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Kasugano Sora - 1/8 (Alter)Kasugano Sora - 1/8 (Alter)

Today we will be looking at the heroine Sora Kasugano from Yosuga no Sora, an adult visual novel drama developed by CUFFS in 2008 for the PC. It was later adapted into a manga and anime series. I don't think it would be wise to go into any more detail about the character or story as it would probably ruin the image you have for her.

She was a standard release in November of 2011 by ALTER. She retailed for around 7,800 Yen and at this time is still available in limited numbers at a few stores. However, you'll probably want to act quickly because those few remaining won't last long. With a few figures to choose from the goal is to see if this one should be given consideration over the others.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡






ALTER went with their typical window layout where the primary window panel folded over the corner onto the side. This provided a better view of the contents especially around the blister. There was also a window panel on top but it really only served to let light in as the blister design obstructed what view you could obtain.

The color scheme and artwork that adorned the figure box was fitting for the character and complimented her well. The choice of pictures was also appropriate and highlighted the main features of the figure quite nicely. The figure box is attractive enough but not enough of the figure is visible plus her alternate head is basically hidden that displaying her in it isn't really a good option.


Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 261 mm
W: 280 mm
D: 160 mm

ALTER went with their usual lightweight non-corrugated cardboard for the packaging. The exterior was coated to resist damage and moisture. Considering the contents, the packaging wasn't too big and is fairly light. The only real "issue" I had was the protection. Most if not all of the strength was provided by the blister inside. The sides and tops could resist a decent amount of compression but the front and back could not. In fact the front of my box was damaged by other boxes crushing it. The blister inside appear to take account of that deformation from the front and back so the figure should survive in most cases with minimal to no damage. However, the box itself is another story. I guess the important thing is she arrived safely. Shipping cost shouldn't be an issue either.

A typical two piece blister was used to secure the figure and her accessories. Plastic sheets was used to protect from rubbing and paint transfer. I don't really know why they decided to have her alternate head facing away. You can't see her face while in the box and you couldn't really see the hair style either. I guess due to the pocket required if she was to face forward, meaning a large blister and larger package. The blister was taped together at several points to help secure the contents. As mentioned, all of the strength is provided by the blister which seems up to the task.


Instructions were provided, even though it wasn't necessary. It's appreciated considering the last figure I dealt with was actually a bit complex and no instructions were provided at all... And of course I ended up damaging that other figure. =(


Originally I was going to give a lower score because as much as ALTER boxes look nice, they also lacked protection. However, considering this figure box was getting crushed by several 1/4 figures. She was in a large shipping box with 40lb+ of other figures and held up OK with the figure arriving safely. The figure box looked very nice and it was compact and light. Shipping cost shouldn't be an issue, and even though I'm not thrilled with the overall strength of the packaging the figure should get to you safely under most conditions. Expectations were met.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Otsuyama Houjun, who has a decent number of lovely girls under his belt including another Sora figure as can be seen below. Below you can also see some of the other girls he's worked on, all ALTER girls. Now he's worked on figures for other manufactures before but it looks like he's picked ALTER to be his home for the time being. I can't think of an ALTER girl he's worked on that has been anything but perfect, expectations are high considering as mentioned he's worked on a Sora figure before.


She is 1/8th in scale and measures from the top of the base to the top of her head about 200 mm. The only part that is removable on her is her head. You have a choice of two, one with tails and one with her hair down. The mounting point is pretty straight forward and easy enough to swap heads. The heads can only be installed in on direction and both were a tight fit for me. Meaning, I could safely pick up the figure by the head and not fear the body separate and falling. Results may vary on this point but looking at their track record I think I think it's safe to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Moving on to the figure.





If you can't tell by the pictures, there are no sculpting issues to point out. Actually, there is really no issues to speak of at all. ALTER lives up to their reputation again with their superb fit and finish. She is well put together and the few seam lines were so well integrated that they might as well not be there at all. Don't get me wrong, ALTER has made mistakes before but this figure is definitely not one of them.

Otsuyama definitely took advantage of his prior experience on the character to improve on her in a few areas such as her heart-shaped face. It's more defined than his previous work which makes a big impact immediately. Previously I'd say her body did the talking and this time around it's definitely the face. Or at least it's a strong contender to that lovely dress and hair of hers.

