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Soy un chico español que le encanta coleccionar figuras y peluches y muchas cosas más sobre todo de Pokémon, Mario Bros, One Piece, Digimon, Hatsune Miku...♥ Hi! I am a Spanish guy who loves collecting figures & plushies and much more about Pokemon, Mario bros, one piece, digimon, hatsune Miku... ♥ Chek out my:

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0Hace 3 mesesDeviousDevLDeviousDevL
[ext link ]
And your wish has been granted!
0Hace 3 mesesgoriverdegoriverde
thorkast (Hace 3 meses) #18237141I'm sorry, I already sold it

Thanks anyway my friend
0Hace 3 mesesgoriverdegoriverde
Do you still have that D-arts Mewtwo that you wanna sell? Thanks
0Hace 6 mesesOsomatsuOsomatsu
thorkast (Hace 6 meses) #16259790Hi!About Lapras, I bought at asakura japan shop but I think its out of stock, sometimes I buy pokemon center goodies from japanese ebayersthank you
0Hace 7 mesesVolk220Volk220
thorkast (Hace 7 meses) #15141950gracias!!!!!!! :)))) q tal estas?

Bien, todo bien! Y tu que tal perdido? jaja

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