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Hey I'm an aspiring artist and I have a dream, at the moment as the first step to that dream I need to build a fanbase so I'm trying to get my work out there. It would mean everything to me if you could take a look and share my stuff. Right now there isn't much yet but I just started building my gallery a month ago but I will build it quickly. My avatar is a crop of something I drew myself. :D

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[ext link ]

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0hace 1 añoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Hey there, is your shirahoshi bra band saggy over time?
0hace 1 añoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Still haven't received Corazon yet? Where did you order them from?
0hace 1 añoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Hello, how's your POP 2016 lineup? going for the gender bend? xD
0hace 1 año (hace 1 año)LexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
Trust me on this.
0hace 1 añoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Hey I was wondering if you have tried to put franky's grey little hands to the hole in the big pink one? I tried to push so hard but the ball peg wont push inside the hole :/

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