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Main focus is collecting doujinshis with the occasionally figure along the way. Huge DC fan too and going to as many European conventions to commission dc artists for a drawing.

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0Hace 2 mesesSkyBlueSkyBlue
kin (Hace 2 meses) #22851042Exactly! That's my problem hahaha you want everything but you gotta make a choice ugh I always check mangareaders or you can omegaverseaddicted @ tumblr for omegaverse titles! They're a life saviour!Oh thank you! I'll check them out for sure. I'm like so hooked on Omegaverse lately X'D
0Hace 2 mesesSkyBlueSkyBlue
kin (Hace 2 meses) #22717704looking nice!!!! So jealous! nnnn for me it's so tough it's doujinshis vs bl manga hahaha I want to buy all the mangas but also so many doujinshis??? Esp the omegaverse mangas, I gotta get my hands on those. You got any of those as well?Doujinshi is very tempting indeed but I've to resist getting them because I know once I start getting one, I'd want moar X'D Even for BL manga I have to be selective on what I buy (I would love to get everything tho ;A;) I'm trying to get them Omegaverse BL manga too but I only know like 2-3 titles so far OTL
0Hace 2 mesesSkyBlueSkyBlue
kin (Hace 2 meses) #22613225Ohh okay! Do you have any pictures of your collection? I'm always curious towards people's collections, I hope you don't mind me asking!I've only recently gotten back to getting BL manga (kept it on hold due to figures for the longest time OTL) and I haven't arrange them yet in my bookshelf but here are some recent pics when I received them:
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Haven't really had the time to take an updated pic of my collection too XD
0Hace 2 mesesSkyBlueSkyBlue
kin (Hace 2 meses) #22604040Your collection is really impressive, esp your BL mangas, do you have a blog or anywhere you keep a list of what you have?Aww thank you! That's so sweet of you~♡ I was never good with social media and whatnot so the only place I'm really active is here in MFC :3 I do have a list of BL titles here too.
0Hace 4 mesesWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
kin (Hace 5 meses) #19702291Happy bday, hope you have a great day!
Sorry for being so late, but I wanted to say thank you!

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