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Takashi, Natsume by AlterTakashi, Natsume by Alter

KEY-FanKEY-Fanhace 6 añosReview
Hi guys.
This will be my first ever review for a figure, so I hope you'll give me hints as to what I can do better in the future.

The most obvious thing is, I should make pictures for a review, but since there already are 2 reviews for Natsume and my cam is really really bad, I will skip them this time.

So let's (not) have a look at Natsume *grin*


As this is only my 2nd PVC and most of my figures are Nendoroids I was really impressed with how Natsume's box looks like.
The magnet on the front of the package is a great idea to make a beautiful box while still maintaining the chance to view the figure without taking it out. The box looks really a little "noble" and I'm kind of displaying the box besides my computer now :D

So I'll give a 9/10 here :)


Even though the standards of Nendoroids are quite different from scaled figures, GSC does always a good job when it comes to sculpting. However, Alter has a really good reputation.
And to be honest, compared to my other scaled figure (Sakagami Tomoyo by Kotobukiya) the sculpting is quite stunning. Both Natsume and Madara are spot-on in my opinion. The base is plain awesome, but since that's an extra point I won't take that into the rating here.

BUT, honestly, Natsume is small. And not just a little, he's damn small. I don't know what Alter thought, but when I take his height (approx 165mm) and multiply it by 8 hes around 140cm in reallife. Well, he's 167cm when I remember correctly, so that'S WAY off.
Oh and by the way, Madaras head is 1:1 the size as Natsumes head. Looks quite awkward when I think about it xD

Thus I'll be rating the Sculpting with 9/10 divided by 2 since it's rather a 1/10 scale instead of the 1/8 ALTER said it would be. That Leaves Natsume with a 5/10 for the sculpt (rounded up).


Well, There's not too much to say here. M figure does not have the slightest fault and that's great. But there are not TOO many hard to paint parts anyway. The Book of Friends looks awesome, just like Madara with the pink paw x3
Natsume looks plain, but well, he's a plain guy. I personally think the figure looks a little too dark (the water, the Yukata and the treestump are quite dark :P) so even though the Yukata looks really great I'll give a 9/10 while I can't say there's a fault at all^^


Huh, a guy sitting on a treestump and a cat climping it. The pose is a little boring, but well, what could they have done? About the only pose I can imagine that has a little more action would be when he blows out the ink of the sheets of the Book of Friends and I guess that wouldn't look too well as a figure. Also, I like how Madara looks in that position so I guess it's fine. Hence I give the posing a 6/10 (this might have been a 7, but since I rounded up the Sculpting I decided to give a 6 here).


Allright. Besides Madara the real highlight of this figure is the base. The treestump looks really great and even though I don't like "clear" plastic parts, the grass looks good too. I personally don't think the water looks too good, but since I have him on a rather high position I do care more for the treestump and the rest of the figure.

Anyway, the water IS in fact still way better than a normal plain base :D
Not to mention that the way Natsume sits really looks good with the Yukata hanging on the base, which wouldn't be possible with another base ^^

That means a 9/10 for the base!


Last but not least the enjoyment. While I tried to be quite objektive with the scores this far, I don't give a damn about what I told you earlier: I like this figure. My mother asked me if I'm gay, but I don't care. Madara alone is well worth the money in my point of view x3
This figure is really an eye-catcher and MAYBE it would look worse if it were 1/8 scaled. I don't really care all that much about Natsume being an imp, but I can't display him besides Tomoyo, he just looks dumb then ^^
Nevertheless this figure is great and I'm really impressed by Alter, even though I doubt this is the best Alter can offer, seeing as Natsume is a rather plain character. I'd love a true-form Madara figure x)

So for enjoyment this is another 9/10!
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@kumasanmk: Thanks! Seems it's linked now :)

@CIN: Thank you. I suppose it's still a rather bad review as it lacks pictures^^
But sadly I spent too much money on figures, so all I have is a 1.3mpixels Cam from 2003 or something :D

And well, my parents seem to pity me for collecting figures xD
hace 6 años
KEY-FanOh, if anyone could tell me how to make a link in the right to the figure (related items or something?) that'D be great^^Click "Link/Unlink" at the top.
hace 6 años
An interesting read I must say. Your mum must be a real joker, though a bit mean if I can say so :)
hace 6 años
Oh, if anyone could tell me how to make a link in the right to the figure (related items or something?) that'D be great^^
hace 6 años
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