Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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Please chec out me sales ^____^ list/79292

hiiii :) i am orochimaruxsaber and i have a lot of hobbies and i am pretty bad at all of them but that doesnt matter!! i really love good music and poetry and writing.. i think those are the highest art forms imo... probably besides yaoi and yuri
my dream is to be a good musician and storyteller..

minus a few random figures i got when i was in high school, collecting started for me recently (n the past 2 years) when my friends started collecting! this is a hobby i might not be interested in as much if i didnt have friends who collect..so bless them,.. and mfc is a godsend bc there are so many people who care about this hobby in one place! but anyway yeah, umm as far as collecting goes, i like pretty scale figures and cute dolls, though i am trying to cut back on buying too much of either of those (not working)...
stay tuned to find out if i end up in debt or not!


if someone says it's wrong to have hope,
then i'll tell them they're wrong,
every single time.

times i'v watched rebellion 4/100000 (0v0)b
Madoka Magica (especially REBELLION), Gintama, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Michiko to Hatchin
Golden Boy manga!!!! Nightwood, idk what else yet
basically whatever my bf plays, ffxi, also point and click games are fun
Puntos MOE
charlie day's voice
umm i'm too embarrassed of my music taste to talk about it
Canon t4i


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orochimaruxsaber (21 horas antes) #27281439omg you have to finish the anime!!!!! and then go watch rebellion!!! It's the best thing ever imo.
I love that figure too :3 Kotobukiya did a great job on her, also i just realized today that the figure's box is really small, which is a really good thing when you have like 100 figures lol...^^'

I will definitely finish it, now I have a reason, because you told me. :P
I put the anime on hold last summer, because I didn't manage to finish it before my vacation. I'm quite curious about the movies too.
Yeah, I saw that the box is really small. The figure is in a compact pose too. I might buy it if I find a good deal one day, currently I'm not too much into Madoka Magica figures yet. Maybe that will be different after I finished the anime and movies. xD
9 horas antes
orochimaruxsaber (hace 5 días) #27112222thanks for the FR! you have a great collection, i love k-on! too!!
You're welcome! ^^
Thanks! Yeah, K-On! is one of my favourite animes of all time. Your collection is nice too, I love how it has the pink theme. Lately I saw ITEM #464665 in a store and I love it, my favorite Madoka figure perhaps. I still need to finish Puella Magi Madoka Magica and watch the movies, your collection reminded me again. >__<
hace 2 días
tacholaRGBlv16 loves you!!
no worries about the delay, i completely understand! so happy to read your reply ^__^

nono im not a fashion student i am completely useless with my hands LOL...sewing is SO SCARY to me...i hate arts and crafts really the only type of "creating art" i like is with a pen and pencil (drawing)...i dont know what makes an outfit "good" or "bad" either, i just like researching streetfashion BECAUSE it doesn't adhere to rules! that's a huge part of the appeal for me :) i love seeing the ways fashion can just be borne on the streets with no regard for what is taught in fashion schools as "good". it really makes me tear up in a way. people in streetfashion always look so happy! i love seeing people do things that they're passionate about as long as it doesnt hurt anyone :)

yes...its very sad :( on the bright side, lolita bible actually said they were going on an "hiatus" as apposed to kera and fruits that outright stated their ending their magazines. i think i read somewhere that foreign people were actually the biggest customers of their magazines excluding the people that had dedicated subscriptions since foreigners felt like buying it "proved" their dedication to a foreign hobby....but alas none of it was enough ;; im super happy fruits will continue their work, albeit online...i forgot if kera stated they were quitting for good or would just be quitting their magazine...

it's true that harajuku fashion is definitely less popular than it used to be...kyary pamyu pamyu has actually done a lot for jfashion, so she's really our only mainstream hope of it still being somewhat popular in the modern age. it is sad that other than her, there really is not another "mainstream universal" symbol of harajuku fashion ;; kpp pls carry us LOL

HONESTLY!! i really want that type of website too that would be so cool! people could show each other their collections, rare prints, omg...that sounds so fun ;; there really isn't a big jfashion/harajuku fashion website i know of other than cgl on 4chan and that place is a little too mean for me so i kinda avoid it ^^" do you have any website recommendations?

