rumichuurumichuu gaming with kenma (*^▽^*)

Acerca de mí

hello i'm mel :)

currently into haikyuu!!, yuri on ice and ensemble stars! but i also love readings and watching a whole bunch of other series.

i'm a full-time fujoshi and multishipper.

please feel free to FR and talk anytime, i'm also on twitter and tumblr ^^

currently selling 95% of my free! collection so feel free to inquire about anything you're interested in

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0Hace 2 mesesshimp92shimp92
Hi! Just letting you know that the knb keychain arrived safely last night :) It's so cute, thank you very much!
0Hace 5 meseseavingeaving
Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received the package today :) It was very nicely packed, and a speedy shipment! Thanks so much! [ext link ]
0Hace 6 mesesBaosaiBaosai really loves Kenma
Dropping by to say hi to another Kenma lover! c: I love your collection (and I'm really jealous 'w')
0hace 1 añoGabmag10Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
rumichuu (hace 1 año) #6255477welp there's heaps of kenma pictures now xDD now to wait for tsukki~

Kenma ended up looking great :D Can't wait to own him! I'm going to grab Takara Tomy's Hinata and Kages and also both nendo sets as well :D so cute!
0hace 1 añoGabmag10Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
rumichuu (hace 1 año) #6137693ahhh yes takarai rihito's art is gorgeous >< and YES i'm so excited for kenma and tsukki i just hope their release dates are not too far you plan on getting them?

I'll definitely buy them! I still haven't picked up Kageyama and Hinata so I'll probably grab them at the same time :D I'm hoping for some more pics at wonfest next month :D

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