It doesn't matter which hairstyle you go with as the same face was used for both. So the real deciding factor for you when picking the head to use is the hairstyle. The overall shape and contour was quite pleasing to the eye. That little nose of hers and that little mouth were to die for. Depending on the hairstyle you go with her ears are visible and look nice. I could see that cute little mouth of hers going horribly wrong but Otsuyama side stepped that landmine and the execution was sublime.

The mounting point being hidden at her collar was definitely the right step since there are no ugly seams at her jawline if they went with the mounting point at the end of her neck instead. This move definitely aides in more display angles since exposing her lovely neck isn't a concern in regards to seam lines.


Speaking of her hair, as you saw there are two to choose from. This was very devious of them as it makes me want to get another of her to display her both ways. Both are very detailed from the individual strands to her ribbons. She does have the standard seam line at the top of her head but its been integrated very nicely with the rest of the hair that it does not stand out at all. Throughout her hair, you will find a few strands attached separately and their seam lines may or may not stand out more. Results will probably vary but so much is going on with both hairstyles they are easily lost in the details of her lustrous hair.


The biggest concern is probably her twin tail option as those are the most fragile of the two. Don't get me wrong, they're attached securely enough but the tails are definitely the weaker of the two in regards to which one you should handle with care. The individual strands are somewhat flexible and should resist damage but I do not recommend testing them. Bottom line, no matter which one you go with, you can't go wrong. 8Þ


Moving on down to her lovely and detailed dress. Just take note at how the material looks so natural as it wrinkles and folds. Look at how the ribbons flutter about. I just love the execution on the those puffy sleeves of hers and the detailing at the front of her dress. The dress just simply looks fantastic with how Otsuyama made it look so realistic and cute.


Now the only sculpting "issues" I would probably have is her hands or more specifically her fingers. For her scale, Otsuyama did a good job but they probably could have been done better. The biggest thing for me are they seem to be the same size and unless you're holding her in your hands and examining up close her dexterous fingers look fine. Also as you can probably see in the pictures her fingers look perfectly fine from a normal viewing distance so it's probably a non-issue.


I just love Otsuyama's execution on how Sora was holding her skirt. The way the material parts and falls from her dainty fingers. It just looks so natural how the material is stretching and wrinkling. So many details with the way the skirt flutters about as it balloons up from wind and momentum of her moving about. And of course this let's her show off her lovely legs and more. Her skirt is also very durable and should resist a decent amount of damage.


And of course if you take a peak under her skirt, you'll see her panties are just as cute as the rest of her. They are also detailed in that you can see what they're covering up. She has a firm posterior that transitions very nicely to thighs. Those butt cheeks are nicely defined. She definitely has a butt that won't quit.


Moving on down to her lovely legs, you can see they are as detailed as the rest of her. They are long and sleek with just the right amount of curves. Otsuyama did a very nice job with her knees, both the front and back. The well defined muscles and tendons just look so realistic.

The transition point from her legs to her socks/shoes was done very nicely. It was a seamless transition, however for mine if you look really close you do see some adhesive spill out ever so little. I only noticed due to the light reflecting off the clear substance but it's quite minuscule. From a normal distance such as seen in the pictures you don't even notice? In any case, results will probably vary between figures but I'd say that's probably the "worse" of it.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm really digging those Bobby Socks on her. Paired with those shoes and those lovely legs of hers, it's just a killer sight.


Otsuyama and ALTER did a fantastic job with the sculpting and assembly of the figure. The seam lines were minimized or integrated with the overall design of the figure. She looks very polished and refined in regards to presentation and quality considering she's a mass production figure. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

ALTER's approach to coloring figures usually involves attention to detail and a high degree of precision. This figure is not any different. Starting from her large round eyes that were placed precisely and looks ever so vibrant. They compliment her fair complexion with those rosy cheeks. I'm glad they actually gave her a blush just like the prototype.

Now you're not imagining things, her complexion is different between the two faces. The one with her thick full hair is a lot warmer than the one with the tails. Initially, I thought this was an optical illusion or just the way the light was reflecting off the hair around her. This wasn't the case but I guess results may vary and yours might be the same or opposite of mine? I do wish both had the same warmth as the second face as that one just seems to glow more to me.


The rest of her isn't too shabby either if I do say so myself. Looking at her lustrous hair, whether in tails or down are just as detailed. The various strands are highlighted and shaded giving an illusion of the sunlight playing across her hair as it dances in the breeze.

