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NemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasuhace 6 años
Hello MFC.

Today i wanna try my first review. Maybe i picked up the wrong item for it, cause there isn't much you can say about a photobook. xD

But i really loves it and wanted to share it. :3

I got mine for about 1500 ¥ from suruga-ya not including shipping and the condition was nearly new.
A friend got this and 2 magazines + his limited edition from passage for me in japan, when she was at the post office it did extend the 2kg a bit, so she packed it again and it just fitted under 2 kg. That was really lovely. Thank you for that. *_*

The material of the cover is nice to touch and so are the pages.
The photo's were all taken in Okinawa and Mamo also blogged about the production and places were the photo's were taken.

The book itself has 96 pages with photo's and interview's. In the Interview's Mamo talked about his childhood and what happened in his life from 2007-2014, from songs, to live concerts and also his thought's. Sadly i can't read japanese so i can't understand it. I dind't find a translation also. :(

I just mad a picture from the ones i enjoyed the most. For some picturs i had to mad them with blitz so the blitz focus looks abit werid though. (like on the last photo)
Please enjoy the view. ^_^








For That picture, Mamo stated in his blog that he totally enjoyed sitting in this car even though he can't drive.



There are many many more sites which had awesome motives, but i thought that would be to much in a blog.

And if i upkoead all, it's no fun to buy the book anymore right? ;)

If you are a fan of Mamoru Miyano, the book is totally worth it! Even more if you can read japanese.

Thank you for you time and have a nice evening. ^.^
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AviNyahhace 6 años#2298204<3 my favourite voice actor <3 These pictures look niceeee. Seems worth the buy and a good price if you shipped it with two other books

It really is. But you just rememberd me that the photobook was shipped not only with 2 other magazines but also with his limited edition from his passage album. (fixed that) ^^
hace 6 años
AviNyah The GuiltyCrown Fanatic
<3 my favourite voice actor <3 These pictures look niceeee. Seems worth the buy and a good price if you shipped it with two other books
hace 6 años
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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