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Student, designer, bibliophile, reader, art-addict, book collector, ABe-prayer, admirer of the early Bones and Manglobe, anemonist, utenist, rozenfag (bokufag), Yuasa fan.

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0Hace 2 mesestiekie25tiekie25
Hello, I have a question about item #138768 that you own. Would it possible to buy/trade it off of you if you are willing to part with it? I can't seem to find that item anywhere at all. Alternatively, do you know a place where I could obtain it?
0Hace 7 mesesgeckosgeckos
0Hace 8 mesesLex_LinnLex_Linn
Из этой - item #185106 Спасибо)
И касаемо розочки - если я еще не сошла с ума и понимаю, о чем речь - потом манга, может быть, расставит все по своим местам, хм?
0Hace 8 mesesgeckosgeckos
Какой огромный вишлист!
Время от времени листаю твои wished media на предмет пополнения своих =)
0hace 1 añoMaakieMaakie

I wanted to let you know I'm selling an item from your wishlist: item #7582 Please PM me If you are interested in buying her!

She is factory sealed bagged and I never opened her! She also comes with a gashapon ball (I'm not sure if she originally came in one, but her previous owner sold her to me like this.) I can also send pictures if wanted!


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