Her dress also received the same treatment with the various shades making it look like the skirt was really dancing around her. Note the use of shading on the ribbons and bows. The same can be said for her lovely flesh. Besides her face, the next most prominent area of display would be those lovely legs of her. The accents were not applied heavy handed at the transition points from flesh to material such as her panties. Results may vary, but the right balance was struck with mine. The contrast was just right and her flesh really looked alive and warm. The accents were just applied in the right proportions breathing life to her legs.


ALTER did a great job. I didn't really see any coloring issues unless the differences in the complexion on the faces bother you that much? Results will vary and I didn't really mind the differences as they both still looked nice. At least she didn't have a mime face like some of my Limited figures from another manufacturer that is supposed to be their contemporary. She looks great and seem accurate to the prototype and official photos. It just looks like she's bathed in sunlight as she just radiates warm and life. Expectations were met.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

What can I say? I love the pose, it just fits that outfit of hers perfectly. Especially those bobby socks and shoes. It just makes me think of one of those cuties from the 50's. The prim and proper way she lifts her skirt up as she walks unbalanced on unsteady legs as if walking for the first time. She looks so vulnerable and delicate fitting quite nicely with that expression of hers as she beckons to you. The way her hair just fans out trailing behind her as it dances in the wind. Such a sight to behold. She desperately wants your undivided attentions, yours and yours alone.


Since she has two hairstyles, you of course have two display options in that regard. She's best displayed at eye level or above for either hair style. She looks great from various angles. Lots of possibility for her. She gives an impression of both grace and awkwardness at the same time. Expectations were met.

Base: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡

Not much to say here. The base gets the job done in regards to being stable and being not too big. You can see they put some effort into decorating it and of course they were going for the sky theme since Sora means Sky in Japanese. It supports the theme of the figure but at the same time, they could have done it a lot better. The clear blue actually reflects a lot of that blue onto her legs giving them an ugly pallor. Maybe if it wasn't so reflective it might have been OK, but it just doesn't fit with the other colors of the figure.


The mounting pegs are smaller than I would liked but as long as you don't remove her abruptly they should be fine. I really wish they would have stuck with the prototype base instead of this as the reflective blue is really making her legs look unhealthy in contrast to the rest of her warm, pink skin.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

So, what's the verdict? Is she worth considering versus the other Sora figures out there? Well, considering I have some of them, I'd say she's the best of the best currently. ALTER has just outdone themselves once again. If you have the chance, I highly recommend her if you want a Sora figure in your collection. The fit and finish, overall presentation and just plain quality beats the others hands down. She's just leagues above the others.

I do not regret getting her and in fact I regret not getting another as I want to display her with both hairstyles. Hopefully she's re-released again so I can pick up another. She was definitely worth every penny I paid and more. She's just plain adorable and cute which belies her true character, but that my friend is for another time.


See you later.

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Which do you prefer?


Very Detailed review.
I used to think of getting her home because of the nice pose but somehow I think she looks quite pale in her dress compared to the swimsuit version. Darker clothes might fit her well :D
just an opinion.
hace 6 años
Received mine today, abolutely happy :) There's one thing I really miss though: the rabbit :< however, seeing as I dislike figures that don't wear clothes you could wear when going out of your house, ALTER's was the right choice :D
hace 6 años
Nice review! Your photos are so clear. I've never seen the character before, but I gotta say, I really like how that dress is sculpted. :o
hace 6 años
WildstarShe's so cute, but way too overdressed 8p

...BTW, for you, is there any girl whose butt will quit? XD

Yep, too many to keep track of. 8Þ
hace 6 años
That's because I use the preview pictures and not the actual pictures so they don't scale as well.

I guess I'll have to scale them down. If I use the real pictures, this will be unreadable because the file sizes are so huge...
hace 6 años
xShiroSakura Flagship
Oh with a figure like this I thought that you'd leave out the phrase "a butt that won't quit" but I guess it's inevitable X)

Wonderful review as always. Your pictures that showed different angles of her were quite big and blurry this time (the ones before the GIF images of her), I had to zoom out to 70% to get a good view of them. Just thought you'd like this for future reference.
hace 6 años
She's so cute, but way too overdressed 8p

...BTW, for you, is there any girl whose butt will quit? XD
hace 6 años
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