syunriisyunrii ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

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Some Things About Me:
    ...Hi! I'm syunrii, a 23 yr old asian girl who has spending problems :)

    ...I have a thing for armor and knights, be it on guys or girls. I love swords, and prefer European-inspired designs (or better yet MMO-inspired).

    ...I prefer male figures rather than females, which works perfectly fine with me and my wallet!

    ...I'm currently obsessed with figures with DYNAMIC poses and intricate details. I'm also currently obsessed with Legend of Zelda, and am very sad that my Twilight Princess Link on Epona statue will not fit in my detolf (and would probably break it too. So he currently sits prettily on the floor of my room until I can find a place for him.

    ...I have a short attention spam when it comes to collecting hobbies...but it seems that figure collecting is successfully lasting (albeit with some breaks in between due to school)! :D



    ⊕ONE PIECE ♥
    ⊕Shingeki no Kyojin ♥
    ⊕Card Captor Sakura ♥
    ⊕Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ ♥
    ⊕FMA: Brotherhood
    ⊕Kuroko no Basuke
    ⊕Tamako Market
    ⊕Shirokuma Cafe ♥
    ⊕FREE! ♥
    ⊕Hyouka ♥
    ⊕Kimi to Boku
    ⊕Usagi Drop
    ⊕Ghost Hunt

    ⊕Shingeki no Kyojin
    ⊕Kuroko no Basuke S2

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0hace 3 añosVeyruunVeyruun
syunrii (hace 3 años) #2002870Ahahah I've been alright :) Just surviving through grad school (omg i'm so old)
Wow really?! Never knew you were on MFC or that you collected figures! * A * your collection is OMG AMAZING. You have Blue Eyes omggggg

HAHA not older than me orz I'm surviving through grad school too ahhhhhhhh. HANG IN THEREEEEEE.

AnD YEAH I've been on MFC for a while but I'm pretty quiet here haha. I've been collecting since 2009 too!! My collection has grown to be a monster orz I'm super ashamed but also happy orz. (BLUE EYES...!!)
0hace 3 añosVeyruunVeyruun
syunrii (hace 3 años) #2000868omg Kura!! since when were you on MFC?! * v * huhu how have you been??
I HAVE BEEN OKAYYYYYYY HOW ABOUT YOU? I've been on MFC for a while but this is actually my second account haha.
0hace 3 añosVeyruunVeyruun
Uwahhhhhh heyo it's me Kuraaaaaaaaa.
0hace 4 añosmomomomo
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Also, Happy Birthday!

Wishing you the best! <3 Enjoy the celebrations!
0hace 5 añosYukarinYakumoYukarinYakumo
Hey there~ :> Just letting you know Natsuki arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much~

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