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Also owned, but not allowed on MFC:
Vocaloid 4 Library Stardust by Myethos www.myethos.hk/...
Paid $108.28 (11,440 yen) at AmiAmi, new, on August 12, 2017


A guy who has bought a few figures. Ok, more than a few.

I also have a YouTube channel where I post unboxings of all my figures, some loot hauls, and some other random things. You can check it out here if you so desire: www.youtube.com...

I also have started a series which has turned into a weekly live stream called Let's Browse, where I look at bunch of figures that have been suggested, as well as some figures up for pre-order. The streams typically happen Thursday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. You can catch the streams here www.youtube.com... If you want to watch past episodes, heres a link to the playlist: www.youtube.com...

And finally, a warning. It's come to my attention that some people are posting links to my collection out in Internet-land and are claiming it as their own. They also try to sell my figures. Please know that I currently have no plans to sell any of my figures. I do not post at places such as 4chan. So if someone is trying to sell you something and links to my profile, you are being scammed.


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Yo mutilaita how do you like the new Lay Out of the website?
17 horas antes
murialita (hace 5 días) #27108686So, here's the thing. I like her. She looks great! The price also looks great. However, my October order is already over $600, and I've got another $150 or so whenever RyuZu comes in stock at the US store I bought her from. So maybe next month? We'll see.
Also, work has worked out and I don't have to stay late, so there will be a stream tonight.

Wow 600... that's a shit ton of money. Eitherway I'm glad that the streams not going to be late :D
hace 5 días
Just today I got ITEM #473919 in....
And oh my god you need to buy her now....
(she's still available at Amiami: www.amiami.com/...)
Her shipping was hella expensive, however it was way overpackaged so it's probably cheaper if you order her with other figures.
She's fucking beautifull... A piece of art even. I'll try to post some pictures, but I don't really have good lighting available.
hace 5 días
murialita (hace 6 días) #27050586I will have her in my life :)
You're a lucky bastard XD
hace 6 días
murialita (hace 6 días) #27043194ACK! DAMMIT! I... I can't believe... I forgot... nooooooo! Ok, Contender for #3 then. There's so many Tamamo's coming out. My mind is turning to fluff!
Be honest: you actually want that to happen, if it hasn't yet ;)
hace 6 días
I need her in my life... Shit I really need her in my life...
hace 6 días
murialita (hace 6 días) #27042380If I am going to be completely honest, I've never really cared much for this outfit of Tamamo. I don't think the school-girl theme really fits her, and I feel like her breasts in this design are too big (I know, blasphemy).
That being said, now that she is painted, I am liking her a lot more than when she was just the prototype. I really love her hair, and her tail is so big and fluffy. Unfortunately, there are a few very obvious seam lines (one on her tail, several in her pony-tails) that I hope they hide a little better in the final product. Overall though, I must have the Tamamo, and when I saw the pictures this morning I was actually quite happy with her. I think my casual Tamamo is still #1, but this is a strong contender for #2.

Too big he says... can't comprehend :P Seriously though, you're obviously right, plus they're welded together. Also don't see any reason why Tamamo should suddenly turn up wearing a schoolgirl uniform, but the same goes for her in a bikini or Scathach heading into battle wearing (almost) nothing but a sweater :D

Good point about the seamlines, didn't notice them at first. Like you said, hopefully they'll fix at least a few of those on the final product. The tail, as you mentioned, looks great though, plus I still like the outfit on her.

Phat obviously isn't the best company, but so far I've always really enjoyed their figures. ITEM #198424 for example certainly isn't perfect, but the base, the pose - I LOVE her, one of my absolute favs. Kind of feel the same way about this Tamamo: She most likely won't be perfect, but she's a figure you'll look at each time you pass by your collection :)

#2, huh? Wasn't expecting this since you're so excited for ITEM #547393, which looks great, as well.
hace 6 días
murialita (hace 7 días) #27040303To quote myself from her item page:
Pretty much the reaction I was expecting and hoping for ;) The whole Yuel thing is just weird, especially since the anime (for whatever reason) sold tons of BR/DVDs. Fingers crossed for them to still release her at some point.

You'll obviously PO her instantly, but how do you compare this Tamamo to the others so far? I really liked the prototype, not completely convinced about the painted version. Still wouldn't mind at least one figur of the Fluffy One in my collection, though ;)
hace 6 días
You're probably having some conflicting thoughts on your "favorite" company right now: ITEM #549439 ;)
hace 7 días
murialita (hace 12 días) #26717630Would you like some salt and pepper for those words you are going to be eating? She's been in my "Tamamo Figures not owned yet" list list/89616 for a while now. Doesn't look like she's ever going to come out though. It's been a few years since the prototype was shown :(
Actaully I think I'm going to eat it with some ketchup instead XD eitherway oops I didn't notice that, it's sad that she won't come out any time soon, she looked really promising.
hace 12 días
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