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Yea the 'youfinishedaseriesnowwhat' feeling lol! They're relationship is refreshing and adorable and I can start to understand all the love they get ^^ I will try this week.
I guess I can say I am lucky with the wedding version. Price wise, DEFINITELY LUCKY! I can ONLY IMAGINE the aftermarket for wedding holo!!! SandW prices are insane OAO Help a new fan out Holo!!! I guess she wouldn't since I didn't invest on her from day 1 >\\\<
VERY CURIOUS about the colors of the Revolve Holo, is it based on an illustration? I do like how most(?) of her figures are 1/8. Love how the standing poses (like wedding, koto, and revolve) all have wide arms, really cheerful smile and maybe walking/stepping ^^
Wow that is SERIOUS BINGE power! Glad you managed to find figures you wanted! :) Not sure I'm quite there yet as a collector to spend that much on one figure:P I do hope to get the anni LN edition SOMEDAY. I saw some on Amazon, but I havent committed because fear of shipping since I read some horror stories of how Amazon doesnt do enough to protect the item TAT and it would be a shame for such a beautiful COLLECTOR'S ITEM to arrive damaged.
Speaking of old anime, I'm currently watching Revolutionary Utena for the first time (blame Max Factory and her figma announcement). Seeing older animation and quality somehow is very calming.

If I could I would probably get 2 of those Holo Wedding dress figures just in case something happens to the one out on display, sadly I'm not swimming in Money to be buying 2 of the same figure xd. No idea on what the Revolve Holo will be based on, it's true most of her figures are 1/8 which is perfect because they will look good together there's a couple 1/7's and 1/6's but most are 1/8

Amazon's packaging is terrible lol Boxes are always beat up and it's usually a box within a box or just the item in the box, but with my experience ordering books I have not had any issues since they are shipped in those Yellow envelops, I actually ordered Volume 1 of the Spice and wolf LN and it arrived just fine, just don't order other stuff with it because they may just throw everything in a box lol

Something I like from old anime is the music, Have you seen Fushigi Yuugi? if not you should try it one day it's really good definitely underrated. Collecting figures actually made me watch a few Anime as well (Fate Stay night, No game no life and Love Live :D ) It works both ways.
0Hace 2 mesesTheMaulerTheMauler
tsubaki24 (Hace 2 meses) #18952712From what I've (loosely) noticed (as I don't want to spoil myself), there is such a high demand for S3 that maybe S2 ends in such a way that there's too many issues left unanswered? That or fans want to see their relationship develop. So I want to dive in the LN and see what happens. Hopefully I won't get lost in the economy talk *pray for me*. Plus I'm sure Holo and Lawrence's exchanges, "quarrels" and/or relationship develops/is nicely written out in novel form and can't be portrayed the same as anime.
Thanks, I am already keeping an eye on that and the koto rerelease. Wishing for a gsc rerelease as well!
But I think the wedding one is priority since that figure was my first exposure to Holo. So as a newcomer, I am afraid of the new changes Mytheos/TOM will do since I was perfectly fine with the current prototype. TAT. On the otherhand, though conflicted, I do understand if she still needs improvement to do justice for 10yr fans.
Sorry for the long answer xD
How do you feel about the current prototype? How long have you been exposed to Spice and Wolf?

The ending of S2 was satisfying, at least to me, but as you may already know when you finish a good series you always want more lol. The development of their relationship is the main reason I want the anime to continue so we get the entire story it's just so good, but if you can definitely continue with the LNs because I really don't see another season coming anytime soon.

If you're going to get 1 at the moment the wedding version should be your priority being limited/Exclusive and most importantly being "Holo The Wise Wolf" this figure will skyrocket in price after release.

I love the current prototype, personally I didn't think it needed any changes. I guess I'm not a very picky collector. I wouldn't worry about the changes tho, the people behind this project are professionals and they won't make a change if it ruins the figure they know what they are doing. Watch them do something that ruins the figure and makes me look bad lol.

First time I watched SandW was in 2015 during my anime binge watching phase XD Basically started watching anime in that year, started watching old series' like Dragon ball that I used to watch as a kid and went from there and at one point ran into Spice and Wolf and I fell in love with it. I think I finished SandW in about 3 to 4 days. I just couldn't stop I just needed to know the outcome of whatever was happening in the story. I re-watched it in 2016 but this time only an episode a day to make it last longer lol 2016 is also the year I got into collecting scale figures and as you know the Holo figures are over 300$, I managed to get 2 but I had to wait for them to be at a decent price and pre owned. I think you arrived just in time, I really did not expect all these new Holo figures in 2017.

Now I'm the one who is sorry for the long reply :D
0Hace 6 mesesLivingDaylightLivingDaylight
tsubaki24 (Hace 6 meses) #16017992I felt bummed out because I didn't think GSC would sell out so fast. Then I saw all the rerelease on NY (which felt sketchy to me). But thanks to your diligence, I manage to PO them through GSC because of you. Thank you!
Cool, I was glad to help)
0Hace 7 meses (Hace 7 meses)-oresama--oresama-
View spoilerHide spoilertsubaki24 (Hace 7 meses) #15446935From Sonico 10th anni. scale.
Wooooow. Now I slightly wish I never saw the item you linked because I totally agree with you! That Yagyu scale had a similar design while still able to look sexy, tempting and even a bit elegant; so, great execution in my book! In my opinion, Yagyu is "better" due to the fact that she highlighted only one part of her cleavage (middle) vs Sonico showed both (middle) cleavage AND side boob which made the design look tacky. (Pick your poison if you will).
I hope badly that they reconsider Sonico's design and make slight changes on her figure and not make a faithful figure from an illustration (but I can see a backlash from people who want a direct figure from illustration so I don't know now). She is a 10th anni figure after all and worthy of many praises.
(Sorry this was long ^_^;)

I totally agree with you, they are overdoing it a little with that. It looks fine in the picture but as a sculpt it's just a tad too much. I can understand why some people prefer an illustration based figure to be as close to it as possible but not everything gets translated well from paper to sculpt sadly as you have more than just one angle to look at it. But it's still an unpainted sculpt and I believe there is room for change and thus hope :) Also, paint changes a lot so let's first wait and see :D
0Hace 7 mesesDribzDribz
tsubaki24 (Hace 7 meses) #15126496Nope, I have no Wii so unless Nintendo plans to release a 3ds version, I will have to settle for OoT to see Sheik's debut. WHICH is bad because it only helps to justify my impulse buy of Link and Zelda. That and I'm hoping that GSC will make a Sheik figma.. 1st world problems. Hehe
Well, Sheik isn't in TP, she's only in OoT, so they would likely have to release at least OoT Link before announcing Sheik. Though I am hoping they do.

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