Vocaloid - Kaito - Nendoroid - 058 (Good Smile Company)Vocaloid - Kaito - Nendoroid - 058 (Good Smile Company)Review

HatchuuHatchuuhace 11 años
This is my first review, so any constructive critique is welcome. :)

Nendoroid Kaito by GoodSmile Company

I'll admit, as my first figure this one was obscenely hard to come by for some strange reason. When I first intended to buy him from Hobby Search, he was just ever so slightly out of my reach, money wise. Back then, he was $44 AU plus $20 shipping (EMS).
I get paid fortnightly, and this particular week I was getting paid on Thursday.
He sold out on Wednesday. ><
So then, I waited, and he eventually restocked. Success! I needed to wait a few days though, and went back to buy him and.....
Sold. Out.
So eventually, when Hobby Search had decided to stop toying with my mind, I finally got around to buying. Phew. And around 30 minutes later, he was sold out :D
I am cursed, huh?

And the other day, he arrived in my post office box. I instantly ripped into it with some scissors and soon I had a Kaito in my hands!
He's my first figure, and I was amazed at how well he was crafted. So, here I go~

The overall sculpting, done by Yukio Awegeta (of Max Factory) is top-notch.
The hair is smooth and the tips are both soft and spiky, if that makes any sense XD His scarf looks dynamic and flowing, and fits almost perfectly around his head and shoulders. His little hands are so very well made and you can barely see the mould lines!

The hair is especially well painted, and his eyes are simple yet very cute. The scarf is nicely done, and the jacket(?) is painted in a really nice metallic sheen. The paint is not so good on the jacket, but it's only minor and no one would notice. His pants, even though they are hidden, are painted very well and the little belt buckle is a nice touch.

His range of poses are great! His little legs and hands are very versatile and there a quite a few poses that I haven't used yet. It's a lot of fun to pose him in lots of different ways and with all the different face pieces. I was surprised about the amount of places you can take him apart.

The base:
The base isn't too amazing, just a standard nendoroid base. The base slightly restricts the movement of his legs, but it's not too troublesome. I like the snug fit of the base though.

The packaging is pretty cool, it's sufficient and catches your eye. Nothing amazing here.

He is so much fun to play with! Creating different poses and twiddling with joints is surprisingly entertaining. I really enjoy just having him around :)

As my first figure, I'm really pleased. He's really nice and I'm definitely getting some more in future.
I plan to get either Kagamine Rin or Len, I desperately want both but I can only afford one (if anyone knows where I can buy them cheap in Australian dollars please inform me! If you have a spare I'll be glad to help). I'm siding more with Len.

This review will also feature on my blog, Hatchuu. hatchuu.blogspo...
There will be pictures soon hopefully.
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Nice review and congrats for getting you first figure.
I'm gonna get mine after i get the len and rin nendoroids.
Keep them coming!
hace 11 años
Nice first review. Keep doing!
hace 11 años
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