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BNHA collection profile! I only list the items I intend to keep from the 50 sets I buy. The rest are in lists.

"Your sheer amazingness at everything you do was so brilliant to me it was blinding". -Izuku Midoriya to Katsuki Bakugou

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0hace 13 díaskuronekikuroneki
tsunabelle (hace 14 días) #22129198Besides more figures of Bakugou and Deku?!?! LOL. I think Todoroki would be amazing too. I'd buy them all.
However, if I had to pick something outside of what will be more likely to be made, I think something of Momo would be rad. Her pose and her ability to create stuff could make a really dynamic figure if they wanted to create one. I don't think it's as likely as the boys though!

A momo figure with cool props and base would be amazing! You're right, she has a lot of potential. I think the female characters most likely to get figures are Uraraka and Tsu since they seem to be the most popular. Tokoyami would be super cool too.
0hace 14 díaskuronekikuroneki
tsunabelle (hace 15 días) #22072802Thank you! I'm always growing it... and I'm laughing at your profile name quote because I agree. I didn't think I'd be here either.

I don't blame you, it's slightly addicting in a way. What bnha figure would you love to see made? I would do anything to get a todoroki scale figure *^*
0hace 15 díaskuronekikuroneki
Damnnn I love your bnha collection - it's an accomplishment
0Hace 1 mesflashdancereneflashdancerene
aaah!! thats ok, i dont rly want to pay that much either for that size but!! :00 i figured you might want to see it. if i find another one below that price, ill link u again :> good luck on ur hunt, i believe in u
0Hace 1 mesflashdancereneflashdancerene
[ext link ]
incase you're still looking for torodoki's plush keychain!

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