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Hi, my name is Teli! I'm just some nerd that likes to collect FE and Fate merchandise. I recently got into collecting figures last year, and I'm looking to expand it as time goes on!

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0hace 11 díascanetoncaneton
your inbox is full, but i wanted to confirm that yes, i did want a yellow and green pyjama from the nendoroid more pyjamas set~
1hace 14 díasHiroyoHiroyo
Got the Emilia 1/8 kotobukyia figure. Brand new as promised. Thank you for this pleasant transaction.
0Hace 4 mesesvivichanvivichan
Just picked up Nendoroid Saber #600 today. It's in brand new condition from GSC as promised, and the transaction was nice and quick. Thanks again for group ordering!
0Hace 4 mesesDiamondSpadeDiamondSpade
Hello, your inbox is full so I can't send you my address, please clear some space (:
0Hace 5 mesesTheronTheron
teliiii (Hace 5 meses) #16714879Yes, she is still available! okay how would you like me to pay for her is PayPal fine?

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