunch of shirts. I have to be more careful with that.

I am sorry if you find any typing mistakes, my fingers tend to slip with this keyboard of mine.

Here is Takagi Akito Nendoroid review BLOG #1439

Have a nice day!

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nice review, makes me want to get him :)
hace 8 años
This was a great review. I will have to model mine after yours.
hace 8 años
That last photo is excellent <3

MilksKyon is a pretty awesome Nendoroid. He was my second- and my favourite (of the two I got :'D)!

Yeah, I think he's going to be my second nendoroid too.
hace 8 años
Kyon is a pretty awesome Nendoroid. He was my second- and my favourite (of the two I got :'D)!
hace 8 años
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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