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My name is Parker. I'm 27. I am a baseball player at heart, and hope to be in practice for years to come. This summer I was back in Sweden; it was a fantastic experience last year so I played another season there. I recently completed my entry training for the Army, so I'll begin my military work soon! I had wanted to serve for a long, long time, and I'm very happy, having finally made it a reality.

I'm 6'1'' and 210-215 pounds, I like most sports including baseball, hockey, NASCAR, golf, football, and volleyball. Golf and volleyball are the only sports other than baseball that I actually play.

I have a few hobbies other than figure collecting; I collect militaria, and I collect and shoot historic military firearms; I'm also a huge fan of military history. Other hobbies include bass guitar, light novels and manga, and a few other things. I am also a novice chef, if there is such a thing. I love coffee, tea, and most hot drinks, and enjoy going to the local tea shop with some of my friends.

I enjoy making friends and talking to people in general. That's about it for now. If you really must know more about me, fee free to ask! Thanks for stopping by, and have a good one.

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022 horas antesMaakieMaakie
0hace 2 díasMiss_AoMiss_Ao
spasepeepole026 (hace 2 días) #23938719Thank you! It's been a while since I've heard from you; have you been well? :)
Yeah, been doing very well. Currently studying for exams. Hope you've been well too!
0hace 2 díasFlanker33Flanker33
I wish you a very happy birthday!
You didn't get Minna by chance? ;D
0hace 3 díasMiss_AoMiss_Ao
Wish you a happy birthday!
0Hace 1 mesbenj_29benj_29
spasepeepole026 (Hace 2 meses) #21556563Yo mayne happy birthday! :)
Thanks! :D

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