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One Piece, Gundam Wing, Hetalia, Hellsing, Attack on Titan, Slayers,Sailormoon, Fairy Tail, Kyo Kara Maoh!
Manga, J. R. R. Tolkien books, Cook books
Dragon Age games, Diablo 3
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Thank you so much!
hace 28 días
steffi-panda (Hace 3 meses) #24267315yes,August is definitely the best month of the year as far as the one piece body calendar goes. Ace! I also notice they're making Lina Inverse Nendo that's surprisingly awesome. I hope they make the rest of the gang that would be awesome.
Oohhh that sounds cool!! Kinda hope they do Kenshin nendos now. Hey Steffi >< I have been thinking of ordering the latest one piece calendar but there are no pics yet! >> The wild one, I guess is the dude one. Hope Ace is in it.
Hace 2 meses
steffi-panda (Hace 3 meses) #24123483oh I didn't know that they were making kenshin figure that's awesome. The Casual version of the Yuri on Ice Nendoroids look adorable but honestly I most excited about Ace. Oh I like the Pokemon figure announcements.
I know right! I'm super excited about Kenshin. The casual Yuri seems cute ^^ I feel the same, I can't help but feel the most excitement for Ace! Oh yeah poke figs look great!
P.S my one piece calendar is looking particularly great this month >w>
Hace 3 meses
steffi-panda (Hace 3 meses) #24111667Oh my Goodness yes!!! I love how they changed his expression. I hope they give us release date soon. I am so pre-ordering him as soon as possible! So what do you think of the wonderfest announcements?
That expression is so him, so accurate! I can't wait to hear the release date! There were definitely some interesting announcements! I'm really happy with the Rurouni Kenshin figure, your name figure, etc ^^ What about you??
Hace 3 meses
Did you see SOC Ace painted?? He looks amazing!! Also it looks like they slightly changed his facial expression. I need two
Hace 3 meses
Hi there! You have such an amazing Ace collection! :D I've been seeing your name in the "ordered" section of One Piece stuff so I decided to check out your page!

Are you trying to collect all of the Ace merch that you can possibly find? That's so cool!! I'm trying to do the same with Law. Best of luck to both of us on our quests!! \o/ Collections that are based around one character are always my favorite!!
Hace 4 meses
Ahoy! New crew mate! :D Thanks for the FR!
Hace 6 meses
Thanks <3 I love Eva way to much steffi-panda (Hace 8 meses) #18771759Hello, thanks for the friend request. You have a nice evangelion collection.
Hace 8 meses
Happy New Year! Hope you have a great year.
Hace 10 meses
steffi-panda (Hace 11 meses) #17067335Merry Christmas! Thank you!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!
Hace 11 meses
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