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0hace 11 díashyperassasin95hyperassasin95
xCommando (hace 11 días) #24321397Oohhh no I don't see that being a problem at all. Plus there is a pretty thick metal rod in the bottom of her foot that goes into the base so I don't see any reason to worry about that.
wow thats pretty cool, in that case i might be getting her but later bc i think she will get cheaper in some time
0hace 11 díashyperassasin95hyperassasin95
xCommando (hace 13 días) #24222438Hey thank you, added you. :3 Do you mean the fact that the base is green and unappealing to some or like issues as far as it functioning correctly? I'm okay with the base but I suppose it could have been better. It doesn't bother me enough to make me dislike the figure or anything though. :o
i was refering about a functioning issue like if it makes the figure bend or not stand straight, i mean the design is cute and all but what afraids me most is the bending issue, that's something that makes me doubt to getting her
0hace 14 díashyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Nice collection :) did you find any issue regarding the green base of Koto Alice?
1Hace 1 mesdarkfaderdarkfader
Happy weekend!
1Hace 1 mesKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
Happy Birthday! :D

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