Figma Nagisa Momoe Unboxing [SPOILERS AND IMAGE HEAVY]Figma Nagisa Momoe Unboxing [SPOILERS AND IMAGE HEAVY]Review

animereianimereihace 6 años
Hi there! So I haven't done an unboxing in years but Nagisa is my 30th figma so I thought it was a special enough occasion to do so! I ordered her right from Goodsmile's online shop for what came out to be about $68, and got her 4 days after she was shipped!

Let's get started!


So Nagisa's box sports the new design which, to me, is a little disappointing. The other girls' boxes were really pretty and this one just looks so plain compared to them.


Blister pack!


Her hole for the stand is in her hair rather than her back like most figmas. I can see why they'd do that, she has SO much hair!


For some reason her feet are turned inward.


The littlest meguca


Showcasing some of her parts

and then some other pictures for fun!


So far she's a little awkward to pose but I've noticed that with other figmas of mine, usually after I've messed around with them after a while it gets fixed. Also her skirt moves around a lot. BUT on the positive side, she looks accurate, she's well made, and she comes with some pretty nice props! I really like her!
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12%I'm waiting for her scale figure.
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She's absolutely adorable! Congrats!
hace 6 años
Mine is on her way, along with a second one as a prize for the current Church of Madoka contest over on Facebook (/shameless self-promotion).
hace 6 años
So cuteee. I can't wait until I receive mine. I chose the slowest shipping from another site, so I'll be waiting quite a bit. ;w; I can't wait to put her next to her nendo.
hace 6 años
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
You have to order Nagisa to complete the set. xD

The new style boxes, I have to agree, they don't look as good as the older ones in some cases and here they really should have made it in the older style to fit in with the other PMMM figmas.

@DelicateThunder, I'm also waiting. ;-)
hace 6 años
Wonderful little review! I've got all of the other PMMM figmas, so naturally I had to get Nagisa. Can't wait to display her along with the others. Now just waiting for the Homura figma to go up for PO...
hace 6 años
nice review! i did pre-order her, and her nendoroid too.. i'll probably collect all the figures of her available as she is one of my favourite characters (despite having only a minor part)

after seeing her with the mami figma i've decided i also MUST get mami, i looove how tiny she looks next to her! now i'll probably have to collect all the figmas X)
hace 6 años
animerei Loves ZeXal too much
TurtleBearhace 6 años#2258621I can't help but notice the crayons in the background XDHaha yeaaah I don't have any really nice places to take pics ovo;;
hace 6 años
I can't help but notice the crayons in the background XD
hace 6 años
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Wow she's tiny, but the details look great. Nice review! Personally I think I'm going to wait for a slightly bigger figure of little Nagisa.
hace 6 años
She's so cute! I hope to get her soon :3
hace 6 años
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