MID TWENTIES...age is just a nUMBER WHERE WHAT U WANT!! haha i hope you realize your goal of achieving the perfect "onee gyaru" look eventually and ill come in my pajamas in some cult party kei style and we'll look perfect LMFAO

u have SOO MANY cute figures ordered rn!! i am so excited for that hanayo, godoka, and rika scales you have ordered! and although godoka is my LOVE that hanayo stole my heart with her expression <3 she just looks so happy! are you going to get rin to match with her? whenever i think of one of them i can't help but think of the other ;; they are just the perfect friends! (and maybe more lmao)
hace 4 días
Thanks for the FR! I really like your Madoka collection! :3
hace 4 días
orochimaruxsaber (hace 5 días) #27108582hi thanks for the FR :) i always like your blog posts!

aw thank you, makes me so happy when people enjoy them! I love your collection :D So much cuteness !
hace 4 días
Thank you luv! I'll probably post a picture within the next month or so!
hace 4 días
freezermilkRGBlv7 Cute Girl Enthusiast
orochimaruxsaber (hace 5 días) #27105751thanks so much, so is yours!! i remember seeing your custom nendoroid blog, it was really cool
Oh thank you hehe! it was lots of fun & i'll probably do it again sometime!
hace 5 días
freezermilkRGBlv7 Cute Girl Enthusiast
orochimaruxsaber (hace 5 días) #27057517Thanks for the FR!! <3
no prob! ur collection is super cute
hace 5 días
orochimaruxsaber (hace 7 días) #26962796oh my gosh that is so scary ;___; i'm really glad it's nothing serious!!! but still that sounds like such an uncomfortable thing. I've never experienced vertigo before.
aw man, i'm sure the last thing you wanted was to have to explain yourself to everyone at work! i know the feeling lol...
and yeah, that would be the worst if you couldn't use the computer as much if it triggers it D:
i'm really glad you're okay though!! hopefully it was a one-time occurrence, but maybe it was caused by stress or something, so take it easy!!!

Yeah definitely scary the fact that it can happen from no where and to anyone. OK. After reading up a bit more on vertigo, it can't be caused by monitors. Not some form of epilepsy. lol. Basically your inner ear has an organ with these microscopic crystals. The crystals become dislodged and tumble into a different canal of your inner ear which interferes with your sense of balance. vestibular.org/... If you suddenly become dizzy and unbalanced but you still have full control of your body, then you'll know what to expect in the future!

I think my body is still readjusting and balancing itself so the brightness of the monitor or its refresh rate is causing me some dizzyness. So thanks! Yes I will continue to take it easy~
hace 7 días
Scariest thing happened to me Thursday night. All of a sudden Thursday late at night, I felt super dizzy and didn't have a sense of balance. It felt like I was in a rocking boat and my eyes were drawing circles. I couldn't stand or sit up straight. It was made bearable by laying my head right ear down. I was almost in a panic like OMG what is happening to my brain. First time ever feeling like this and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever so I was getting scared. Feeling pain is sure way to tell if something is wrong. But knowing something is wrong but not feeling pain, to me, is scary. It's 11PM, don't know if I should go to emergency. I wake up my parents to get ready to go. My parents told me to wait an hour to see if the symptoms would lessen. Thankfully after an hour (glad I wasn't nauseous the whole time), I was about to sit my head straight up and the rocking was much less. I could walk around too. Took some advil and called it a night. The swaying didn't go away when I woke up. Took a day off from work and parents drove me to a doctor. Find out it's vertigo. It's funny how he was telling me I had nothing to worry about... how I wasn't having a stroke... Vertigo can happen to anyone randomly. My case wasn't as severe as other cases because worse case you're vomiting and can't stop wanting to vomit even if there's nothing in your stomach to throw up.

I really hope it won't be a repeated occurrence with me. Of course my dad over exaggerated and emailed my manager at work that I went to the hospital and why we weren't going in to work Friday. My manager has a big mouth and told the whole company. That's what happens when you work at a small company. Everyone knows. Came back to work today and had to explain everything. Everyone asked if I was feeling okay so that's nice. lol

I'm feeling at 90% though. I had enough time to type this out. I can't sit in front of a monitor for more than 30 minutes otherwise I'll start to feel lightheaded. Interesting enough, the vertigo was triggered when I was sitting at my computer watching Boku no Hero Academia. So the last few days, I've been using any computer sparingly. Well couldn't really use it all weekend anyways because the medicine I was taking made me super drowsy and body tired so slept all day. lol. Oh gawd... I really hope computer monitors or tv screens don't trigger my vertigo. >.<
hace 8 días
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