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0hace 1 añojogle7jogle7
Interested in buying sale #92477

If it's still available, PM me. US shipping.

0hace 1 añoVillainedwardVillainedward
Hi there, I'm really interested in buying your Melona figure if its still going! and if so Is there any chance you can ship to Ireland?? Thanks! V.E

sale #92387
0hace 1 añoageha09ageha09
Hello, your inbox seems to be full but I was interested in buying your Athena figure. Hope to hear back from you.

0hace 2 añosWindsWinds
Hey, are you in the process of messaging/commenting me back, (just that you said by the weekend) its nearly passed, although I know that it may only be like 5pm still in the US, just wanting to know because I've gota work tomorrow and get up early etc, Thanks
0hace 2 añosberserkfuryberserkfury
kuroshiki (hace 2 años) #2431819.... hmm. uh. well then you might not make it. =X What state do you live in?

I live here in California. About 3 hrs from SD.

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