noonnoon Does it still count as 2D when they're molded in 3D?

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Hi I love cute 2D girls and Victor Nikiforov ヾ(*✪‿✪*)ノ

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Most of it is stuff I never got around to displaying - they're MISB!
Please check it out!
I also do sketch commissions!

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0hace 4 añosWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
noon (hace 4 años) #1419435Of course (╬゚ω゚) but at least this time they listed an actual date on it ha........

Hahah, an actual date..riiiight.. :(
0hace 4 añosWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Saber is delayed again...of course... -__________-
0hace 4 añostripl35oultripl35oul
Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Kiritsugu made it here safely. Thanks again! ^^/
0hace 4 añosSpillaneSpillane
Hello (your inbox is full) Just wondering if that Youmu you were selling is still available. Thanks
0hace 4 años (hace 4 años)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Whoops, double comment. So uhhh...

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