Comentarios Review: Nendoroids Etna and Flonne

  • I still need to get these T___T
    hace 6 años
    I like how detailed your review is. Personally, I'm not quite satisfied with the flames on Flonne's "fired up" face, but I'm not sure why.
    hace 6 años
    These two figures are a lot of fun. I noticed some of the issues you pointed out when I first got these two, like the articulation points on Flonne's hair bow. Flonne's hair really tends to get in the way when trying to get her set up as well!

    And, don't forget about the best feature of these two figures: the ability to torso-swap them! PICTURE #912750

    Anyway, great review!
    hace 6 años
    Nice I wish they would make Laharl though he is my fav character. I would snatch him up so fast.
    hace 6 años
    Theyre so cute! *u* lovely and detailed revieuw, well done!
    They have really cute expressions, which sort of make up for their shortcomings. Ive noticed newer nendo's cost more and come with less, it's a bit sad. Nonetheless these girls are adorable
    hace 6 años
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