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I'm a hobbyist sculptor and artist in hiatus as of the moment, but I like figures and toys in general that portray characters and concepts from the series I like as a form of art. I'm always seeking for complexity and toyetic value provided by the engineering and the overall presentation of the things I buy and collect.

I'm also eager to try and make my own figures and toy prototypes of my own, as I really enjoy the works of this kind of industry; so, I just hope I can get something done soon.

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Feliz ☺. Feliz ☺. en tu día que. Reine la paz ✌ en tu día y que cumplas muchos más
0hace 28 díasGatlindragonGatlindragon
Feliz cumpleaños mi estimado amante de Infinite Stratos, pásala bien bro!
0hace 28 díasAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
0Hace 4 mesesLikemike55Likemike55
Opps, was meant to reply to you earlier!

Yep, I would love to own that Cecilia too, she is quite the centerpiece. But only if her price does drop a bit, the shipping costs alone would be quite high already. Yes have to own two in case a meteor hits your display :D

Ahh that's a shame, I also am cutting down on spending on this Hobby. I'm on contract work now so need to keep more money in the bank just in case xD The Hibiki protoype looks really good! I hope the final product lives up to it, I'll let you know if she is worth the rather high price.

I'm curious so see how your sculpturing looks, you did mention you've done it before. You'll have to send me some photos some time :)

I actually ordered a F.A.G too (mfc link); ! I really liked the design and thought it would be a good start getting into building kits. Yep it seems some of the older ones have gone up in price.

I really enjoyed the strike withces series and the movie, very good action and shots, especially the air combat scenes. I hope Alter will release a Shizuka figure encyclopedia #35242 one day.
Have you seen the new Brave witches series with the 502nd witches? It's a different studio and the animation seems not quite as good, but its good to see the series is still alive.

Ahhh I pre-ordered item #167194 when she came out and have been surprised her price has gone up so much! Pretty much all the other witches dropped dramatically in price. I hope you can find her one day at a reasonable price, she is one of my favorites!

The only problem with collecting the witches is how much room each one takes, but I love the dynamic poses Alter chooses. I Think I have 8 of the main cast so far but half of them are still boxed up till I get more display room. My favourite would be Erica item #78647, I love her smile, wink and salute pose.

All the best with the house project! I'm sure you have an awesome figure display planned as part of the house :P

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