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I am stuck between servants

and idols.

... It's not so bad though.

(I also like nendoroids and scales plus a few prize figures and figmas)

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0hace 14 díasjzdavidjzdavid
pradshaw89 (hace 19 días) #24097757RIP wallet. Kelangan planuhin sino kukunin.

hahaha sorry late reply :) kaya nga. ang problema nito pag same month ang labas nila. xDD may ma sasacrifice. hahaha
1hace 19 díaspradshaw89pradshaw89
jzdavid (hace 19 días) #24095371Broooo exciting!!! an daming FGO figures nilabas ngayon . Heaven is <3
RIP wallet. Kelangan planuhin sino kukunin.
1hace 19 díasjzdavidjzdavid
Broooo exciting!!! an daming FGO figures nilabas ngayon . Heaven is <3
0hace 27 díassparkysparky
pradshaw89 (Hace 3 meses) #21189838Happy Birthday! Use this as an excuse to buy more stuff

(Really late due to me rarely checking comments sorry -_-; (bad Sparky!))

Thank you so much!!! >_<
I have already ordered too much for this year, but there is always room for more!!
1Hace 1 mesAlcindaftwAlcindaftw
Thanks for the friend request! :D

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